Launchpad Week, Android Wear on iOS, Google OnHub router + more – Latest from Google #9

It’s been a busy last 2 weeks and a ton of things I want to cover: from work with startups through developer content on YouTube to the Google OnHub router and Android Wear working on iOS. Here we go!

This is part 9 in the Latest from Google series.

Launchpad Week in Finland

About a week ago I organized a Google Launchpad Week, which is part of Google’s Launchpad program for startups. It’s a full week with great mentors in Product, UX, Technology and Marketing, working together with interesting startups to help them on their path. In total we had 32 mentors and 13 startups, and it took place in Espoo in Finland. Great fun and many learnings!

Google Launchpad Week

Android Wear now works with iPhones

Android Wear now officially support iPhones as well! If you’re an iPhone user but think the Android Wear watches are great, all you need to do is downlod the Android Wear app from the iOS App Store. Initially we supported this functionality for the LG Urbane but now new watches from Huawei, ASUS and Motorola also support it.

LG Urbane, Android Wear

Hangouts gets its own web site

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts noow has a stand-alone web presence, which is beautiful! Try it out at!

Google OnHub

Google has built OnHub, a router for your new way to WiFi. Making sure you get the fastest, most reliable and easy-to-maintain home network set-up.

Reviews are saying:

The best wireless networking my home has ever seen

Coverage and throughput are shockingly good

…an easy router that cures bad Wi-Fi

curl talk at Google Tech Talk Meetup

A couple of weeks ago we had curl creator Daniel Stenberg talking about the project and reaching one billion users. Video of the talk, complete with Q&A, is on YouTube:

There’s also a playlist with the videos from all the Google Tech Talk Meetups and feel free to join the meetup group!

YouTube Developer channels

We have divided certain interests areas from Google Developer s YouTube channel to separate YouTube channels. This means that you can now find dedicated topic videos for:

Refugee and Migrant crisis

With the current migrant crisis in Europe, Google will match your donation up to $11,000,000. Therefore, please consider donating now.

Refugee and Migrant Crisis

4 days in Mountain View

Also, since the last post, I spent 4 days in Mountain View discussing strategies around our work with startups, which is really interesting. Stay tuned in that area!

Google HQ, Mountain View

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