Work your way to a Trig invite

There’s something new and exciting on the web called Trig. I’m not really allowed to tell you anything more about it (although I want to! :-)), but the fact that I have some invites to share.

If communities are your thing, this is an opportunity that you definitely shouldn’t miss!

As new web sites and services are launched, people keep collecting invites and then don’t use them; it just becomes a kind of Internet status thing. Therefore, to get an invite, you need to work a little, show that you sincerely want it and is going to use it. Here’s what you gotta do:

Send an e-mail to trig [at] robertnyman [dot] com with the answers to the following questions:

  • Where did the Smurf character Smurfette come from?
  • What was the name of the vocalist on Iron Maiden’s first self-entitled album?
  • What’s the URL of one of my Flickr pics where I’m naked? Don’t worry, it’s not full frontal nudity. πŸ™‚ (hint: it was taken in 2002).

And, finally, to make sure that you have sent me an e-mail as well as to share your personal preference, I want you to write a comment with what movie you thought was the best one in 2006.

The reward

The first 30 e-mails, together with a comment, will be rewarded with an invite to Trig. Don’t miss out now!


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