Me one, five and ten years ago

To be hit by a meme is usually quite entertaining, and I like the nostalgic feel of the latest one. First Faruk got me and then Jonathan Snook took a stab so I have nothing else to do but abide and share some parts of my history.

One year ago

Just a little over a year ago I wasn’t entirely pleased with my employer, so out of boredom/curiosity I started this blog. It was then on Blogger and in Swedish. When I signed up I had to choose a name for it, and in a panicky fashion I choose the corny name “Roberts prat” (which loosely translates to Robert’s talk), and it just stuck around. After a few weeks I realized that I knew a number of English-speaking people who would be interested in reading too, plus the fact that it would make it easier to reach out, so I translated the posts I had written so far into English.

April 11th last year, I launched this domain and presented the blog now migrated to WordPress, a move that I don’t regret.

My wonderful daughter Emilia was about 8 months old then.

A picture of Emilia in April 2005

Five years ago

I had fairly recently gotten back from my New York stint and been working for some months for a company called iBizkit. Very valuable lessons were learned and I left the company to travel around the world In Swedish in 2002.

I was also (finally) living within Stockholm city, in the great Södermalm In Swedish part, together with Fredrika. I was also working out a lot of the time.

Ten years ago

Ten years ago it was still seven months till I would purchase my first computer. I had moved away from home to my own apartment located in the area of Mariehäll In Swedish in Bromma, 43 square meters/51.4 square yards consisting of one room and a kitchen.

I was working for UPS and had just been internally promoted to dealing with their key accounts in the terms of billing and any accounting queries they might have. I left this job at the end of 1997 to travel around in Australia for a couple of months.

Who’s next?

I had to do some serious pondering when it came to this. I wanted to choose persons that don’t normally get memes, to give them a chance. So, therefore, I proudly pass it on to Carl Camera, Stuart Colville and Shane Shepherd.


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