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Two useful phrases

Just recently I’ve noticed two phrases that can really come in handy when working with other people.

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Releasing DOMAssistant 2.0 – Chainability, AJAX module, DOMReady, XPath and more

Updated October 4th 2007

The DOMAssistantCompressed JavaScript file has been updated. My compression approach was a little too effective for the special DOMReady fix for Internet Explorer, so necessary code for optimal performance was unfortunately removed. This has now been addressed, so please download the new version if you use the compressed file.

Updated October 19th 2007

The DOMAssistantCompressed JavaScript file is updated again. I noticed a problem with the elmsByAttribute method in IE where the compression resulted in a wrong reference, returning incorrect results. Download the new version and it will be fine.

Tired but proud, I would like to announce the 2.0 release of DOMAssistant! Refactored code and new features will improve what is already a vital and must-have JavaScript library for me.

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A weekend and a Monday

This post might be a bit direct, or too open about my life, so refrain from reading if you don’t want to know (or else you might stop reading what I write altogether). Or maybe it just seems plain boring, and I totally understand you; it does get funnier at the end, though. If you’re not discouraged yet, allow me to describe my last three days.

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Where does the hard drive size go?

Something which has always been a problem for many people is disk space. No matter how much you have, you somehow mysteriously use up all of it. It makes me wonder why hard drives never have the claimed capacity.

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Geek Meet in northern Sweden

For anyone interested in Geek Meet, but living far up north in Sweden, there now seems to be an option. Damian is thinking about putting one together and is trying to find like-minded people. It will, it seems, most likely take place in Skellefteå or Umeå, and you can visit his post A geek meet in Northern Sweden to sign up or express interest in general.