JaS is no longer being worked on. It has evolved into the PictureSlides plugin for DOMAssistant, where all requested features over the years have been added.

JaS gallery

Web browser compatibility

JaS works in all major web browsers, and has specifically been verified to function in:

  • Firefox
  • Safari 1.3+
  • Internet Explorer 5.x+
  • Opera 8+

The requirements and focus for the skins supplied here is to work in:

  • Firefox
  • Safari 1.3+
  • Internet Explorer 6+

Fading effects

The proprietary DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha is used for Internet Explorer and works from version 5.5 and up. For the rest of the web browsers, the CSS 3 property opacity is being used, and currently it is supported by Gecko-browsed web browsers (Firefox, Mozilla, Camino etc) and Safari.


All the events and behavior are applied unobtrusively from an external JavaScript file. The skins displayed here, however, don't include a non-JavaScript fallback, and the reason for that is that I wanted them to work in plain HTML without any server-side dependance. In a real live situation, naturally every link should per default post back the web page for those users with certain parameters to display a certain image etc.