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Welcome to this world, baby girl!

Friday November 24th, 22:58, our baby girl was born! She weighed 3965 grams and was 50 centimeters tall, and her birth was without complications. Everyone in the family is doing just fine, and Fredrika and the baby got home today from the hospital.

A picture of our baby girl, Fredrika and I

Interestingly enough, she was born in the exact same room as our other daughter Emilia. When we got to the delivery room and was assigned where we should be, we walked into the room and just exclaimed:

Hey, we’ve been here before!

Words can’t express how happy we are over the new addition to our family!

Welcome to this world, baby girl!

Geek Meet January 2007

Time for Geek Meet again! The next Geek Meet will take place January 11th 18.00 at adocca entertainment here in Stockholm, located at Södermälarstrand 57B, floor 6 (map of the address).

And this time I thought we’d cater to everyones’ interests (well, as many as possible, at least), with a new addition to the concept.

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Computer behavior hate of the week

During this week, I’ve encountered some computer problems and I just felt the need to share my frustration. And in all fairness, I have one hate about Apple and one about Microsoft; you decide which one was worst. 🙂

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Thanks for reading – a new all-time high

I’m a little late telling you this, but as of lately this web site has been more popular than ever. Part of why a lot of people found their way here was because of my EJ – The only JavaScript library you’ll ever need post; according to one of my statistics tool, the peak was a bit over 4000 unique visitors one day, and according to the other, just below 4000. S0 let’s say 4000 even, ok? 🙂

Either way, I just wanted to thank you all for reading, old readers as well as new ones. I hope to be to your liking for a foreseeable future as well.
Again, thanks!

Iron Maiden rocking in Stockholm

November 17th I went to see Iron Maiden play in the Globe arena in Stockholm. This was the first of four gigs in Sweden (three of them planned in Stockholm), concerts that sold out as soon as the tickets were released. I though I’d tell you a little about my history with Maiden and also what I though of Friday night.

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What would make you switch search engine?

So, you all have your favorite search engine, right? And probably also the tools/approach you prefer to search with it; for instance, a text field in your favorite web browser, perhaps a web browser toolbar or have it set up through Quicksilver. What I’m interested in, though, is what would make you switch search engine? What would make you use another one?

Preaching: Google is blind!

I thought I’d take on a slightly different approach with this post. I mean, all bloggers try to write about facts, rant or go to other lengths to get their message through. Therefore, in true TV preacher style (imagine someone with James Brown’s personality), let me tell you about Google:

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Web developing can be tough sometimes

As we all know, web developing can be very tough and nerve-wrecking sometimes. Therefore, I would like to share a picture taken of me last night, the final day of the current iteration in the project I’m working in for the moment.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is outstanding!

I love taking and looking at photographs, but I am in no sense a professional photographer; rather the happy amateur! Therefore, I’m constantly on the look-out for better photo management and photo editing tools, making viewing and enhancing images better. As of lately, I’ve been taking Aperture and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for some test drives.

The one I definitely prefer and regard in that “war” is definitely Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and wanted to tell and show you some things about it.

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World Usability Day: what’s your take?

Ok, this is apparently a lazy post since it won’t contain much information. Also, as of lately, it seems like I’m just asking you what you think instead of writing a more detailed post, so bear with me; I’ll write more soon where you don’t have to answer all the time! 🙂

Anyway, here goes:

Without expressing my opinions on it, what’s your take on the World Usability Day?

Initial focus to a text field – good or bad?

I think that in (almost) every project I work in, when a web page contains one or more form elements, the most common question is: should we set initial focus to the first element in the form when the page has loaded? Heated debates follow, where people argue very convincingly for their view on it.

However, to me it isn’t an easy black or white-question.

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Using help or searching Google?

Scenario: you run into a problem when coding, or in some other way have a question about, or problem with, a certain application. Let us, for the sake of argument, say that you have no colleagues or friends to ask where you are at the moment, nor through e-mail or over IM. What do you do?

  1. Use a programming manual/reference or resort to the help function of the application?
  2. Search Google?

In my case, 9 times out of 10, I search Google. If you’ve encountered a problem, there’s always someone else who has as well; someone who is or has been in the exact spot as you are in right now.

But that’s just me. What do you do?

JavaScript frameworks – concept vs. code libraries

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of huge JavaScript libraries, an opinion that was probably clear from what I wrote in my EJ – The only JavaScript library you’ll ever need post. Even if they’re written by very competent web developers, they almost always consist of more functions and methods that are necessary.

However, I’d like to take this opportunity to explain the important difference between the two major types of JavaScript libraries: concept and code libraries.

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Weekly Award: Web Site Most Likely To Have Been Built By An Intern

This might sound condemning, but I’m thinking of establishing a weekly award: Web Site Most Likely To Have Been Built By An Intern. It is about large companies targeting a lot of users who, in this day and age, still don’t have any clue about web standards, accessibility or semantics. If, for instance, a web site only works in one web browser (guess which one…) on one platform, something is fundamentally wrong!

Without further ado, let me probably announce this week’s winner: MSN Music.

PS. A little tip: first try it in Internet Explorer on a PC, and then in any other web browser on any platform. DS.

EJ – The only JavaScript library you’ll ever need

Updated March 2nd 2007

If you like this code, I sincerely recommend that you take a look at the DOMAssistant JavaScript library.

The web is littered with full-blown JavaScript libraries who say they will save your day and make your web development life much easier. You get encouraged to include these “mere 80 kb” libraries that is supposed to be the solution to all your needs, and practically make the web site work by itself. Needless to say, I’m not a big follower of JavaScript libraries,, especially since they almost always include lots of superfluous code, so I thought I’d put together a tiny library with only essential JavaScript functions.

The result of that is EJ – Essential JavaScript.

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37 Steps to Perfect Markup at SitePoint

Just before I started blogging I got to know Tommy Olsson, through his now resting blog Autistic Cuckoo. I was impressed with his technical expertise and inspired by his respectful comments and discussions with his readers, and it was something I set up as a goal and role model for my relations with the readers of my web site.

Unfortunately, Tommy doesn’t write anymore on his blog, but he has now made an interesting contribution to SitePoint about HTML.

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