We decided (rather, I caved in to Fredrika's begging) to spend the last day in Rome shopping. First, on the way, we walked by Il Vittoriano that was closed due to the visit of Italy's president, commemorating the birthday of the Italian nation. The day was spent around Via del Corso and its adjacent streets, and being in that area resulted in us seeing Fontana di Trevi and the Spanish Steps once more.

...we could've walked away with the contents of the store without them noticing...

We went into the Gucci store in Via Condotti, and there Emilia charmed one and all of the entire staff. I'm telling you, we could've walked away with the contents of the store without them noticing...
During the shopping trip, Fredrika bought a dress, a pair of shorts and some other things and we also went to the Disney Store where we got Emilia a lovely Winnie the Pooh-pillow.

After the shopping, we felt like having a sit-down and eating ice-cream. And where would be a good place but in front of the Pantheon (surprise)! We actually wanted to buy some authentic gelato and eat it there in Piazza della Rotonda by Pantheon, but the prices were hideous and ranged from €6 to €10 for a cup. Being cheap, we bought three ice creams instead at McDonald's (yes, a new low) for €5.

We ate in more expensive places as well as reasonably priced ones during our visit, and I have to say that the food level in Rome is very good, but it's not as amazing as I had expected. Sure, some cold plates, one or two pizzas and one particular tiramisu was really good, but not something to give away your right arm for. And, for once, I actually wanted a break from eating pizza and pasta after a week of it.