IoT Brillo invites, AI & RankBrain for Search, security panel in Chrome, app to publish your gameplay on YouTube & much more – Latest From Google #12

IoT Brillo invites, AI & RankBrain, security panel in Chrome, app to publish your gameplay on YouTube and much more!

This is part 12 in the Latest from Google series.

Brillo & Weave available through invitation

Google’s IoT operating system Brillo & the Weave communication protocol are now available for developers through an invite.

I recommend taking a look at the video, and if you are planning on something in this area, I strongly recommend requesting an invite in the Brillo web site.

Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree

Together with Udacity, Google has designed a Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree for learning how to design, validate, prototype, monetize, and market app ideas from the ground up and grow them into a scalable business. All of this content is free, and available at

It consists of these courses:

  • Product Design: Learn Google’s Design Sprint methodology, Ideation & Validation, UI/UX design and gathering the right metrics.
  • Prototyping: Experiment with rapid-low and high-fidelity prototyping on mobile and the web using online tools.
  • Monetization: Learn how to monetize your app and how to set up an effective payment funnel.
  • App Marketing: Understand your market, analyze competition, position your product, prepare for launch, acquire customers and learn growth hacks.
  • How to get your startup started: Find out whether you really need venture capital funding, evaluate build vs. buy, and learn simple ways to monitor and maintain your startup business effectively.

Google & balloon-powered Internet in Indonesia

Google’s Project Loon aims to bring balloon-powered Internet to Indonesia’s 17,000 islands, and Indonesia is a country where currently only one about one third of the population has access to the Internet. Tests wil start in 2016.

Record & Publish your Gameplay

Through the Google Play Games, Android users can now record & publish the gameplay to YouTube.

Google’s diversity numbers

Google publishes its diversity numbers at

Google's diversity numbers

Google for Entrepreneurs <3 Stockholm

Just a little sneak peak that Google for Entrepreneurs will, November 5th, announce what Google does in Stockholm around startups and entrepreneurs

Google Photos has reached 100 million users

Google Photos has reached 100 million active users in just 5 months! They published a post about it, together with 10 other interesting facts about the service!

Google Search, AI & RankBrain

Google is using machine-learning AI RankBrain for improving search results, and Bloomberg had an interesting article on it and Search Engine Land created a FAQ on the topic.

New security panel in Chrome Canary

In Chrome Canary, there’s a new security panel to show how secure your web browsing really is

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