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A tech conversation…

When you’re a consultant, you once in a while get to overhear (alright, I’m constantly eavesdropping) some interesting conversations that amuses you. Today’s one: a technical one.

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The wrong hole?

This is about a conversation I overheard many many years ago, taking place between a couple of teenage guys. It was about the “wrong hole”…

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In search of a good H1

I’ve always liked semantics and to choose how to properly mark up content to convey the information the best way possible. But, and I know this might sound weird, as of lately, I’ve had a harder and harder time to find the suitable content for one specific element: the H1.

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“The HTML guy”

I’ve recently started on a new assignment (which is mainly the reason that I haven’t been able to muster any extra strength to blog, besides from my family being sick…), and I’m hired as a subcontractor. This means that I’ve been introduced to a lot of people the last couple of days, and it has almost exclusively been with a term that I hate:

The HTML guy.

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Dead celebrities

I find it quite remarkable that certain people’s death, persons you never knew or met, can affect you so much. This is especially true in the case of celebrities; not so much for what they’ve done, necessarily, but for what period in your own life they represent.

I though I’d name some people’s deaths that has touched me in different ways.

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Windows Vista doesn’t rock my world

Windows Vista is now finally released, and Microsoft are banging on their marketing drum, blowing their PR horn. I had the chance to try out a release candidate of it and have also seen some of the final version. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t tested it too much, so my view probably isn’t as balanced as it should be (therefore I won’t cover deeper functionality).

But from what I’ve seen, frankly, I’m not impressed.

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Work your way to a Trig invite

There’s something new and exciting on the web called Trig. I’m not really allowed to tell you anything more about it (although I want to! :-)), but the fact that I have some invites to share.

If communities are your thing, this is an opportunity that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

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How to write valid HTML/XHTML code to include Flash

Updated May 27th 2008

An alternative suggested solution is using FlashReplace.

Hopefully, you’re someone who cares about web standards and wants to have valid code for the sake of web browsers’ rendering and for you as a web developer, to more easily spot errors right away. Then, when including Flash content in your web page, the default code output from various tools and web sites out there is invalid (at least when it comes to using them with a strict DOCTYPE, which I’d really recommend you to go with).

So, what should a poor caring web developer do?

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