Geek Meet May 2010 – HTML5 & JavaScript

It is soon summer (Yay!) and about time for a last Geek Meet before a summer break!

The speaker

In February, when we had Christopher Blizzard over for Geek Meet, he had seen me give a presentation at FOSDEM in Brussels two days prior to that about HTML5, and he wondered if I had given it at a Geek Meet. I said no, and he said that I should. So, then the thought of me being the speaker at Geek Meet was woken again (last time was 2007!), and it felt right to do that now.

The presentations

The talks I’m going to give are:

An Introduction to HTML5
This will give you an introduction to HTML5, where it came from, what it actually is and where we are today.
JavaScript & HTML5 – Brave New World
The first half of this talk is about core JavaScript and how it works, and then on to some exciting APIs that HTML5 offers us.

None of the presentations are going to be super-technical, but I hope to inspire, give some food for thought and naturally that some of the attendees will go home with some new technical knowledge.

The schedule

The schedule of the Geek Meet evening looks like this:

  • 18:00 Mingle and getting your seats. Show up at this time.
  • 18:30 First talk: An Introduction to HTML5
  • 19:30 Pizza and drinks (beer & wine)
  • 20:30 Second talk: JavaScript & HTML5 – Brave New World
  • 21:15-ish Mingle, and getting to know each other. 🙂

Date & Location

Geek Meet May will take place May 20th 2010, and it is hosted by my employer Valtech. The location is Hantverkargatan 5 in Stockholm.

Sign up now!

There are 150 seats available, so write a comment below now to get one! Please please make sure you know you can attend before you write a comment.

Sold out!

All sold out! Please write a comment to be put on a waiting list.


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