Quitting, and getting a new job at Valtech

As I’m writing this, I have just finished my last day at my employer.

It is always a bitter-sweet feeling when you’re leaving a job. Naturally, there are reasons, logical as well as others, that you have resigned, but it is also sad since you’ve made a number of friends who you won’t see on a daily basis anymore. Anyway, it was time to move on, and today was the day.

What I will do now

First, I will be on parental leave (more on that in a later post), and then I will start my new job at Valtech In Swedish in September. Valtech is a consultant company, and I’ve met a number of people working for Valtech as well as other people who have worked together with consultants from them, and all impressions have been very positive.

I will be responsible for their Interface Development offer, meaning that I will write guidelines and educate my co-workers within all the ares included in Interface Development. Part time of my role will go to that, but I will also work as a consultant (and I wouldn’t want it any other way; preaching about how to do, without setting a real practical example myself isn’t really my thing).

An interesting factor is that I will work together with, amongst other very talented people, Emil Stenström. So, there will actually be two out of the very few interface development/web standards bloggers in Sweden, and two 9rulers as well, in the same company.

My humble goal and ambition is to build the best Interface Development team in one company; only the future can tell if we will succeed.

Epilogue: The initial contact that spawned the idea

To be honest, at first it was Peter Krantz (also the writer of Standards Schmandards) who got me interested, since he had been working for them for a number of years, and still only had a lot of positive things to say about them.

Unfortunately, Peter decided to move on from consultancy to take a position at Verva, where I’m sure he will do amazing work for making web sites more accessible. Peter’s actually one of the few people I know in Stockholm who can corner me with all his knowledge, so that I would just scream in panic for being such a web illiterate; luckily for me, he’s also way too kind and humble to do such a thing. 🙂


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