Impossible to uninstall Safari 4 in Mac OS X – Apple pretty much follows suit with Microsoft

A little while ago, Apple released Safari 4. While it’s a very competent and fast web browser, there’s something seriously wrong with it: on a Mac, it can’t be uninstalled.

Wanting to uninstall

If you install Safari 4 in Windows, it’s immediately there. If you install it in Mac OS X you need to restart your entire operating system, plus a pretty long installation time. That’s warning sign 1.

If you think about removing it in Windows, the option is right there:

A picture of where to uninstall Safari 4 in Windows

If you think about removing it in Mac OS X, can’t find a way to do it and test out AppZapper to get rid of it, AppZapper warns you that it can’t remove it. Warning sign 2.

The most logic train of thought at this point is that you think you have just missed something, surely it can be uninstalled, right? So, you start by looking into Apple Discussions about uninstalling Safari 4. The suggestion is to Archive and install, i.e. reinstalling the entire operating system. Very scary warning sign 3.

So, as it turns out, and with all information I have gotten, you can’t uninstall Safari 4!

Offering the uninstall option

The beta of Safari 4 came with a package that offered an uninstaller, but no such thing with the final release of Safari 4. Naturally, Apple can and must offer it! Now!

Microsoft have gotten a lot of crap for including Internet Explorer with Windows, stifling competition and such, but you know what? If you have upgraded Internet Explorer in Windows, you can at least uninstall it back to the previous version.

A picture of where to uninstall Internet Explorer in Windows

“Why uninstall” is not a relevant question

When I and other people ask for help, instead of looking for options how to do it, you rather get met by the constant question why you want to uninstall it. To me, that’s a completely irrelevant question! Sure, I can say that I need Safari 3 back, that Multi-Safari isn’t sufficient, that I just dislike Safari 4. It does not matter.

My opinion is that any software I have installed naturally can be uninstalled. To me, it’s the core principle of software and the right every user should have. It should always be an option to uninstall an installation of a web browser or any other application!

Microsoft has done very bad things with Internet Explorer in this aspect, and now Apple are just as bad (or worse). Take a look at the commendable work with Mozilla Firefox and Opera: you can install as many versions as you want, side-by-side, uninstall them at will and all without restarting the operating system or anything.

No application should be tied so closely to the operating system, no matter if it’s Internet Explorer, Safari or anything else. This is extremely disrespectful to end users.

The slogan for Safari 4 is:

See the web in a whole new way

Yeah, the way Apple sees it. Where they choose what you can uninstall, not you.

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