When I see my daughter

Last week was a lot of hard work for me. We had a deadline and it was, to say the least, a little bit chaotic (I think my contract forbids me to disclose any further details, which is probably for the best). Pretty long days, not too long, but every minute was very intense. But Friday night I came home and was met by beautiful smiling daughter, being happy to see me and just laughing along.

At that moment, I thought:

Fuck web standards; to hell with accessibility; who cares about semantics anyway.
Let’s focus on life!


Kind of a Molly-esque post, don’t you think (with that I mean writing about something beautiful in life)?


  • Hartvig says:

    I know the feeling – sometimes I can sit at work thinking that I do great things (and sometimes the very opposite), but when I come home and see my wonderful son, things are put in perspective. My family is whats really matters…

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Definitely. I just get mad at myself sometimes for wasting time sitting in front of a computer at home, but lately I've gotten a lot better. Now that time is dedicated family time (or maybe working out time to get rid of some frustrations still left in me from my work day :-)).

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