Geek Meet Charity June 4th 2009 – Chris Mills and Remy Sharp speaking

It’s been some time since the last event, but man, are we making up for it this time! Time for Geek Meet Charity June 4th 2009!

Giving something back

This time around, for the first time ever, it will cost money to attend Geek Meet. But, no one involved in organizing will get a dime, everything will go directly to charity. At the door at Geek Meet, there will be three main charities to chose from to support:

The charity with the most number of votes will get all the money collected during the evening.

The cost will be 100 SEK, paid in cash at the entrance. If you want to contribute more than that, your name (and optionally company name) will be shown during the evening, and after the event it will be listed in a blog post with a link to your/your company’s web site.

What you will get

Included in that price is free pizza and free drinks, together with presentations from not one, but two internationally renowned speakers. Pretty fair price for a night out, right? 🙂


I am very happy to introduce my good friends Chris Mills and Remy Sharp as the speakers this evening!

Chris is the Developer Relations Manager at Opera and is the guy behind Opera Web Standards Curriculum.

Remy is, amongst other things, a JavaScript developer extraordinaire, behind such things as jQuery for Designers, jQuery API Browser and JS Bin.

They will do two joint talks (or one long with a break, if you see it that way) about Web Development and unobtrusiveness, and the idea is to look at it from two different perspectives and examine the gain for each party.

Time, place and seating availability

Geek Meet will be hold at the premises of Creuna at Kungsholmsgatan 23 (a map to Creuna) and it starts at 18.00 June 4th 2009.

There will be a limited seating of 150 seats, so sign up now to make sure to get one. Also, please, only sign up if you are 100% sure you can attend.

Everyone does this for charity – please do so too!

This would not be happening without everyone bringing their piece to the table, and everyone giving all they can do to have this charity event. Everyone involved is doing this for free, for the greater good, and taking time out of their busy schedules to raise money to the needing.

I would like to sincerely thank Chris and Remy for taking the time to come here and do this, to Chris’ employer Opera for being so understanding and contributing and to the people of Creuna for offering us food, drinks and a great place to be.

Thank you!

And with all this, I would love to see as many as possible to attend, and to give what you think you can spare to charity. Sign up now, and do some good! 🙂

All out of seats

We are currently all out of seats! If you still want to come, write a comment and I will contact you in case there are any cancellation.


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