HTML Validator

HTML Validator is a web browser extension, currently available for Google Chrome, to automatically or manually validate the HTML in the current web page. It validates both local, i.e. non-publicly available, and public content. The validation types supported are:

  • Inline validation
  • Validate URL at the W3C Validator
  • Send local HTML to W3C Validator

Google Chrome extension

HTML Validator in Google Chrome resides as an icon next to the address field, and when it it is autorun/run inline, it displays a green badge with the number 0 if there are no validation errors, or a red badge with a count of the number of validation errors.

A picture of the Google Chrome toolbar with the HTML validator badge

If you click the HTML Validator icon, it will pop-up a panel at the bottom of the web browser, displaying information about the validation errors.

A picture of the pop-up panel displaying more information about HTML validation errors


A picture of the menu with HTML Validator actions and settingsClicking the icon will also display a menu with validation options and various settings to customize it according to your specific needs. You can choose:

  • Whether it should autorun or not
  • Default validation type: inline or direct send to the W3C Validator
  • Decide how/when the pop-up panel at the bottom of the web browser should be shown
  • What should happen when you click the icon
  • If you want to use a timeout or not for the inline validation. At times, the W3C Validator might be slow to respond.
  • If you want a loading indicator or not to be shown

Keyboard shortcuts

Being a keyboard shortcut freak myself, there are three general options for the HTML Validator extension:


  • Press Ctrl + Shift + V to validate a page
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + A to validate a local page

Mac OS X

  • Press Cmd + Shift + V to validate a page
  • Press Cmd + Shift + A to validate a local page

On all operating systems, you can also press Esc to hide the list of validation errors in the pop-up panel.

Discussion and bug reports

And discussions, requests or bug reports are welcome in the HTML Validator discussion group.

Download/Install HTML Validator

Just go to the Google Chrome Extensions web page and install HTML Validator for Google Chrome.


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