Time to go home. We checked out of the hotel and said our goodbyes, and then a driver took us to the airport. Once there, we went to the check-in counter, to first get boarding passes for our first flight to Oslo, and then the connecting flight to Stockholm.

When we gave our passports and tickets to the attendant, she threw Emilia a glance and asked us:

- Why don't you take the direct flight to Stockholm, traveling with a baby and all?
-Uh, well... You mean except for the fact that we love long trips and the adventure (read:enormous hassle) of changing flights while trying to entertain a baby?

Why don't you take the direct flight to Stockholm...

The reason we had to take two flights to get to Rome, and then two additional ones to get home, was that the SAS personnel had told us that there were no direct flights to/from Rome. And now, apparently there were. Anyway...

The attendant at the check-in counter managed to re-schedule us onto the direct flight that left just 1½ hour later than our first flight to Oslo would've. So, by her being attentive and kind enough to suggest a solution and then pull it through, we only had one flight and got home sooner as well. There is hope for mankind!

The flight was trouble free. I had Emilia in my lap when we took off, and she soon fell asleep. This meant that I couldn't take my tray down to eat, I couldn't read or anything else but sit there. Totally still, blank gaze. Which was fine, it was a 3 h 20 min flight and Fredrika promised to take Emilia as soon as she would wake up.

Totally still, blank gaze.

Emilia slept for over two hours and when she finally came to, I looked forward to reading my news paper that I'd had my eyes on for a while. Alas, Fredrika let Emilia sit in her lap and hang over my seat, so she tore my news paper to pieces (literally, confetti). My only break was when Emilia did no. 2 and Fredrika went to change on her (a moment of relief and kindness). As they were in the toilet, I tried to puzzle the news paper back together to be able to read at least one article. Once the puzzling was done, they came back. Emilia attacked me, the roof went "BLING!", Emilia and I simultaneously looked up and saw the fasten seat belt sign turned on. Time for landing. Did I finish reading the article? Maybe, the memories are hazy by now...

Finally back in Sweden, my mother picked us up at the airport and got us home. All in all, we had a great time in Rome, but it felt good to come home.

Home sweet home.