Taxation of my daughter

The other day I got a letter from the Swedish Tax Authority in regards to taxation of my daughter Emilia.

This is Emilia.

A picture of Emilia

Emilia is four years old, just an innocent child. But apparently the Tax Authority thinks she’s a little finance shark, and deemed that she owned them money.

Apparently, Emilia made 5 Swedish kronor last year (approximately US$0.76), and they taxed her for 2 Swedish kronor (US$0.30). Also, she has no way of reclaiming this tax, since the Tax Authority only make payments of sums of 100 kronor (US$15.20). I have a few questions about that:

  • Isn’t the tax level a bit high for a four-year old child?
  • How much did the postage stamp cost for sending us this letter with the information?
  • How come the authority has the right to take money, and keep them till the sum is high enough to reach their return payments limit?


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