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About FriendFeed and FriendFeedBadge – present your FriendFeed in your own web site

Ok, so some of you must think I’m slightly retarded in regards to discovering new internet services. The thing is, though, that I usually test a lot of them as soon as they surface, then wait to see if they become popular, and if yes, hops on the train as everyone else. This time around, the turn has come to FriendFeed and the FriendFeedBadge.

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German code

For many years now, me and a couple of friends have had a saying about code, measuring the quality of it, whether it’s excellent or mediocre.

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PictureSlides plugin for jQuery – create compelling slideshows and thumbnail galleries

Some time ago I released PictureSlides, a DOMAssistant plugin to create compelling slideshows and thumbnail galleries, with a number of customizable options. Recently, I ported PictureSlides to also work with jQuery, so if you want to do something spiffy with images, I recommend you check it out!

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