Tough love on Christmas Day

I hope all of you have had a nice Christmas and that the season is indeed jolly for you! I hadn’t planned on writing this post, but just felt an urge to share this little anecdote.

On Christmas Day I was sitting on the floor playing around with Emilia. Her current object of interest was this thing with four small hatches and each of them has a corresponding button. When the button is pressed, the hatch flies open and displays an animal. I was holding the toy in one hand, and when she succeeded to get all of the animals up I wanted to encourage her by applauding, but since one hand was unavailable I instead gently clapped my cheek with the other hand.

She then closed all hatches, pressed the buttons so they came up and then consequently bitch-slapped me. Hard! So, lesson learned I guess. Whatever you do, your kids will take after you… ๐Ÿ™‚

Below are two images from Christmas in our house:

An image of my grandmother on my mother's side, my brother and Fredrika's brother

A picture of Emilia in front of the Christmas tree


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