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DOMAss – The DOM assistant

Updated March 2nd 2007

DOMAss now has a new name, DOMAssistant, and it is also possible to run it side-by-side with other JavaScript libraries such as Prototype and jQuery. For more information, please read: DOMAss renamed to DOMAssistant, with added Prototype/jQuery compatibility.

Updated March 6th 2007

Per Zimmerman made me aware of the fact that I wasn’t as consistent when checking for names and whitespace in the addClass and removeClass as I am in the hasClass method, so this has been fixed to address any potential issues you might have had. Just download the DOMAssistantCSS JavaScript file and you should be good to go. 🙂

Updated April 11th 2007

Changed the license to a Creative Commons Deed.

Updated May 11th 2007

Minor fix for strange behavior in IE when using the addEvent method on the window object. For more information, please see DOMAssistant fix for addEvent method peculiarity in IE.

Updated July 11th 2007

PDF documentation added, kindly created by Michael Frühmann.

Updated September 20th 2007

DOMAssistant 2.0 released!

Updated October 4th 2007

The DOMAssistantCompressed JavaScript file has been updated. My compression approach was a little too effective for the special DOMReady fix for Internet Explorer, so necessary code for optimal performance was unfortunately removed. This has now been addressed, so please download the new version if you use the compressed file.

Updated October 19th 2007

The DOMAssistantCompressed JavaScript file is updated again. I noticed a problem with the elmsByAttribute method in IE where the compression resulted in a wrong reference, returning incorrect results. Download the new version and it will be fine.

When I released my EJ code, while I felt that it contained very useful functions, it didn’t feel properly packaged. Also, I’ve always wanted a proper base to stand on for various DOM interaction, so I didn’t have to start from scratch in every project.

So now, I proudly present DOMAss!

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SEO gone overboard

The hunt for getting a good search engine ranking affects more and more companies. A higher ranking equals more visitors equals (most likely) more customers. More customers, in turn, equals more money, which is what business is about.

But sometimes, the hunt hurts the quality of a web site.

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Tabbing problems in Firefox in Mac OS X

Recently I got a bug report from marketing (don’t all bug reports come from there? 😉 ), about an unexpected problem in Firefox in Mac OS X. The end users had problems tabbing through the web page, and especially through forms. Since I, at the time, sat on a PC, I couldn’t test with my settings, although I knew I hadn’t seen the problem on my Mac at home.

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Should the br tag be used?

If you develop a web page nowadays, you don’t use br tags, right? Or do you? And if you do, is it wrong, or the most efficient and pragmatic way to implement a desired line break in some text?

Let’s take a look at this from a number of perspectives:

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The cat and the dream

Ok, this might scare you a little, but I had the weirdest dream just before I woke up this morning. I (don’t?) hope that anyone of you are good at interpreting dreams, so here goes:

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