Obtrusive JavaScript Checker 0.7 – support for JavaScript links, inline event information and summary report

When I launched Obtrusive JavaScript Checker, I immediately felt it had more potential, and I definitely had more features to add to make it even more compelling. Therefore, here comes a new release with javascript: link support, detailed inline event information and a summary report.

A picture of google.com when Obtrusive JavaScript Checker is enabled

Support for javascript: links

With this new release, support for javascript: links have been added, i.e. it also points those out and gives them a magenta border. Anyone using this practice should stop immediately, since it’s terrible, both for accessibility and SEO.

Detailed information

Now, when you hover over an element with an inline event, it will show you more information about it:

A picture of when the inline event information is being shown

The same goes for javascript: links:

A picture of when the javascript: link information is being shown

Summary report

At the bottom left corner of the window, you will be presented with a summary report of the number of javascript: links and inline events in the current web page, and occurrences of each type of inline event summarized. It should be noted that it does this for each frame/iframe.

A picture of the summary report

A picture of youtube.com when Obtrusive JavaScript Checker is enabled


Updated November 3rd

Added a link to the newly released Obtrusive JavaScript Checker command for Ubiquity.


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