Opera Web Standards Curriculum article: Handling events with JavaScript

During the fall, I put a fair amount into writing an article for the Opera Web Standards Curriculum, and now it has finally seen the light: Handling events with JavaScript!

Just as Chris Mills outlines in Opera web standards curriculum: JavaScript in town!, it is finally time for the JavaScript articles of the curriculum to see the limelight, and boy, do they have some talented authors (+me πŸ™‚ ).


Chris has been on my back about writing something for him, from all the time back when he was the Senior Editor at friends of ED. I have always declined, not out lack of interest, but other obligations and things to tend to. With the Web Standards Curriculum, though, I find it to be a thing to good to miss out on, trying to help web developers globally to increase their coding skills and ultimately make the web a better place. πŸ™‚

I was a bit scared at first, describing event handling, which is very tricky and hard to get right with all its caveats, but looking at the final result, I think it at least gives a fair introduction into event handling. Therefore, a lot of hard work and harsh words later, it is very satisfying to see this article published!

A glimpse into the editor – writer relationship

As a little sidenote, perhaps some of you are interested into an insight into how such a relationship between an editor and a writer, in such a professional context as this, really is? Out of respect for Mr. Chris Mills, I won’t publish anything he wrote to me, but here are some quotes from my e-mails to him:

I mean, really… I understand you wanting to have a good article, but to put such pressure at me at this time…

I did my best, and I didn’t want to write the stinking article in the first place!

bla bla bla… waffly?! bla bla bla

Really, I… just, i just… Oh man, here comes the tears again…

Oh, so you’re accustomed to “serious writers”? Can’t even dignify me with a reply? Oh you little…

Go read!

Anyway, after that little sidestep, go read Handling events with JavaScript now! Hope you like it!


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