Sweden’s Best Developers, the 2010 take

Two years ago, the Swedish magazine Computer Sweden listed Sweden’s Best Developers 2008, where I was listed as number 19, the highest ranked Interface Developer. Today they announced Sweden’s Best Developers 2010 In Swedish.

This time around I was ranked as number 12, which is a few steps up, and I’m still the highest ranked Interface Developer in Sweden (with a wider margin this time – next one is at place 50). Yay for me. 🙂

Thoughts about the list

Of course it’s nice and gratifying to get acknowledgment for what you do within your field and that people notice it. However, a list such as this is pretty much impossible to be fair. For one thing, I told them two years ago, and this time around as well, that what they really should have is lists per respective main field, such as one for Interface Development, one for Microsoft, one for Java etc etc.

Also, some of the criteria last time was about book writing, speaking performances and similar things (which would suit me having had lots of speaking gigs in Europe the last 14 months). This time around, though, it seems what mattered most was if people e-mailed in to them and suggested a certain person (part of me wish I had, for instance, mobilized people reading this blog to get a higher ranking. 🙂 ).

Examining the list there are some really skilled people and some, well, not such given names on it… For instance, having Andreas Ehn, former CTO of Spotify and really really smart, in place 46th and me in 12th is just wrong. Also, looking at where technology is today, with HTML, CSS and JavaScript being the core technologies behind virtually everything exciting happening both on the web and in the mobile space right now (all kinds of web applications, HTML5, node.js and so on), it is really saddening to not have one Interface Developer in the top ten list, and even worse, only 4 out of 100 are Interface Developers!

However, congrats to my friends Roger, Tommy and Isac to joining me on the list.

So, after all, I do at least appreciate being seen and the PR/exposure it gives me, so I’m happy. 🙂


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