Geek Meet February 2011 with Jake Archibald

Sold out!

Geek Meet is now sold out! Please write a comment to be put on a waiting list.

Time for the first Geek Meet of 2011! And man, this will be a great night!

The speaker

Recently, and especially the fall of of 2010, I’ve had the pleasure to travel around and speak at a lot of conferences, and one of the best speakers, both when it comes to technical knowledge and being a great entertaining speaker is Jake Archibald (@jaffathecake). Therefore, I’m glad to announce Jake as the speaker, who otherwise works at The Team.

It’s a must-see watching Jake give a presentation, so make sure you don’t miss this!

The presentations

Jake will be giving two presentations:

Optimising where it hurts

As the amount of JavaScript we use on our pages increases, as does its effect on page performance. Even when browsers manage to produce the same output, how they reach that output can be very different. Some optimisations aren’t obvious, others can be easily broken by seemingly unrelated statements. So, how do we get the most out of our code?

In this session we’ll challenge assumptions about performance, using practical code to demonstrate the optimisations that really make a difference, and why they make a difference.

Reusable Code, for good or for awesome!

What sets reusable JavaScript apart from other JavaScript? How can we make our code developer-friendly, fast, robust & compatible? In this talk we’ll cover testing, code structure, working with compressors, documentation, measuring performance, but concentrating on API design. The API is make-or-break when it comes to reusable code. It’s the API that lets other developers use your application, if it’s difficult to use then they won’t get the most out of what you’ve written.

We’ll analyse existing APIs, looking at where they fail and where they succeed, looking at what patterns they use and how users react to them. By looking at the wins and fails in the real world, we can discover what makes code a pleasure to use and reuse.

Location and time

Next Geek Meet will take place February 17th at 18.00, and there are 150 seats available. This time around, Geek Meet is hosted and sponsored by bwin, and there will be drinks and wrapitos, an also vegetarian options. After the talks, there will be poker tables to play at and some bwin merchandise will be handed out.

The location is Klarabergsviadukten 82 in Stockholm.

I know you want to make sure you get a seat, but please make sure you know you can attend before signing up.
If you can attend, write a comment below to get a seat. You can only sign up yourself.

Sold out!

Geek Meet is now sold out! Please write a comment to be put on a waiting list.


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