Not goodbye, but au revoir

This is my goodbye. For now. Starting today I will be on a four-month parental leave, from work and any other responsibilities, to spend time with my daughter Emilia. I truly couldn’t think of anything better to do with my life.

During this time I might write some post, but then again I don’t find it likely. My idea right now is to start writing here in September again, if I feel like I want to and that I can contribute in any way, but please don’t take that as a promise.

I would just redirect a big thank you to the numerous people reading, commenting and helping me out in any way. Also, you have all made me become a better web developer, writer and person.

Thank you, all. Take care of yourselves, and of others.


  • Are you sure you won’t get withdrawal symptoms? 😉

  • ramin says:

    Ah, enjoy the summertime that slowly seems to be coming to our corner of the world. (Although you are way too far southwest for my liking 😉

    And enjoy one of the benefits of the Scandinavian welfare states.

    And enjoy your break from blogging, I’ve enjoyed following your blog a lot (even when other blogs are left unread) and will miss your posts.

  • Phil Sherry says:

    My RSS reader is glad to hear this news. You work it far too hard.

    Take it easy, mate. I'll keep an eye on all the Geek Meet-related stuff.

  • I've told you I was really sad to hear the news. I really enjoyed your writing, rambling and conversations. I am happy to hear you're choosing to spend more time with your daughter though. That's the only thing that matters in life.

    So, I thank you for your friendship and I hope we'll talk again some time soon. Take care 🙂

  • Maarten Leewis says:

    You'll be missed. Just enjoy a great summer with your daughter.


  • G.Lindqvist says:

    I hope you get great parental time with your daughter Emilia, Robert. It’s a period in life that is wonderful, so take care, and comeback after the summer with new energy.

  • Jules says:

    Hah! and I just set up my RSS reader! What a waste of time! LOL!!!

    Spend a wonderful summer with your family.

  • Have fun! We're having a second baby in August; I will have to take vacation days just to get a couple days off after the birth to spend with my wife and new baby.

    My ancestors should have stayed in Sweden 🙂

  • Au revoir, Robert! Have a great time with your family.

  • Kristin VÃ&fn says:

    Yeah right Robert. You will not be able to keep your fingers from writing or coding 🙂

    Have a good time with your family!


  • I'd say I'm sorry but I'm really not. Getting to spend some quality time with your daughter is absolutely fantastic. You're extremely lucky and wish you all the best. Looking forward to your infamous return. 🙂

  • Have a wonderful well-earned break with your family.

  • Frances says:

    Take care, and have a good break! Lookin' forward to your return in the Autumn.

  • Jorkas says:

    take care of you and your daughter. Have a nice summer!

    // Jocke

  • Enjoy your time away, and don't think about us at all! It will be completely refreshing, and so good to confirm that there is life outside the web.

  • Jonathan says:

    Well, I'll miss your blog posts. But, like others said above, you do deserve a break. Have a nice summer and have fun with your family!

  • 10 dollars says you're back posting within 1 month. Your daughter will be asleep, and your laptop will be calling your name 🙂 If not, well good luck with everything, and enjoy your time off. Be sure to get in touch with me when you're back in action.

  • Nathan Smith says:

    You're a man with his priorities straight. I admire you for putting family first. I'll be seeing you in September, if you can resist posting until then. I might just have to skin that JavaScript gallery of your's, just to get you back at the helm. Anyway, enjoy your well-deserved break from all things web.

  • Look forward to your return.

    I'd love to spend 4 months off with my kids but they'd grey my hair and force me back into work in days with their constant fighting.

    My 5 and 6 year old boys are lovable but very hard work…

  • P.J. Onori says:

    Big congrats. Enjoy the time off. 🙂

  • Good choice, Robert. Last summer I didn't touch a computer for a month and it was very refreshing. I hope you have a great summer!

  • Chris says:

    Au revoir and have fun!

  • Have a great summer with your family and I hope you'll be back here in the Autumn 😀

    It could be just me (or my eyesight?) but everything on screen looks so much BIGGER after few weeks away!

  • Being a father myself I know you're making the right decision, still I'll miss your posts.

  • My I humbly suggest that you do a private blog with pictures and text from your every-day life during the upcoming months?

    I did that when I was on a paternity leave with my son three years ago. I was even writing it in the DocBook XML standard to be ready to print it for his 15 or 50 anniversary. Only fun for me, and our closest friends ofcourse, but of great value now and for ever.

    Unfortunately I don't have it around anymore due to bad backup-routines.

    Anyway, I know this will be the best time of your life and I'm certain that you will use it in the wisest way.

  • Robert Nyman says:

    Thanks everyone, I'm sure this summer will be great! 😀

    I might write about some things we do here in this web site, but I'm not sure yet… Otherwise I can write it in my private diary (I've heard that there are still some people out there who apparently don't share their private thoughts with everyone, all the time… ;-)).

  • Johan says:

    I've heard the summer will bring joy and lots of fun!

  • Martin Nyman says:

    Have a great time bro, enjoy it while it lasts!

    I'm really looking forward to spending the summer together with you guys, maybe now we'll get a chance to teach Emilia how to drink beer and watch football.

    Go Sweden!

  • Andrew says:

    Great writing and fantastic content keep me checking back on this site daily. I wish you luck (but I hope you return!)

  • Olly says:

    Enjoy the time off Robert 🙂

  • Gunnar Franklin says:


    Får se om du lyckas hålla dig borta från din blogg. Om inte annat kanske du läser detta. Jag är själv pappaledig nu, fram till augusti!

    Kanske kunde hooka upp nÃ¥n dag och prata javascript i lekparken…

  • Paula says:

    Robert, I think you may be part of a global trend. People are working to live; not living to work. Boomer mentality is over everywhere…but China (where it's just starting)! Enjoy the summer!

  • Enjoy, Robert. I'll miss your postings but look forward to you returning fresh.

  • Have a wonderful summer with Emilia, Robert. I hope you'll be able to spare some time for the rest of us when autumn comes, but if not, we'll know it's for the best of reasons 🙂

  • Jewel says:

    Looking forward to seeing you back again in the autumn, Robert. Have a great summer 🙂

  • Kalle Wibeck says:

    September is slowly closing in now … ; ) And you've been nominated a Selected website" at congratulations, well deserved attention!

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