A weekend and a Monday

This post might be a bit direct, or too open about my life, so refrain from reading if you don’t want to know (or else you might stop reading what I write altogether). Or maybe it just seems plain boring, and I totally understand you; it does get funnier at the end, though. If you’re not discouraged yet, allow me to describe my last three days.


Sleeping in. Fredrika got up with the children to give them breakfast and I slept about two extra hours. Soon realized that we had to start to take in everything in our yard before it gets too cold. Not surprised at all, it was an extremely windy day with occasional rain drops, so after some time I couldn’t feel my fingers. Got in, showered, and got ready for the evening.


Birthday party for a vigorous 82-year old. I was doing a little dance for Emilia, not thinking that everybody else could see me from the dinner table. The birthday “boy” (man) looked at me said that it was the first time he had ever seen me dance. Oh, I knew I should’ve used my best moves…


Had sex with (or made love to; it’s all in the eye of the beholder) Fredrika. When you have small kids, this is usually a fairly rare occasion, so you want it to be special. Midway I got a sudden cramp from the area where I have my scar after the surgery when I had my appendix removed, something which has plagued me the last three years on and off. Got up, tried to stretch it away, which always succeeds. More sweet loving, followed by sleep.


Got up early with Emilia and Filippa (naturally, they almost always wake up one hour earlier in the morning when it’s my turn). Today we were having old friends to my family as guests, so until lunch time, it was cleaning, hiding all extra stuff one seems to have, cleaning the sewage well in the bathroom since it was full of hair (and really, given that I’m about the only person in our house with virtually no hair on the head, this is not fair).

Trying to make a house’s interior look like actual organized adults live there, although you have two small children, is no small feat. Especially not if the children are around, doing counter-strikes to your every move. And, of course, you can’t yell at the children for playing, so you have to be pedagogical as hell and a the same time try to bring some order to the chaos.

Lunch went great, long into the afternoon. We then visited our neighbors, who have just moved to a new house in a new area nearby, and then went home for dinner and bedtime for the kids. I put Filippa to bed, and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Suddenly I felt some real hot water dripping on my foot. The dishwasher was leaking…

Fredrika put Emilia to bed and I put about one hour’s work into basically everything you can do to a dishwasher that is legal in Sweden, but to no avail. And seriously, why does any sediment smell like it has arisen from the pits of doom? It is impossible to clean every area unless you have fingers small as a match (which leads me to think that they are designed for children to work with, which is a terrible thought), so how come the decomposing is so vicious?

Anyway, gave up for the night, watched a little TV and then went to bed.


Had an important planning day, 8 hours, at a client’s place, starting at nine. Overslept, since Emilia wake up a bit late. Maybe I should start setting an alarm clock again; till now I’ve only set the kids…

Had breakfast together with Emilia, and hurried into the shower. Got out. Naked. My mother in law had come by, of course. Luckily Fredrika had put my clothes in the bathroom when she did, so I didn’t have to flash myself for her (this time, that is).

Got into the car and drove off. A very loud beep caught my attention, signaling that I was almost out of gas. Decided to go for it anyway. Realized after a while that I had forgotten everything but my computer. Went home, got the cell phone and the rest, and went off again. Lots of traffic. Got to the customer, with mere drips of gas left, and of course the spot where I usually park was taken.

Went away a bit and parked in an illegal spot. Ran into the office and made it in time with about one minute to spare. A whole day full of meetings, and at three I go to the bathroom. Did my business and pushed the liquid soap dispenser to wash my hands. The nozzle came off and soap started pouring down onto the sink and the floor. With slippery soapy hands I tried to reconstruct the dispenser as I think it should be set up, and finally the downpour stopped.

Wiped off the sink and went back to the meeting. At a slow moment I looked over to the wall in the conference room and saw a plaque reading:

Max seven people allowed at the same time in this room.

Needless to say, our count was higher than that, so the complete lack of oxygen in my body got its explanation.


So, that was my last three days. Have you had a nice weekend?


  • bruce says:

    You have sex when you've got small children?!?!

    Oh, you racy Swedes, you …

  • Mats says:

    Isn't it funny that the google adds didn't pick up on the sex part but on the plumming part of the post … πŸ˜‰

  • Scott Powers says:

    My weekend wasn't quite as eventful as yours but saturday was a night I'd soon like to forget. We also have small children and a night out just the wife and I is rare. We planned on a going to see a buddies band play at a local bar, have a few drinks, then come on home and have one of the rare sexual encounters you spoke of.

    Needless to say it didn't happen that way. See my wife hardly ever drinks, and certainly not without eating a good meal beforehand. So we go to the bar. The night was awesome. My buddy's band was great. We had a blast hanging out with friends I don't see often and having a few drinks. Apparently my wife had a couple too many Washington Apples and Coronas. She was <acronym title="Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition">FUBAR</acronym> to say the least.

    I pulled over 3 times on the 6 miles drive home then once we made it home. I spent the next hour holding her hair as she… well I'll spare you the graphix.

    So yeah… our night out this weekend… didn't go according to plan, but, it was fun for the most part.. up until the end. She paid for it yesterday… believe me.. lol

  • Robert Nyman says:


    You bet!


    Yes, Google's algorithms are truly amazing. πŸ™‚


    Wow, thanks for sharing! Really! I'm glad that you guys got to have a night out, although the icing on the cake was missed out on.

    Anyway, better luck next time!

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