My new job: Technical Evangelist for Mozilla

It is a special day today. I have just resigned from my current job and am moving on to an extraordinary exciting challenge!

A little background

I’ve been working with web development, primarily interface development, since 1998 and HTML, CSS and JavaScript have been a major part of my life since. I’ve worked in numerous environments and assignments, and have gotten to work with very talented and fantastic people. Most of the time I have been working as a consultant, and I have slowly evolved into a place where I want something more; a challenge, something more suited to my aspirations for what I want to do:

  • Talk to people and build relations
  • Give presentations
  • Write articles, demos and tests, exploring code and its web browser support – and then break it down and explain it
  • Teaching people
  • Travel to to meet exciting people and great places

My new job

My new job title is Technical Evangelist for Mozilla, for HTML5 and the Open Web. I will be working with all of the above: writing and dissecting code, writing articles, traveling around and meeting people to give presentations and build relations – and all of that in an open manner for a non-profit organization, all for the better of the Open Web! It will be good to try to make the already fantastic resource MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) even better and become a must-have resource for web developers.

I also look forward to working with other web browser-vendors to make documentation better and also let us together help improving an open environment for both developers and end users, in the name of letting everyone take part of it.

The Mozilla Developer Engagement Team

I am quite excited to be working with such an excellent team of inspiring people, consisting of (in alphabetical order by their first name):

Christian Heilmann
Christian has an extensive background in evangelism, and he is the Principal Developer Evangelist for Mozilla. We share many opinions and values and have spoken next to each other on a number of conferences.
Janet Swisher
Janet is a technical writer and form what I have seen, is very dedicated in making documentation accurate and applicable.
Jay Patel
Jay has been involved with Mozilla since the end of the 90s, and he has been working with a wide range of positions and taks within.
He is a new intern based in Paris, and right know I don’t know much about him – I’m sure I will over time, though!
Paul Rouget
Paul is the creator of a number of fabulous demos showing what you can accomplish with open web technologies.
Sheppy (Eric Shepherd)
Sheppy is the Developer Documentation Lead for Mozilla, and I’ve seen his name on tons of documentation and he has been doing a enormous amount of good here.
Stormy Peters
Stormy is the manager for the Developer Engagement Team. For a long time she was the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation and I truly admire her vast background in the open source community.

I also know that Rob Hawkes, behind some really cool stuff, has accepted and will be a Technical Evangelist too.

The way I see it the team seems to consist of a great mix of people with skills complementing each other. All from mind-blowing coding skills, through documentation and experience to relation building. Together we will cove the entire world, I can’t wait to be a part of this!

When will I start?

The time of notice in Sweden is quite long, and I expect to be starting for Mozilla during the summer. I need to work out my current assignments and do a proper hand-over to Valtech, who I have know worked for during almost four years. Valtech is a great place, they have always treated me well and given me a lot of freedom and they also have a great bunch of really talented people. They will be missed, but I also hope we can collaborate some way in the future.

Follow me

To know what I’m doing and to stay on top of my activities, please follow this blog and follow me on Twitter – I’ll do my best to help, educate and entertain you! 🙂

This is so exciting!

It is hard to fathom I will be able to work full time on exactly the things I want to do, for a cause I strongly believe in! I can completely honestly say that for who I am and what I want to do, this is one of the best jobs to get in the world!

As I think you understand, I am a very very happy person right now! This is something I have dreamed of, and I can’t believe it’s coming true! My late father, in his spare time, used to travel a lot all over the world for his hobby to teach and help people – and for me now to go in his footsteps, and to have this is as my job, makes me immensely proud, and I wish that if he could see me, he would feel the same way.


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