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Get a Joost invite

Updated June 18th

As I won’t be following the comments here anymore, I recommend you to get your invites through the Joost GigaOM invitations page. I’ve asked Joost for a page of my own, but still haven’t heard from them, so I’m sorry…

You can always write a comment here, and if I ocassionally read the comments here, I will send an invitation, but please don’t count on it.

Want to test Joost to watch streaming TV over the Internet, but haven’t got an invite? Write a comment with a valid e-mail address, and I’ll send one to you!

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What are Web Standards? A comprehensive explanation of what is comprised in the term

This article is also available in Brazilian-Portuguese and in Spanish.

The term Web Standards is featured prominently all over the web, in meetings with customers and amongst web developers in general. However, the problem is that people have different views on what it actually means and encompasses.

Therefore, I will try to explain my views on it and what most people actually mean when they refer to Web Standards.

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Not the Google love I was hoping for

You know, we all desire to get a good ranking with Google, right? Well, here’s one search scenario where I’m really proud to get so high up… πŸ˜‰

PS. Only reason I found out was going through the stats and actually saw a visitor finding my web site through that… DS.

Ads are back

So, the ads are back now (and a few new ones). If you like their suggestions, please click on them!

All the proceeds from ad clicks will go to charity.

Today’s day: Go-back-to-the-old-theme-day

As you know, people all over the Internet declare different days to be a certain kind of day. Therefore, I dub this day Go-back-to-the-old-theme-day. πŸ™‚

(and yes, this is only for today)

Movies that made me gasp

Yes, apparently it’s casual Friday here today with the topics. πŸ™‚ Let me be a male pig, just this one time, and just list some of the movies that made me gasp (and some of them were also good movies overall):

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