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Bob Dylan post helped me peak

I just wanted to say thanks to the Bob Dylan fans giving me a new peak. I’m usually blessed with a fair amount of visitors, but my post about the Bob Dylan club gig in Stockholm helped me reach almost 5300 unique visitors the same day at the end of March. Thank you!

What editor do you use?

I’ve been working with the web for almost 9 years now, and I’ve encountered a spectrum of web developers and their preferred tools during that time. Therefore, it’s always interesting to ask for someone’s favorite editor.

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FlashReplace – A light-weight JavaScript to insert Flash movies into your web page

Updated April 20th

I’m so used to having a $ method for accessing elements. Nevertheless, the idea is of course that FlashReplace should be stand-alone, so I replaced it with the standard document.getElementById.

Updated April 20th

Although I didn’t encounter any problems with not using an embed element (to have valid HTML code output), it has been strongly recommend that I use it to ensure maximum compatibility. Therefore, it has been added and the file size is now 2.1 kb.

Updated June 3rd

I’ve gotten a few e-mails asking how to add variables to the Flash movie, so here are some options:

The simplest way is to just do it through a querystring. I.e. “movieFileName.swf?testVar=hello”.

Another option is to reference the movie and do it something like this:

document.getElementById("movieName").SetVariable("testVar", "hello");

Ok, everyone and his mother are creating scripts to include Flash into a web page. I wanted to have my own version, but with less and more readable code, so here’s my JavaScript to include flash : FlashReplace.

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Popular doesn’t equal good

Something I find increasingly annoying is the fear most companies have when developing a new web site. They don’t dare to try new things, and more importantly, they don’t even want do offer something good. It’s a copy-cat syndrome holding us all back.

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AJAX Suggestions – a new JavaScript library for you

Updated April 10th with a couple of features per comment suggestions

Ok, I’ve added a couple of features and settings based on the comments I’ve got. The additional settings are:

If a click on the document should hide the results list.
If the focus should be set to the input element, once an item has updated the input element’s value (by initially having the itemInsertValueIntoInputClassName CSS class).
If the results list should be hidden when the input element’s value is updated.

Another additional feature is that if you use the arrow keys to navigate the results list, arrow up from the first item as well as arrow down from the last, will set the focus back to the input element.

Updated April 11th

Changed the license to a Creative Commons Deed.

Updated April 13th

I got an e-mail with the suggestion to turn off the web browser autocompletion feature of the input element. I think it was a good idea, so I have now added it as a setting:

turnAutoCompleteOff : true

When most people need some kind of intellectual challenge, they do crosswords, sudokus, IQ tests, read up on philosophy or something similar. Me? I write some JavaScript. πŸ™‚

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Like, redesign

It felt like it was time to spice this baby up, so I stayed up way too late Saturday evening (rather, Sunday morning), to put the finishing touches to my new design.

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Geek Meet March 2007 summary

Last Thursday we had another Geek Meet, and as always these days, it was a fair amount of people showing up. This time, for the majority of the people present, it was actually their first Geek Meet. It’s great to see new faces, and the same time, I hope that the bunch of regulars who had to cancel this meeting will be back at the next one, providing to an even bigger group!

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