World reflections

I thought I’d take the time to publish some short reflections on what has happened lately.

  • Never ever honk at a guy with a bumper sticker that reads “Real men smell like gasoline”.
  • My car claims it’s -45 ºC (-49 ºF) outside. While Sweden is fairly close to the North Pole, in the bigger scheme of things, it’s not even freezing temperature here right now…
  • Slash jams with Bill Gates at CES. Really, does any of them have any pride left?
  • Hillary Clinton goes for Change, and Obama for Hope. Currently, Obama is doing very well, although (not really knowing a lot about it) change sounds a lot better than hope to me. Either way, wouldn’t it be great for USA to get their first colored or female president?


  • Visa says:

    Interesting, which car do you drive? Here's an old photo of our Seat Cordoba Vario (basically the same car as VW Polo Variant) showing the temperature of -45°C:

  • That honking reflection sounds like a first class drinking story. 😀

  • Henrik says:

    Hmm… think the use of colored might not be PC. Consider African American.

  • mdmadph says:

    If we're still bothering to label people racially, how about just using the scientific term "Negroid?" Makes a lot more sense than "African-American" — case in point: Mark Shuttleworth.

  • Jason Martino says:

    Most americans go with "black" or "african-american". "Colored" will get you in trouble. "Negroid" will get your science book shoved up your ass.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Yep. 🙂

    Henrik, mdmadph, Jason

    Well, from my time in the US, African-American, colored and black seemed to work fine. It's dependent on context of course, but in a case like this, it's pretty obvious that it isn't meant to be derogative in any way.

    To me, of course, I'm not into labeling in general, but in this scenario I think it would send a good message, nationally as well as internationally, since a lot of people do still care about the color of someone's skin.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Ha ha, that's fantastic! 😀

    It is indeed a Seat Cordoba I have as well

  • Johan says:

    I really dont know who will be the next democratic candidate, either way it would be great if one of both gets to be the next president. But even so, we can only hope after their presidency what they will achieve. What is their agenda??

    * Bill would be the ex-president and the first lady (what would be the opposite … first Lord?? Lordie), and Obama I hope he wins in Alabama, or Oklohoma or in Indiana.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Yes, BIll as the First lady and Obama winning in Albama would be nice. 🙂

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