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The value of a Facebook Like

In the world of social media, and with self-proclaimed experts on it popping up everywhere (some actually full of experience, some full of… something), it’s interesting to see how people act and how they value a Facebook Like.

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Geek Meet January 2013, with John Wilander

Sold out

All seats have been taken. Please write a comment to be put on a waiting list, there are always a number of cancellations, so there’s still a chance.

New date

Geek Meet has been moved to January 16th.

Time to announce the first Geek Meet of 2013! I had plans on doing it at the end of this year, but with Christmas and surrounding activities for a lot of people, I decided to have it early next year instead.

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Mobile vs. Social

This article is also available in Czech, Ukrainian and German.

Reading the heading, you’re probably thinking: “It’s a typo, it should be ‘Mobile and Social'”. But no. What I wanted to talk about is the behavior, the phenomenon, if you will, of the complete dependency people seem to have developed for their mobile phones, and how it affects their social behavior.

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