Web Developer recommendations: Lim Cheng Hong and Pelle Wessman

Today I though it would be a good time to tell you about two web developers who I would really like to recommend to you: Lim Cheng Hong and Pelle Wessman In Swedish (Pelle’s blog).

Cheng Hong and Pelle are both members of the DOMAssistant team and have been so for about a month and a half. Initially I asked them to participate because they have very keen eyes when it comes to finding flaws and room for improvement.

Since then, I have spoken almost daily with both of them, and they are always there for me, acting extremely humble and professional at the same time. They do things out of such a strong conviction to deliver a great product I’m literally blown away.

I don’t need to ask them what to do or tell them how to do it; they meet my expectations as soon as I even casually mention a problem or something which can be done better, they jump on it, and then completely exceed what I ever thought would be possible.

Now, the three of us, side-by-side, develop DOMAssistant. My initial thought was to be the only one responsible for developing, and just get input from the team, but Cheng Hong and Pelle are outstanding at what they do, so I just had to share coding responsibilities with them.

Now when I see what they contribute with, I even feel like yesterday’s news sometimes, because they come up with such ingenious solutions to problems I have had a hard time with; it feels like soon I’ll be replaced and just become a DOMAssistant evangelist instead (hush, don’t tell them… 🙂 ).

Therefore, I would like to say that if you ever get to chance to work with either of them; Cheng Hong resides in Singapore and Pelle in Sweden; act on it and I guarantee you will be more than satisfied with the results!

These two are fantastic web developers and I’m convinced they will be part of shaping the future web.

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