Working at Knackeriet – Old Town co-working location

Let me start by saying that I truly love the Stockholm web scene. So many talented and dedicated people, a bunch of great start-ups and a load of things going on.

When I started Geek Meet in 2006, it was to get the chance for web developers, especially with a front-end focus/interest, to hang out, discuss technology and the web. It’s been a great journey for me, I’ve gotten to know a ton of fantastic people and learn from, and I will continue to arange that for as long as I can.

Nowadays there are lots of great meetups in Stockholm, and I know the people who arrange most of the interesting ones. And there’s no competitive spirit, just a friendly atmosphere where people want to share knowledge, make friends and just have a good time. And I’d like to hope that I was part of setting that bar with Geek Meet, how we should be open, encouraging and sharing.

The next step

In my role working for Mozilla, I’m a remote employee. This means that I work from wherever and whenever I am – as long as I have a laptop and an Internet connection, I can work. This is the life I’ve been leading for the past few years, and most of the time I’ve been working from home – when I haven’t been traveling.

I’ve been contemplating how to get a better day-to-day basis for my work, to meet people, get inspired, bounce ideas. While I do enjoy working from home and am very effective when I do that, the social part definitely shouldn’t be underestimated.

So I’ve been considering options that would make sense, to make my daily live richer and would offer both the social and inspiration parts in one package – basically, an environment that I would thrive in.

Introducing Knackeriet

All this leads to an amazing co-working location in Old Town in Stockholm, Knackeriet. Run by serial web entreprenur Ted Valentin, it is full of very smart, driven and ambitious people, in a very friendly and welcoming setting.

For me it’s very inspiring and motivating to be around great people doing great things!

Ted and I have been talking a bit, and we both want and believe it would be very nice to have lunch presentations and discussions at Knackeriet, hanging out, sharing skills and much more!

Therefore, if you’re in Old Town in Stockholm, I hope you’ll be able to drop by, and we hope we can arrange a number of casual and inspiring meetups here!

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