Latest from Google #2 – Software Memories, I/O Extended, Google Zeitgeist + more

Time for the next part in the Last Week at Google series – I hope you didn’t miss the post last week!

Google Tech Talk Meetup

I think meetups are a great way to hear inspiring talk, meet really good speakers and peers and to spend one eveing and get really inspired. That’s why I created Google Tech Talk Meetup, which is hosted at Google, where I want to share interesting technologies, projects and perspectives. It’s not just Google things, but anything that’s technical and interesting.

Software Memories and Simulated Machines with William Louth

Last week on Wednesday, we had a fantastic and inspiring talk on Software Memories and Simulated Machines by William:

Your software has memory but no memories. But what if software had the ability to recall and with it the ability to play out episodic (behavioral) memories time and time again in a different space – a simulated mirror world? What if software machines could see each other act, much like humans do, without the machine code needing to send a message or make a call? What if we created a matrix for the machine that allowed us to extend and augment software post-execution, irrespective of language, runtime and platform?

Google Tech Talk Meetup playlist

I’ve also created a playlist for all Google Tech Talk Meetup presentations and will keep adding new talks to it on a regular basis, so stay tuned!

Planning I/O Extended at Google Stockholm

I also spent some time with my colleagues finalizing the details for the I/O Extended at Google Stockholm, a format that is very popular for getting a chance to watch the keynote from the Google I/O conference and share the experience with fellow developers. I won’t be attending the one in Stockholm myself, since I’ll be at the Google I/O Event itself, meeting developers and partners in person.

Interested in attending such an event close to you? Then I recommend finding an I/O Extended close to you.

Google News

Starting this week, I’ll also post a few things happening in the Google world overall (a lot of these are collected by my great colleague Helen Schoch).

Google Zeitgeist in London,

Last week it was the Google Zeitgeist in London, where Stephen Hawking, David Beckham and others presented.

Videos are available in the Zeitgeist web site.

Quick news

The other stuff…

Naturally every week I’m also involved in very interesting meetings, briefings, discussions and also updates on Google and new products, initiatives and new for existing areas.

However, those are confidential, but I’ll share the outcomes as soon as I can. 🙂

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you want to hear more about!

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