What’s in a haircut?

I’ve always liked hair. Beautiful hair makes people look fantastic, and I think more personality is conveyed through hair than we think.

My oldest daughter, Emilia, three and a half years old, have only gotten somewhat crude haircuts from a local hairdresser, or Fredrika just cutting the necessary parts. So, yesterday it was time for her to go to a real professional hairdresser downtown Stockholm.

It was a major excursion, just her and her grandmother/my mother-in-law, who had a day out with riding buses, subways and walking around in the city. Great fun for her. When her hair was cut, they braided the cut-off part and put it in a bag for her to take home, and she got some pretty hair clips.

But…? She looks like…

All fine and well, and definitely what was best for hair, since it had gotten quite worn. We like her to have long hair, and she likes it too, so she’s a very pretty little girl with long blond hair. Unfortunately I got home a bit late from work yesterday and she was asleep then, so I never got to see what her new hairdo was like.

You have no idea how surprised I was this morning when I looked at her, and she looked just like… my mother-in-law!

I mean, I completely understand that they had to curt it shorter, but not this short! It’s an old-lady haircut; you know, fairly short hair, with very short and straight bangs. I was appalled! Why would you want a three-year old to look like a 60-year old woman?

Anyway, she was just so proud of her new haircut, so that makes it a little better. I guess we just have to wait for it to grow out, and next time, I will take her to the hairdresser.

So, if you see me walking around with something that looks like a real tiny old lady, it’s probably just me and my daughter going for a walk…


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