Last Week at Google – Time, Android TV, Google Sessions & more

In my role at Google, I met a ton of people interested in what we are working at, what’s happening, how to get involved and learn more etc. Therefore, with this as the first post, I’ll be blogging about things that happened last week at Google.

The new Google Tech Talk Meetup in Stockholm!

Meeting people in person is a fantastic thing! To broaden one’s horizons, to learn things you never expected and to get friends for life. It was also one of the reasons I started Geek Meet back in 2006 and now I have an additional event!

Summing up 2014

2014 has come to an end, and what a year it was! A number of things happened in my life, and among them were leaving Mozilla and joining Google, and a bunch of great trips.

Joining Google!

Time to announce my new job: I’m joining Google! My role will be Developer Relations Program Manager for the Nordics.

Leaving Mozilla

This is a really hard blog post to write, but I need to share this with you: I’m leaving Mozilla.

Trying out Google Inbox

About a week and a half ago I was happy to get an invite to Google’s new take on e-mail: Google Inbox. The idea is to make it much simpler for users to deal and bundle e-mails they get.

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