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Inline Code Finder Firefox extension – find inline JavaScript events, inline styling and javascript:links

When I first coded and released Obtrusive JavaScript Checker, I had some more ideas with it, as well as some great feedback I have received and wanted to see to. The result is Inline Code Finder, which looks for inline styling as well as what the Obtrusive JavaScript Checker offered, and it comes in two versions!

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Geek Meet broadcast live tomorrow, December 4th

Tomorrow night, December 4th, is the time to get your geek-on! Geek Meet December 2008 will have a staggering 150 attendants, and thanks to our sponsor Creuna, all of them will be treated to free presentations by Chris Heilmann, together with complimentary pizza and beer.

But don’t fret if you cant be there. The event itself (all in English) will also be broadcast live over the Internet, so I gladly invite you to join us through cyberspace! The starting time is as at 18.30 Central European Time. That means 17.30 UK time, 12.30 PM US EST, 9.30 AM US PST.

See you tomorrow!

Chris’ summary and links to slides are now available at Geekmeet Stockholm – Performance and Play.