Launchpad, Google’s Data Center Networks, YouTube Newswire, Real-time-data in Trends + more – Latest from Google #6

Summer has come here to the northern hemisphere and the world keeps on spinning with interesting things. 🙂

I’ve spent my last time organizing a week for mentors and startups this fall in Finland for the Google Developers Launchpad program, which is outlined below, and we also have news on handling Revenge Porn in Search, real-time data in Trends, a peak into Google’s networks and more!

This is part 6 in the Last Week at Google series.

Google Developers Launchpad

At Google we run the Google Developers Launchpad aimed at helping both early-stage startups as well as well as those in a more established state. We’ll provide you with events, resources and expertise to help you build up your app(s).

We have two levels of support and stages:

Start Stage

For early startups, the initial package consists of:

  • Google Cloud Platform credits
  • AdWords promotional offers
  • UserTesting trial
  • Local events

Scale Stage

The Scale Stage is for more established startups, and part of the offering is:

  • $100,000 in Google Cloud Platform credits
  • UX reviews by Google Experts
  • Invitation to Google Experts network for 1:1 consultations


There’s more detailed information about the program and its benefits and naturally it’s completely free to be a part of it!

Sound interesting? Then Apply for the Launchpad program.

Revenge Porn and Search

Public humiliation of ex-partners is a big issue, and as outlined in Revenge Porn and Search Google honors requests to remove nude or sexually explicit images shared without consent from Search results. There wil be a form where you will be able to submit these requests.

Real-time data in Trends

With Real-time data in Google trends. The biggest expansion since 2012 includes the possibility to see real-time data for over a 100 billion searches every month.

A peak into Google’s networks

Google Fellow Amin Vahdat gave a keynote with the first peak into Google’s Data Center Networks and their infrastructure. The video is available

YouTube Newswire launched

To discover and verify eyewitness news videos on YouTube, YouTube Newswire has been launched. More background in Eyewitness video on YouTube: your window to the world.

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