Fake? Nooo...

Today we decided to go for a walk in Centro Storico, the central part of Rome. It started with us going through Campo di Fiori, where Fredrika got her eyes on a Prada bag on the blanket of a street vendor (Fake? Nooo...). After some haggling Fredrika bought it for €20 and she seemed pleased enough with that price.

Picture of Colonna Antonina

Next stop was Piazza Farnese with its twin fountains, and we then turned around to circle Piazza Navona. After that, we made the mandatory stroll by Pantheon on our way to Piazza Sant' Eustachio where we would each have one delicious cup of coffee. We later made sure to walk by there again just to taste the marvelous coffee they had!

Piazza Colonna was another attraction on our way, with its Colonna Antonina. It is a 30 meter high column filled with reliefs, erected in 180 AD.

Picture of Fontana di Trevi

Swedes have a special relation to Fontana di Trevi after the movie La Dolce Vita starring our own Anita Ekberg in one of the leading roles. Personally I haven't seen the movie, hence having no expectations of the fountain. Once there, I found it to be immensely beautiful, a mix of sheer beauty and a rugged look. The name Trevi comes from the three roads that once meet at this place. There's a custom to throw a coin in the fountain, to make sure you will return to Rome. Fredrika and Emilia did it, while I was documenting it.

Picture of the Spanish Steps

Next on the itinerary was the Spanish Steps, designed by a Spanish man and named because of the nearby Spanish Embassy. I climbed the steps on this very warm day, while Fredrika and Emilia decided to stay at the bottom of them and admire them from there.

Bottles being thrown, car alarms going off, shouting in megaphones.

Later, in the evening, a frenetic rain came down, but to us it only made the air more fresh. During that night there was an enormous ruckus out in the nearby piazzas and streets. Bottles being thrown, car alarms going off, shouting in megaphones. We all had a restless night trying to sleep. But it's a city, what can you expect?