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The video element in HTML5 – great possibilities, but also codec and licensing problems

Man has always been inspired by things moving around and giving away noises, so it was just a matter of time before video content showed up on the web. For a number of years, Flash was the de-facto standard of showing video, but now, with HTML5, the video element has made its way into our lives.

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IE and Life

The other day I sort of had an epiphany, a revelation if you will, which made me realize something hard to accept: Internet Explorer will always be there throughout my entire career working with Internet.

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Tools for concatenating and minifying CSS and JavaScript files in different development environments

To follow up on the topic of cutting down the number of HTTP requests that I mentioned in my posts How to improve your web site performance – tips & tricks to get a good YSlow rating and How to reduce the number of HTTP requests, I wanted to put together a good list of tools and approaches to concatenate and minify CSS and JavaScript files in different developing environments.

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