Unveiling Fucked.

There’s something I haven’t told you; I’ve even kept a secret, if you will. As you might know, a number of web developer bloggers also create secondary blogs that deal with their other interests; topics such as coffee, wine, food etc seem to be very popular. So, now it’s time for me to reveal my new blog, and it will, hopefully, be nothing like you’ve ever seen!

Without further ado, let me proudly unveil my new project: Fucked.

A picture of the Fucked. web site with a curtain covering part of it

People who know me, and some of you who have meet me, know and have been able to see that I have a kind of Jekyll & Hyde-persona; I can be ridiculously serious at times, and then there’s this other mischievous part of me that’s just out to have fun and entertain/be entertained. I thought it would be good to capture this and to use it as a base for a new concept.

The posts will be about two very different areas:

  • Terrible things happening in the world where Fucked. will be a place to share your upset feelings about it and/or get the comfort of seeing that other feel the same way about it.
  • Funny and hilarious stuff, in the form of stories and sometimes images and videos, purely there for your entertainment.

And the best thing of it all: it will never deal with web developing! πŸ™‚

The design

When I described my ideas to Stuart, he said:

Oh, so you mean like a kind of Yin and yang thing?

I thought this sounded like a fairly accurate description of the gist of it so we incorporated it in the design with a few icons and the black and white colors. The wonderful design and outstanding logo is created by Henrik Box, and during the beginning of my parental leave I took some nights to code it together.


Since I already have this blog as well to write on (and about two-thousand other things to tend to), I decided to get a couple of co-writers whose personality and sense of humor would make the web site better, faceted and more intriguing. They are Henrik Box and Chris Mills, and I’m extremely happy to have them on board. You can read more about them in The writers section of Fucked..

Why the name?

As it’s also stated in the About page, the name and concept of the web site is not a poor excuse to use the “F word”, but instead chosen for a number of reasons, where the main one is that the topics will be so far out there that the first reaction to them will be that you just have to go:

Man, that’s fucked!

Another reason is that it’s a very commonly used word, and if we can use it on a web site that will, hopefully, get a good search engine ranking we will push porn and other not-so-nice web sites down; they will instead be replaced by this web site that will discuss serious topics and act as a relief point for people.

Therefore, if you like the web site, I humbly ask of you to link to us to help holding the Internet scum back.

Give us a month!

Now I would plead to you to visit Fucked. and read through the existing posts; I think they’re pretty much on the level we’ve set out to find. Please comment or give us feedback in any other way to help us make it a better web site!

I beg of you to give us one month! Subscribe to the Fucked. RSS feed or follow it in the fashion you prefer, and if you’re not hooked after a month, you’re free to go. Does this sound fair enough?

Go read now! I sincerely hope that this will be a new addiction for you! πŸ™‚


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