To all mistreated children

Some days the world seems to be genuinely evil. It’s not that it necessarily happen more bad things those specific days, but just that they, some way or another, get your attention then.

To read and hear about children starving, being mistreated, raped and tortured to death, my heart bleeds. These small innocent creatures whose only point of comfort should be grown-ups, and in particular their parents. How a person deliberately can hurt kids that don’t even understand what’s going on, people bringing pain to babies who have just been born, is beyond me.

What drives a person to commit such things? Fathers raping their daughters in their own beds, the true safe place they should have. And it’s not just about the physical act; it’s about the shame, the guilt and the thoughts of what they could possibly have done wrong to make their father treat them, to punish them, like that.

Pedophiles using children just to reach a sick climax. There’s truly something wrong with the world if there’s even a need for a word to describe such a terrible occurrence. Being a guy, I definitely know that there are weird things that can turn us on, but there has to be some mental barrier, something that separates a sick fantasy from an actual action. And if you can’t, get help! Now! How can you sodomize a small child just to get off?

What the hell is wrong with you?! What. The Hell. Is. Wrong. With. You?!

So many things that I hear about, I sometimes truly think man is evil.

Let me just finish by saying that if you see something weird, suspect some foul play: intervene. Naturally, a majority of families are normal and handle their children just fine, but in my book it’s better to ask than to just look the other way.

Take care of each other now. Please.


  • Hmmm, it is quite unbelievable how rife the problem is, and I personally know several people where there families have been affected by similar diabolical acts. Typically it was mainly teenagers that were the manipulated victims rather than really young children in the cases I know about… Though it is seriously disturbing that it even goes on.

  • Chet says:

    The reason the world seems genuinely evil is because the world is evil. Everyone is basically BAD inside, not good. You can see it everywhere. You have to tell people to be good. People "default" to badness. It's not circumstance either. Even the richest people who should be "happiest" lie, cheat, and embezzle. There's something more out there.

    Only by the grace of God can this world hold together.

  • Rowan Lewis says:

    I have to agree, my fathers father was an alcoholic wife beater (during the depression), and the effects on my father were devestating, and to make it worse, some of those effects where passed onto me.

    I don't at all like the wemon and children notion that we hold, you always hear things like, "200 innocent wemon die in Iraq every year!", but what about the men? Call it nit picking, but, I still find it silly.

  • Mongo Nikol says:

    Hullo! Alright, first of economy, :don't: let the nastards get you down.

    Next, a bad day, huh? Yeah, it happends to us all. 🙂

    Alrighty then, as for this the world is genuinely evil propagander, here, here, it is indeed. AND it's genuinely good. Both sides remain equal in influence regardless of distribution. Sheesh, truce already!

    Evil is here. Good is here. And this very well may be Hell and Satan's territory, but God made it, and God is everything, and everything is lovely. Which explains very nicely why, while this may be Hell, it has it's good side. So chipper up, mate. Bad is just the bullshit that fertilizes the grounds for love to prosper. At the end of the day, love lasts and everything else is compost.

    Thanks for writing! Beautifully designed site, btw.

  • Jules says:

    Obviously, something triggered this outburst from you, Robert, and it's bringing me to tears (no, really, I hear you and hear the pain in your writing).

    I was in Toronto for the last few days at a business conference when I read in the newspaper about the third murder/suicide that had occurred recently: in this case, the father didn't commit suicide but killed his wife and their three young children (one was 3 months old, what could she have done that was so bad?).

    As my wife states, if you are planning a murder/suicide, why don't you start with the suicide first?

  • Lester says:

    I am so happy that someone is here talking about this stuff. I wake up everyday thinking.."wow, humans are really fucked-up". I sometime wish I was never born on this primative planet, where people seek joy into hurting other people. If everyone knew, that we are all one and that hurting another is really hurting…we'd come a long way. But people here on earth are so self aborbed. I just wish wish wish to the most degree that sick minded fucks wouldn't prey on the beautiful babies of the planet. It makes me tear up daily..I can hardly read the paper without getting so mad at some stupid fuck that needs to prey off some happy sweet child…errrrrrr…I hate people…why why why do they have to hurt and cause so much pain!!!!!

  • Tia says:

    Why do kids theses days get treated like this. Every morning i wake up and eat and when my little brother waste his breatfest i tell him dont because he don't knowe how many other people out there would die for this food and i try to tell him to be greatful for what he got because he might now have it in the furure.

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