Prison Break addiction went to Prison Break disappointment

*SPOILER ALERT*. If you haven’t seen till episode 9 of season 3 of Prison Break, please don’t read this; it’ll spoil your fun.

In 2005, when Prison Break started, I was an avid follower of the series. Besides from being very good and thrilling TV show, it also contained fellow Swede Peter Stormare, who was performing excellently. The other main characters, unknown to me, have also been great actors, completely delivering in their respective role.

Season 1 was very exciting indeed, and season two was still good. However, with season 3 I believe they have really hit a new low mark. In basically every episode they’re almost on their way out of the Sona prison, and then it all goes to hell. Again, and again and again. If the plot at least evolved or something, but it’s basically the same thing over and over.

In the last episode, number nine in the third season, they managed to completely introduce a new character, imply many new paths and solutions, and then after 40 minutes, kill him off in the most ridiculous way. Pathetic, and a such a waste of everyone’s time.

Another thing in season 3 which was hugely disappointing is the killing-off of the character Sara Tancredi (played by Sarah Wayne Callies). Complete lack of emotion and how to deal with taking out a major character. I’m not opposing the fact that they decided to get rid of her (although it was a shame, and they had a good story going around her), but rather in the complete context-free approach they decided to take.

Just compare to when they took out Charlie (Dominic Monaghan)in the series Lost. They created a background to what happened, why it actually did happen and at the the end he almost got a complete episode about him when he died. It shows respect to the viewers who have grown fond of that special character, and, most all, it shows some logical drive behind what’s happening.

Tonight episode of season three of Prison Break will be aired. Please, oh please, shape up!


  • Andreas says:

    I haven't watched Prison Break at all (never got hooked) but I have to say Lost suffers from the same stupidity you describe in Prison Break.

    They introduced a whole new camp of lost people in one series only to kill em off one by one… utterly pointless. Not to mention the show never gets anywhere, they just come up wiv mystery after mystery and hope that the viewers will only remember the last 5 or 10 so they won't have to explain anything in the end.

    If you want to watch a real TV-show with some depth try Sopranos. It's amazing.

  • Dave Child says:

    I really liked the first couple of series of Prison Break. T-Bag was, and remains, a superb character. Genuinely creepy.

    Very odd how they handled episode 9. It all moved very very fast, and lots of holes that seemed to be overlooked. Plenty of characters and plots already … take the time to explore some, rather than glossing over new ones!

  • Andy says:

    I'd have to agree with you on this one. Season 3 pretty much stinks so far and the Writers Guild of America strike isn't exactly making things better.

  • wtf says:

    Season 3 sucks. :/ its lost allover again, all about the money destructing a good show.

  • Steven Clark says:

    I'm more an Oz fan I have to confess… Series 1 of Prison Break lost me πŸ™‚

  • Ole says:

    I watched just Season 1 and found it great! But then i stopped, because i have heard that even Season 2 couldn't fullfill the expectations. It's always the same with series. The following seasons are always less good and lower of quality….

    But what i can really recommend is "Twin Peaks" from David Lynch. 29 Episodes full of mystic… Great!

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Ah, that's where I would like to beg to differ. πŸ™‚

    Lost, in my opinion is so different in any aspect so it can have some creative freedom, as opposed to Prison Break which is more like a regular action series.

    Watched Sopranos some times, but never got hooked.


    Yep, absolutely.


    Yes, the strike is bad for all shows, but it seems like Prison Break was in a slipperly slope far before that started.


    I do hate the decision with Lost that they air a season for three months and then have a 9-month hiatus. Who will ever come back viewing after such a long break?


    I've never watched Oz, actually, but I heard good things about it.


    Twin Peaks rocks!

  • Vinny says:

    Prisonbreak got worse after the decapitating of Dr. Sara Tancredi. I still wish it is a trick and they bring her back on the show. Michael's drive to get out of Sona seems pointless.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Yep, I agree.

  • Yeah, third season is a big disappointment. Especially since all characters are changing dramatically. E.g. Bellick compared to earlier seasons, and Alex from episode to episode.

    I'm a true Lost fan – so I'm putting my hope to that show instead.

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Yes, Lost is our only hope now! πŸ™‚

  • vagelis says:

    prison break became such an waste of time.season 3 is maybe the worst thing i ever saw on tv series,i can only compare it to HOUSE MD.everytime the same thing,trying to escape but nothing happens(in house every episode another 1 in amillion disease is cured by god HOUSE,)…

    about sarah's murder i tottally agree with you….besides lost another great show was carnivale,but unfortunately was cancelled,great stories and characters,photography ,not cliches…shame

  • Robert Nyman says:




    Lost lives on, though. Season 4 has just started in the US.

  • vagelis says:

    im talkin about carnivale that was cancelled,and that's a shame…lost is great and started with a great episode the 4th season..

  • Robert Nyman says:


    Ah, I see.

  • Amr Medhat El Tayeby says:

    If Sarah is really dead and this isn't a trick by the writers i promise you season 4 will be really annoying to watch … no series or movie have ever proved their success unless there is a romance part in them … and they killed this part in season 3, not only killed this part but it's like proving there is nothing called "LOVE"!!!! Even if she is still alive.. Is this reaction is really you would make if you were "Michael" … Hell no, I would have killed myself probably … Oh nice "Mr Romeo" this is who you really loved and would do anything for her like in season 2, Michael was just upset for her like what .. 2days in the episodes .. Oh really he loved her it shows … they screwed up what the word "LOVE" means,( if you are in love you will understand what i have written now)

  • Robert Nyman says:

    Amr Medhat El Tayeby,

    Yep, I completely agree with you! But I'm fairly convinced she's dead, unfortunately.

  • Idral says:

    One of d dumbest things they did was to make Tancredi die.I'd really recommend Lost for y'all even tho Charlie's death was also painful

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