7 Google products with 1 billion users, AMP, The Physical Web, VR Symposium & more – Latest From Google #16

I’ve taken a little hiatus from writing here, so here goes with the first post of the year! From Gmail reaching 1 billion users to the web, VR and Android Studio.

This is part 16 in the Latest from Google series.

Gmail now has 1 billion users

One billion is a lot of people. Gmail has now become the 7th Google product to reach one billion users.

Google products with 1 billion users

The Physical Web & Chrome for Android

The Physical Web helps users to discover URLs relevant to where they currently physicallt are, through beacons, and from Chrome 49 it will show Physical Web content.

Learn more about AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages

The idea with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – an open source initiative – is to make mobile pages a lot faster and also to make it a lot easier for publishers to get their content out.

Smashing Magazine also published the great article Everything You Need To Know About AMP, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.

YouTube VR Symposium in London

I spent Friday last week in London at the YouTube VR Symposium, for filmmakers and creators to give them a glimpse into what’s doable, things to think about with creating VR content and 360 degree movies. Exciting times!

YouTube VR Symposium, London

Chrome for iOS drastically improved

The latest version of Chrome on iOS is a lot faster and more stable, with way less crashes and a lot faster JavaScript execution.

Google Translate now covers 103 languages and 99% of the online population

By its impressive work during the last ten years, Google Translate now covers 103 languages and 99% of the online population

Dark theme for Chrome DevTools

We’ve had a lot of requests from developers about adding a dark theme to the Chrome Dev Tools, and now we have a version for you to test!

Project Loon heads into carrier testing

Project Loon, intended to bring Internet to remote parts of the world, is about to go into carrier testing this year. A lot of work has gone into ballon design and testing, and this is the next step.

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