Alphabet company, Android Experiments, Project Sunroof – Latest from Google #7

Last week was a week where Google got a lot of focus, especially for Alphabet & Google. But we also have some news about Android Experiments, Google Cloud Platform & Project Sunroof.

This is part 7 in the Latest from Google series.

Alphabet company created, Google gets new CEO


I believe you haven’t missed the announcement last week about Alphabet. Alphabeth will be a a collection of companies, as a holding company, where Google is one, and the most well-known, of them. It also means that a number of parts of Google today will be moved directly under Alphabet as well. These are:

  • Calico
  • Google Ventures
  • Google Capital
  • Google X
  • Google Fiber
  • Nest Labs

While the parts that Google are most widely known for – such as Android, YouTube, Google Search, Maps, Ads and much more – are staying as parts of Google.

This also means that Google gets a new CEO in the very popular Sundar Pichai who has achieved fantastic things over the years at Google.

Sidenote: the source code for the Alphabet ( web site contains a nice hidden link to Hooli.

Hooli reference

Android Experiments

Android Experiments was created to create a platform for developers who have used the unique capabilities of Android to push the limits of what’s possible on phones, tablets, watches and beyond. We also want to make sure they are open source so people can read, watch and learn and also encourage more people to try things out, push boundaries and share what they do.

Android Expermients

If you have created something interesting, please submit your experiment!

General Availability of Google Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub

As of last week, we have now announced General Availability of Google Cloud Dataflow and Cloud Pub/Sub.

From their announcement:

Cloud Dataflow is specifically designed to remove the complexity of developing separate systems for batch and streaming data sources by providing a unified programming model. Based on more than a decade of Google innovation, including MapReduce, FlumeJava, and Millwheel, Cloud Dataflow is built to free you from the operational overhead related to large scale cluster management and optimization.

Project Sunroof

Project Sunroof is about mapping the planet’s solar potential, one roof at a time. The idea is to use information in Google Maps to figure out how much sun falls on a roof and the other factors that come into play. This leads to a caluclation for how many panels you’d probably need, and saving costs on the electric bill.

In the web site, you can enter your address to find out how much solar energy could save you. Currently, it’s available in Boston, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Fresno.

Project Sunroof

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