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Cancer research get ad money this time

As you might know, I give all of my ad income to charity. Last payment from Google, $ 129, has gone to cancer research, more specifically Cancerfonden.

I don’t write this to brag or appear all-that-fantastic, but since I state that the money go to charity, I just want to be completely open with how much and to what charity I give money when I get the payment from Google AdSense. That’s it, now go watch Heroes or something… 🙂

Interviewed for Kaxigt

Sometimes I get the question why I never write about web development in Swedish. The reason is simple, and it’s because I want to reach a wider audience, besides the fact that I actually find it easier since all the terminology is in English to begin with.

However, for those who want to read my opinions in Swedish, Lena at has interviewed me about the future of web development in Intervju med Robert Nyman på Robert’s Talk In Swedish.