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Speaking in 30 countries

I've been very fortunate and lucky to get the chance to travel around in the world and speak at conferences, and now I've reached speaking in 30 countries!

All the slides, videos and more are available on Lanyrd.

For me it has been a fantastic learning experience, from getting to see all kinds of people, circumstances and contexts to getting to see many differing parts of the world.

Countries I've spoken in

The countries I've spoken in, as taken from Lanyrd:

  1. Argentina
  2. Belgium
  3. Brazil
  4. Bulgaria
  5. Canada
  6. Chile
  7. Colombia
  8. Croatia
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Denmark
  11. England
  12. Finland
  13. France
  14. Germany
  15. India
  16. Italy
  17. Mexico
  18. Netherlands
  19. Norway
  20. Poland
  21. Portugal
  22. Romania
  23. Russia
  24. Scotland
  25. South Africa
  26. Spain
  27. Sweden
  28. Switzerland
  29. United States
  30. Uruguay
I would like to add Australia or New Zealand to this list, though, to have all the major continents. :-) Let me know if you're interested.

See you!

Thank you to all the conference organizers and attendees, and I hope to see you at another conference soon! :-)

Looking at 2013

Now 2013 is over, 2014 has started, and it's a new year with new possibilities, challenges and experiences. I thought I'd take a look back at what 2013 was like for me.

Thinking about all the things that happened in 2013, it's hard to fathom just how many things one can experience in one year, places to see and things to do.

I never really got to write a post about my 2012, but I was quite happy with my my Summing up 2011 post. This time around, I contemplated what I wanted to cover and share, and came to the conclusion to focus on travel and places.

One thing that I also realized is that I've been blogging far too little this year, and rather just sharing small stories and anecdotes on Facebook (and some of the stories below are taken/inspired from those posts, marked as quotes). In 2014 I really want to get going with writing more here, and I hope I'll live up to it!

Traveling and speaking

Since I started to keep track a few years back of how much and far I travel, 2013 was the year with most travel days and kilometers so far: 99 travel days, 211,074 km covered, visiting 27 cities. A big amount of that was covered in the fall, which was packed with lots of interesting trips and experiences.

I've spent the last days categorizing and gathering my pictures from 2013 in a good structure, and all photos are available on Flickr - there you'll find both all travel pics as well as those from other things I did throughout the year.

When it comes to speaking, I became Lanyrd's most well-traveled speaker, with having given presentations in 27 countries at 66 events. That number has now gone up to 29 countries and 72 events; I really look forward to my 30th country I will speak in! Any takers? :-)

Also, all the slides and videos from my talks are available on Lanyrd.

Let's go through my trips in 2013:

San Francisco & Mountain View, USA [January]

Starting the year in a good travel fashion, I had to get up at dawn January 1st to fly to San Francisco, and then go down to Mountain View. We were giving our very first Firefox OS workshop to invited developers, teaching and hacking away.

Checking into a US hotel (in Mountain View now):

  1. Turn off the air condition, to avoid room temperature below freezing.
  2. Unplug the fridge, since it sounds like a hippo is trying to make love to it.
  3. Try and act grateful to the receptionist for the makeup remover (and thinking of asking for a hair brush as well…).

I also managed to squeeze in some time in San Francisco:

Best quote in San Francisco today:

A clerk in a store couldn't believe Apple products are much cheaper in the US than Europe, since "Europe is so much closer to China than the US"…

[All pictures from San Francisco in January]

London, UK [January]

A couple of weeks later, it was time for our second workshop, this time in London. It was a good event, and also one where we learned a lot about the platform from people in the Mozilla community, such as Luca Greco, and I finally got to meet him in person.

Hotel gym offers Very Personal Trainers. I don't want to know what that means...

Flight home cancelled. Heathrow doesn't seem to like snow. Will hopefully get home tomorrow! (great help from British Airways, though!)

"…around 260 flights are due to be cancelled on Sunday after 2-6cm of snow was forecast"

2-6 centimeters? This really sounds like a joke for Swedes…

[All pictures from London in January]

Barcelona, Spain [February]

In the end of February, I went down to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, which is a massive event within the mobile sector. I believe there was around 90,000 visitors and the halls were enormous.

About to fly to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress. We're on Vueling airlines, and Patrick Finch has already made jokes about them re-vueling the plane. It's gonna be a long flight...

We worked day and night for about a week, talking till we were blue in the face. To me it was really great to be there, to meet all kinds of people with very different backgrounds, and talk to them about Firefox OS and the Open Web, the possibilities and implications for the future.

I also got to give a presentation together with Brendan Eich - it's pretty cool to be a JavaScript developer, and then have the inventor of the language as your CTO and then also co-present with him. :-)

The day before it all started I got up early and had a nice look around in Barcelona, together with Fábio Magnoni: Park Güell, Sagrada Família and more.

Mozilla, Ubuntu and Opera at Mobile World Congress, in the shape of me, Bruce Lawson and Stuart Langridge.

[All pictures from Mobile World Congress Barcelona in February]

[All pictures from Barcelona city in February]

Edinburgh, Scotland [April]

Traveled to Edinburgh to speak at the Whisky Web Conference, Great fun!

I'm in Scotland. And yes, of course I ate Haggis last night.

Morning rainbow over Edinburgh

What working remotely is like

[All pictures from Edinburgh in April]

San Francisco & Google I/O, USA [May]

I wrote more extensively about this trip in Tidbits from my trip to San Francisco and Bogotá, Colombia

Dinner with Mozilla, Google, Opera and Microsoft in the shape of Bruce Lawson, Rey Bango, Sam Dutton, Ali Spivak, me + Adam DuVander and more!

Surreal party at Google I/O with Billy Idol playing:

[All pictures from San Francisco & Google I/O in May]

Bogotá, Colombia [May]

I wrote a lot more detailed about this trip in Tidbits from my trip to San Francisco and Bogotá, Colombia

My life. It’s currently about 7 in the morning local time in Miami, where I’m sitting with my manager Mark Coggins waiting our next flight to Bogotá, Colombia. One day ago I was in San Francisco watching Billy Idol and Steve Aoki playing at a Google Party.

We’ve flown five hours overnight, and the two people sitting next to me got into a fight twice over encroaching each other’s space – once during take-off… Naturally the Swede tried to mediate the situation. The result was of course that the guy sitting in the middle got our shared armrest and some of my space…

I managed to get some sleep in a weird position and now my body hurts everywhere. After we had landed I got to see a new first: someone flossing in the restroom. The high life of a traveler…

We’re now in a lounge, which was nice to have access to, but the “coffee” being offered looked like a horse had had diarrhea, so I managed to find a Cuban restaurant where they only spoke Spanish, where I could get a proper espresso.

Our current discussion is about Colombia, our assigned bodyguards and the sort of surreal lives we lead. That’s my life.

[All pictures from Bogotá in May]

Oslo, Norway [May]

Gave a presentation today at the Web Rebels conference about life choices, how to approach challenges and opportunities and how to move forward in life.

No code, no programming. Great fun and very liberating!

It was filmed: What are you going to do with your life? by Robert Nyman

[All pictures from Oslo in May]

Jurmala, Latvia [June]

A few days vacation over Midsummer, with some nice beach weather and swimming.

[All pictures from Jurmala in June]

Madrid, Spain [July]

After having worked with it for a few years, it was a fantastic experience to be there for the first Firefox OS launch in the world!

I wrote a long story about the history and my takes in The launch of Firefox OS – my thoughts and some history.

Conference lunch in Madrid - dipping churros in chocolate!

Just gave a presentation in Madrid about Firefox OS. Had a great time and quite enjoyed it! This is some of the feedback - I think I did well!

"@robertnyman congrats, one of the best styles i've seen on stage

Love @robertnyman's humor sense. Great speaker. #spainjs #mozilla

Listening to @robertnyman speak always reminds me how awesome mozilla is (with good humour to boot) #spainjs

FirefoxOS is now my preferred platform for mobile apps dev.Love the idea of improving the world. Thanks @robertnyman.

@robertnyman rocks as presenter #spainjs

It was a terrific talk indeed, best one for now imho. Congrats @robertnyman!

I think i should buy a firefox os phone and after listening @robertnyman talk"

[All pictures from the Firefox OS release in Madrid in July]

[All pictures from Madrid in July]

Baška Voda, Croatia [July]

A vacation in Croatia, a country I've really started to love. Great nice people and beautiful surroundings!

Belive it or not, this picture was taken with a mobile phone, in action!

[All pictures from Baška Voda in July]

Gran Canaria, Spain [August]

Family vacation, and celebrating my oldest daughter's birthday by going on a dolphin safari, where we got to see tons of them and a turtle as well!

Toronto, Canada [August]

Quick work days as the beginning of a longer trip.

Night woes. I had a noisy fridge in my room, preventing me from sleeping, waking me up all the time. Eventually I decided that enough is enough.

I got out of bed to unplug it, but realized that the space between the cupboard it was standing on and the wall was to small to fit my arm. I really tried, but couldn't reach the outlet. And the cupboard was far too heavy and big to move further away from the wall.

Then I tried with a hanger, but at 2 in the morning, really drowsy, I quickly came to the conclusion that playing with a metal hanger around an outlet probably wasn't a good idea.

After a while, I managed to see there was a small hole in the cupboard, where the cable went from the fridge out to the outlet. Success!, I thought and managed to squeeze in my arm, reach the cord, and gently unplug it. However…

When I tried to pull my arm out again, I was stuck. Really stuck. By the elbow. I couldn't budge the fridge, I couldn't find a good angle to ease my arm out again. Like a trapped animal I tried to pull harder and harder, really hurting myself.

After calming down and trying to carefully asses the situation, I managed to achieve a successful combination between arm angle and pulling hard. I was free!

Liberated, with a very aching arm, I went to bed and feel asleep.

[All pictures from Toronto in August]

Porto Alegre, Brazil [August]

I wrote in much detail about what happened during this trip in BrazilJS conference and a very interesting night in Brazil - a really recommended read, with great pics and videos too!

At the BrazilJS conference, getting ready to speak to close to 1000 people later today. Slightly intimidating and very exciting at the same time!

[All pictures from Porto Alegre in August]

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [January]

Hello Copacabana!

Great day in Rio de Janeiro! Fábio and I went to the Sugarloaf Mountain, a most outstanding part! We took the cable car all the way to the top, watching all of Rio, Christ the Redeemer and the sun setting behind it.

I've been lucky to see many places in the world, but I have to say that the coastline here in Rio is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen!

[All pictures from Rio de Janeiro in August]

Bangalore, India [September]

Went to India for workshps and giving a keynote at the JSFoo conference. It also led me to expressing my feelings on travel in Why I travel.

[All pictures from Bangalore in September]

Aarhus, Denmark [September]

When I got into JavaScript a good number of years ago, Douglas Crockford was a huge inspiration to me. Then, in one of my first major talks - about JavaScript nonetheless! - he was in the audience. We made friends, he liked my talk (!) and we have met on and off during the years since.

Today I got to meet him again, and I have to be honest and say that it is a special feeling of accomplishment, when he seeks me out after his talk to sit down and talk about it, and a lot of other things.

[All pictures from Aarhus in September]

Lisbon, Portugal [October]

Arrived in Lisbon, Portugal. As a nice surprise, the conference organizers had an offer to speakers and attendees to go surfing in the Atlantic this afternoon! Of course I had to take them up on that, and together we were five brave souls: me, James from England, David and John from Ireland and Matthew from Slovakia, and we were helped by the excellent surf teacher Luis.

We had wetsuits and the water was about 20 centigrade - not cold at all, to be honest. It's been a LONG time since I surfed last, and it was such a great time doing it again! You do get a good beating by the water, but when you manage to stand up it's all worth it!

I was also reminded that when you surf and get thrown in the water a lot, you swallow a lot of air, since you hold it in. So on a regular basis you need to burp; I felt like I sounded like I was calling seals at times…

Checked into the hotel, where I got the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory room. Now time to go to a pre-conference party! That is, after a very long shower to get warm.

[All pictures from Lisbon in October]

Toronto, Canada [October]

Good day in Toronto with the Mozilla Summit, bringing together employees and community members from all over the world. Got to hang out with my dear friends Stuart Colville and Chris Mills, pose with a fantastic ice Firefox and see a… well, unparalleled… karaoke version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Wow! Last night Mozilla had organized for us to play an ice hockey game in the historical Maple Leaf Gardens here in Toronto, the venue for Toronto Maple Leafs between 1931 to 1999. About 22 years ago I came to Canada to play ice hockey for two weeks, playing games against a number of local teams.

What was special back then was that I got to go and see a NHL game in the Maple Leaf Gardens. So to come back now and be able to play a game myself on that ice was a fantastic moment! I used to play ice hockey for about ten years when I was young but I have only skated a handful times since I was 18.

Skating came back to me fast, though, but I'd say that the puck handling wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. Also managed to get a hard tackle/hit, so I'm a bit sore today, but it was great fun!

Great day yesterday in Toronto with fantastic friends! We went on a full-day excursion of the city, naturally including a visit to the CN Tower (which was the highest in the world for 34 years!).

[All pictures from Toronto in October]

San Francisco, USA [October]

Guess who spoke just next-doors to the Apple keynote this morning?

Great evening after the last day of the HTML5DevConf in San Francisco. Hanging out with really nice, down to earth and inspiring people - the best kind!

Wonderful time at the Mozilla office in San Francisco with the fantastic Shezmeen Prasad and Luciana Viana! Bubbles and oysters for lunch!

Then the mandatory picture from the Mozilla patio overlooking the Bay Bridge, Halloween feel at the office and some nice cars.

[All pictures from San Francisco in October]

Guadalajara, Mexico [October]

Nice day yesterday here in Guadalajara, Mexico, being guided through the city by Jorge and Paulina! Eating local food, getting the authentic Mexican experience! Some things spicy, some interesting beer mixes and lots more!

Happy to have done a great Firefox OS workshop yesterday in Guadalajara, Mexico!

Then we went out with the attendees and organizers in the evening, having a good time and the necessary tequila when in Mexico (only one for me, thank you).

The evening also included recreating the Evolution of Man chart and ending up in prison…

Also got the chance to have my Walter White/Breaking Bad moment!

[All pictures from Guadalajara in October]

Mexico City, Mexico [October]

Being a massive fan of pyramids, one of the places I've wanted to visit is the Teotihuacan area in Mexico City. Thanks to Miriam Leon and Jorge Diaz I finally got to do that yesterday!

They were kind enough to spend their entire day taking me there, and patient enough to watch me climb a lot of pyramids - I do like climbing stuff. Walking down the Avenue of the Dead, and got to get up on top of the Pyramid of the Sun and as far as was possible on Pyramid of the Moon.

I did, however, have an experience I've never had before…

Jorge and I walked for about an hour to a massive local market, packed with people. I was the only non-Mexican for miles, and not sure I'd gone there on my own. Then he looked up this medicinal place where I was to get a "Limpia" - a "spiritual cleansing, used to cleanse the body, mind and soul of negativity".

When they do that, the person performing it and the one being cleansed have to be alone in the room, so I walked up these VERY small stairs into a back room, where I was alone with a guy speaking only Spanish (and while I love speaking Spanish, my level leaves a bit to desire). I can confess that I was just slightly worried…

Then he used raw eggs and some what I believe to be small branches with leaves from a tree to cleanse me, mumbling words and trying to explaining things to me (suffice to say, I didn't understand).

Afterwards, he let Jorge in and explained his impressions of me. It was an interesting conversation about dealing with things that I have on my mind, envy in the world, me always getting up again when I'm down and more.

Got a new job in Mexico.

[All pictures from Mexico City in October]

Boulder, USA [December]

Mozilla Developer Engagement Leads work week in Boulder, Colorado. Discussing goals for next year, possibilities, metrics, defending the Open Web.

After a long day of meetings yesterday, I blame/thank Luke Crouch for taking us to the local Avery Brewery here in Boulder, Colorado. We had a few tasters and some of them were really good!

The 16% Mephistopheles Stout, though, was good but at the same time almost like drinking tar.

Went on a lovely hike today in the Rocky Mountains, just outside of Boulder, Colorado. It was -7 Celsius, so quite a refreshing walk.

It took me to the Settlers Park and the Red Rocks Trail, where people came in the 1850s, looking for gold. I also saw a lot of squirrels and one woodpecker, but none of them were unfortunately interested nor kind enough to pose for a few pictures.

Boulder is a nice little town with about 80,000 people, and it has a few historical buildings and places to look at as well.

Luckily I got upgraded (again) on the Denver to London flight - an early Christmas present from British Airways, I guess - so I could lie down and have a proper sleep.

Also, the lobster starter was excellent!

[All pictures from Boulder in December]

Thank you!

My biggest gratitude and thank you to all the amazing people I met in 2014, the great times we had and the experiences we shared! Here's to a fantastic 2014!

Why I travel

After I week in India I've been reminded why I travel around, meet people and give presentations. I see this amazing opportunity as a blessing, a unique chance to go out there and try to share and help people. DSCN0061 I have no false assumptions that I know so much, but I do love talking to and meeting people. I am a happy and social being. And if I in any way can share my knowledge and experiences with people, and me taking the time for them and listening will in any way help, I have to do that. DSCN0167 I've found my way to use my ambition to help out and genuinely care about people, and turn that into something constructive; something that's appreciated. And I am immensely grateful for the little positive difference I can make in peoples' lives. Thank you for being there, and thank you for all that I learn from you.

BrazilJS conference and a very interesting night in Brazil

I'm currently in Porto Alege in South Brazil, to speak at the BrazilJS conference. It's an excellent event, and speaking in a cinema to almost 1000 persons is very inspiring! The conference organizers put together a great video of the first day of the conference, to give you a feeling of what it was like: And then came last night. Wow… After the conference, all of the speakers and a good number of the conference attendees were taken to a barbecue place, abundant with meat. All good! However… On stage there were local dancers performing, and a number of the male people - gaúchos, if you will - did fast dancing but also a trick with metal balls/weights spinning on a line. The main performer would best be described as Mel Gibson on crack. My "friend" Fábio convinced them to take me up on stage, blindfold me and spin this wire with the balls around me. For each time it spun around it was so close it was touching my beard, almost getting tangled. At one point it got so close it knocked the blindfold right off my head! Then the performer moved on to putting a cigarette in my mouth, knocking piece by piece off it. Eventually there was only a small piece left, and he instructed me to pout with my lips, while he also blindfolded himself as well. He spun, I heard it getting closer and closer, and finally it knocked the cigarette stump out of my mouth. According to people watching, it looked terrifying as hell. For me, initially when you realized how close it was, it was a bit intimidating but it wasn't that bad once I got used to it. I actually had full trust in the performer (I had too, right?). It was more about not understanding what they were saying, only speaking a few words of English, that was more worrying. You know, not knowing what was going to happen. Once I got off the stage, though, that's when my pulse went up. When I realized what had been going on, and when I saw the pictures and videos of it. It's an interesting human way of handling things - once you're in it, you're so focused on getting through it. It's not till afterwards when you start reflecting that it really hits you. A friend in the audience also said she was afraid I'd be upset with the performer and the risk, and to stand my ground and refuse. I explained that, being Swedish, that wouldn't be my approach. The Swedish way would rather be:
Sorry my face hit your metal ball
All in all, though, it was a great new experience and memory! Thanks to Leonardo Balter for the video and Josh Holmes for the great pictures. And "thanks" to Fabio for making it happen. Updated: Here's a full video of the last part of the show, shot by Giovanni Keppelen Dos Santos:

Tidbits from my trip to San Francisco and Bogotá, Colombia

Recently I was traveling to San Francisco and Bogotá, Colombia, and I wrote frequent updates on Facebook. It seemed to be appreciated, so I'd like to share it in a collected form here.

San Francisco

Arriving at the hotel and first dinner

Just checked in to the hotel. Brings a tear to my eye when they can match my personal taste so well!

My hotel wardrobe - San Francisco & Google I/O, May 2013

Dinner, with build your own desert, i.e. picking all the ingredients - olive oil, nuts, salt etc:

Build your own desert - pick the ingredients - San Francisco & Google I/O, May 2013

Build your own desert - pick the ingredients - San Francisco & Google I/O, May 2013

Work, dinner and Google I/O

Working from the Mozilla patio at our San Francisco office

View from the Mozilla office - San Francisco & Google I/O, May 2013

Dinner with Mozilla, Google, Opera and Microsoft in the shape of Bruce Lawson, Rey Bango, Sam Dutton, Ali Spivak, me + Adam DuVander and more!

Dinner with Google, Opera, Microsoft and lots of other nice people - San Francisco & Google I/O, May 2013

Dinner with Google, Opera, Microsoft and lots of other nice people - San Francisco & Google I/O, May 2013

Surreal party at Google I/O with Billy Idol playing:

Billy Idol, Google I/O party - San Francisco & Google I/O, May 2013

Billy Idol, Google I/O party - San Francisco & Google I/O, May 2013

Videos & pictures from Billy Idol playing at the Google I/O party in San Francisco.

Hotel gym: Workout? S/M hangout? Neither? Both?

San Francisco & Google I/O, May 2013

Traveling to Colombia

My life. It's currently about 7 in the morning local time in Miami, where I'm sitting with my manager Mark Coggins waiting our next flight to Bogotá, Colombia. One day ago I was in San Francisco watching Billy Idol and Steve Aoki playing at a Google Party.

We've flown five hours overnight, and the two people sitting next to me got into a fight twice over encroaching each other's space - once during take-off… Naturally the Swede tried to mediate the situation. The result was of course that the guy sitting in the middle got our shared armrest and some of my space…

I managed to get some sleep in a weird position and now my body hurts everywhere. After we had landed I got to see a new first: someone flossing in the restroom. The high life of a traveler…

We're now in a lounge, which was nice to have access to, but the "coffee" being offered looked like a horse had had diarrhea, so I managed to find a Cuban restaurant where they only spoke Spanish, where I could get a proper espresso.

Our current discussion is about Colombia, our assigned bodyguards and the sort of surreal lives we lead. That's my life.

Miami airport - Bogotá, Colombia, May 2013

First day in Colombia

Spent the first day in Bogotá, Colombia. Entering the country went well and easy, and we met up with your security people/bodyguards, so we now have three dedicated guards taking us in a van everywhere. Feels a bit awkward, but their leader is fun and easy to talk to.

Bogotá is surrounded by mountains, and it's very pretty. Most local people only speak Spanish, and while the few Spanish words I can muster entertains them for a little while, I can't actually communicate as much as I want to.

This afternoon we had a nice lunch trying some local dishes and then went to the venue to set up for tomorrow's Firefox OS workshop. Back to the hotel (in our van that somewhat looks like the Mystery Van in Scooby Doo), work, going over the agenda for tomorrow etc.

Dinner, and then I went to the spa part of the hotel (which is very nice) and spent a long time in the jacuzzi - felt SO good finally being warm after having spent the entire night on air planes.

Bogotá, Colombia, May 2013

Back late at the hotel

I'm in Bogotá, Colombia, and it's a bit after midnight. Had a full day of workshop, then dinner with everyone. Coming back to discover that the hotel has decided to have a party tonight - on the floor just above mine.

They are playing fucking Macarena and the walls are shaking… The elevators are filled with glitter.

Only have a few hours to sleep before I need to get up tomorrow. Walked down to the reception and negotiated to get another room.

Now I'm in a suite with two massive rooms, one bar and two bathrooms. The ironic thing is that I got asked earlier tonight which has been the fanciest room/hotel I've had, and I believe this is one of the biggest ones so far.

Going up Monserrate

Got up early this morning to get the chance to visit Monserrate, a 3152 meters high mountain in Bogotá, with a church on top of it. We got to the bottom of the mountain after some windy roads - at one time in a sharp curve, the driver let go of the steering wheel to hold on to the window ledge instead…

There were two options of going up: cable car and funicular. The group jointly decided to go for the cable car, although at first sight it seemed quite steep. Going up we had an impressive view over the city and there was a huge beautiful rainbow.

Rainbow - Monserrate - Bogotá, Colombia, May 2013

We walked around up there, followed the path of Christ, visited the and went through a small market. The nice thing is that I was the only person out of a lot of people up there who had really white skin - they must've thought I was an albino, or something.

We also had a cup of coca leaf tea - good for medicinal purposes, they told us…

Monserrate - Bogotá, Colombia, May 2013

It rained a bit, but later it cleared up and we got a beautiful view of the city! Really happy I sacrificed sleep to go there!

Then we took the funicular down, and went to the airport, where I'm now sitting and waiting for my flights home: first to Miami, then to London and then Stockholm.

Lama - Bogotá, Colombia, May 2013

I've had a great trip this last week with fantastic people, but now I'm really looking forward to coming home to my loved ones.

Flying home

Arrived in Miami. On my flight from Bogota here, I had a new experience: I sat next to a woman who had a dog with her on the plane. It was wearing a small red west reading "service dog". Not sure what kind of help - at least it wasn't a guide dog. It smelled dog a bit on the plane, but not too much. The dog behaved well overall, although it tried to run away a few times and had one occasion of "the barking". Its master was also very friendly, so all good. Dog on a plane - Bogotá, Colombia, May 2013 Even though I'm only connecting in Miami on my way to London, I still had to go through US customs and get my bag, to enter the US, then leave the bag and go to my next flight… However, that wait pain went away when I saw a small boy and his mother on one of those small cars that drive people through the airport. He was smiling and pretending he was driving it. Now time to board the next flight. Have a good night/day, wherever you are.

All pictures and videos

All the pictures and videos can be found on Flickr:


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Personal background

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Moscow, Russia, May 2012

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Visa process

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Customs differences

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All-in-all very different to all my visits to the US, with hours in line, cheap CLOMID, then getting semi-naked and radiation scanned… :-)

(yes, Where can i find CLOMID online, I know many things play in - mostly in here for comic effect)


The conference was a one-day, one-track affair with 300 attendees, with about half from Moscow and half from far away places in Russia (such as Novosibirsk, canada, mexico, india, in Siberia!) and also many from Ukraine. Discount CLOMID, There were four international speakers at location, and two over a live stream. BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION, They also had three local speakers.

The venue was a good one, CLOMID use, Digital October, CLOMID steet value, where President Dmitry Medvedev held some press conferences as well. Technically everything seemed to work well, and the slides were projected on multiple plasma screens on both sides of the stage, where to buy CLOMID.

There were a few talks before mine, CLOMID duration, I was the last talk before lunch (at 15.00!). Seeing the feedback the other speakers got on Twitter following the #toster_ru hash tag, it was vicious, CLOMID long term. We had heard that Russians can often try and ask very hard questions, but in this case it all went to Twitter instead, BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION. There were a good amount of comments about how boring they found some talks, CLOMID blogs, "write more, do less" about the code examples, saying they should ask for refunds etc, CLOMID no rx.

They all tweeted in Russian, Buy no prescription CLOMID online, of course, but Google Translate was a good help and I replied to a couple just to show that we actually read what they said (which you should, as a good speaker), no prescription CLOMID online. So, CLOMID no prescription, with this perceived hostility, I was a bit worried about going up on stage. Also, doses CLOMID work, fellow speaker Phil Hawksworth just tweeted before I went on stage:

However, I'm happy to say, I pulled through. Generic CLOMID, Just lots of good feedback on Twitter and I believe/hope they learned something!. The reactions were really good, and some of the tweets said:

"@robertnyman you were truly inspiring, low dose CLOMID. Thank you so much!!. CLOMID without a prescription, #toster_ru"

"you've got it. awesome presentation, BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION. #toster_ru"

"@robertnyman is a great showman. Used to be so :)"

"thanks for a great presentation, purchase CLOMID online no prescription. I'm in Stockholm watching your presentation in Moscow :)"

"Really came alive evangelist from Mozilla # toster_ru"

"like this should be conducted presentations and captivate the audience # toster_ru"

"speaker from Mozilla really cool as a speaker :)"

"Well, anyway, and the report of Robert Nieman until the best of all. # toster_ru"

"Nyman good. damn good"

BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION, Well, there was one single not-good tweet. It said something in line with: "do not like for some reason". I reached out to him and asked what he didn't like, so I could learn and improve. Then he said that there was nothing wrong with me or my talk, but rather just that he had his own vision and didn't need someone else's. Fair enough. :-)

My slides are available on SlideShare, BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION. I also demoed a Boot to Gecko phone to a number of people and they were quite excited about it.

After party, and culture

The after party, in the same venue as the conference, had a bar and lots of tables with people making moonshine. It basically looked like a chemistry lab in there, with bubble, vessels, tubes and lots of things going on. So, while I seldom drink, it was pretty interesting from a scientific perspective. BUY CLOMID NO PRESCRIPTION, :-)

It was all ok, though, for people not drinking. I met a Russian who didn't drink at all, and I believe there were more than him.

During the evening, the attendees were so happy for having international speakers there and the talks they liked - many told me in person that they really liked my talk, which made me happy. :-)

I and the other speakers were posing for tons of pictures with different people, signing autographs and such. It's just small things that happen, but what I believe it comes down to is the attendees showing their appreciation that we took the time to visit their region and talk to them. Something that's vastly important and should never be underestimated.

Additionally, I also got an invitation to speak in Novosibirsk, Siberia, next year. We'll see about it, but they did say there would be 2 000 attendees to reach out to. :-).



BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, The last 12 days of April, I was part of doing a MDN Tour of Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile and also attending the MozCamp in Argentina.


There's going to be a lot of text below - and I'd love for you to read it. - but if you want the pretty pictures, they're available at:

MDN Hack Day, Order LEVITRA online c.o.d, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We had a little over 150 attendees showing up, and gave presentations on:

  • Dev tools (Kevin Dangoor)

  • Persona (Dan Mills)

  • Web Apps/Privacy (Shane Caraveo)

  • Add-ons SDK (I believe Hernan Colmeiro, community member, gave the talk, LEVITRA reviews, supported by Jorge Villalobos)

  • A talk by Telefonica/BlueVia who were sponsoring our tour

  • Philipp von Weitershausen also gave a quick demo of Boot to Gecko

  • JavaScript APIs - The web is the platform (Robert Nyman)

After having been on a plane all night, I arrived at the hotel, took a shower and got up on stage to give my presentation (which might also explain if my recollection of the speakers above isn't a 100% correct). Is LEVITRA safe, It went down well, and the crowd seemed to be very focused and interested in all the talks and what was going on. After lunch the afternoon was dedicated to hacking away on whatever people were interested in, and I noticed Jorge was hosting a big group directly on Add-ons.

The other crowd bringer was the Boot to Gecko part where I and Philip demoed B2G phones and showed how they could hack around with things, and we were later helped in an excellent manner by John Hammink (working with QA for mobile), BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. People stuck around for a good time after the event was actually finished and were really dedicated, where can i buy cheapest LEVITRA online, so that made me really happy.

Overall, a very successful event and a great start to our tour. LEVITRA gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, In the evening there was a pre-party before the MozCamp event, and poor Jeff Beatty (who looks more Swedish than I do) were walking through the streets of Buenos Aires in the Firefox costume, greeting people and children alike. After 8 blocks or so, finally at the venue, where can i cheapest LEVITRA online, he was drenched with sweat.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

That evening ended with a special moment for me, having a revelation about what I spend my time doing: Why I Do What I Do.

MozCamp, Buenos Aires, LEVITRA street price, Argentina

The good parts were hanging out with an awesome and excited community, and the hallway talks and general mingling. The less good parts were, from what I heard from people, not any proper food to eat during the event, buy cheap LEVITRA, just small snacks/dishes. Personally I think they were tasty, but I see their concern. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, WiFi access was also really bad.

I have to say, though, that the speaking itself at MozCamp for me was the low point of this tour, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. And the reason for that is that during my talk (my slides from MozCamp) there was about 20 people altogether (at least a third Mozilla employees), with maybe 4 of them actually looking at me - the rest of them were deeply entrenched with their laptops. And this wasn't just for my talk, this seemed to be the norm for all the talks in the technology track (I can't say for the other tracks), cheap LEVITRA no rx. The problem here is that while you have those 4 dedicated persons, the rest of them are, at best, Buy LEVITRA no prescription, listening with just one ear, only looking up at times.

Personally, I'm used to giving a lot of presentations, so having people less interested or occupied with other things is something you get used to; but if only a minority of the people actually pay attention to you, get LEVITRA, your presentation will not be as engaged and lively as it would be with people taking part. BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, And imagine people not used to giving talks (both Mozilla people as wells as community members): if this were to be their first speaking experience, I'm sure a majority of them would refrain from doing it again. And that's far from what we want.

For me, Ordering LEVITRA online, I think I could have used that time a lot better, and we've also had an internal e-mail discussion about this and Kevin Dangoor also blogged about it in The Two-Way Conference (MozCamp and more). Where I agree with Kevin is that a MozCamp with presentations is mostly just about preaching to the choir, people who are already onboard and share the same values. For future MozCamps, LEVITRA dose, I'd rather see short presentations or just open discussion forums where people can delve into the details of things.

Personal upside is that in my talk I showed how you could combine various APIs to create things, something that inspired Philipp von Weitershausen for how MMS might be implemented in Boot to Gecko, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. So, that's pretty cool. LEVITRA class, :-)

Another great event to build community and relations was that Gary Kovacs, Mozilla employees and community members met early Sunday morning to play football. Just looking at the smiles on peoples' faces and seeing which people spoke to each other who normally never would, it was a very successful event.

(Personally, LEVITRA from mexico, I probably shot my career to pieces when I did a tunnel on Gary, but hey, the moment was RIGHT there. BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, :-))

Playing football

Last day, Kevin Dangoor and I had a very nice walk around Buenos Aires, looking at Evita's grave and other things before it was time to leave. LEVITRA online cod, Buenos Aires, Argentina

MDN Hack Day, Montevideo, LEVITRA from canada, Uruguay

After a boat trip to Montevideo from Buenos Aires, we got settled in the very nice city. Went to the hotel gym and realized they had an entire running track inside the building. Cheap LEVITRA, Pretty cool. :-)
Had a decent sleep, and then me, Shane Caraveo and Victor Prasad had a good walk around Montevideo, and then later met up with Shezmeen Prasad and Dan Mills for lunch, LEVITRA class, followed by some sightseeing together.

Montevideo, Uruguay

The MDN event was held at Café la diaria, a local place with a lot of chairs, a bar and a small little stage with the slides projected directly on the wall - felt like a mix of old-school and stand-up, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. We had a lot of help from local company Cubox and Evan Henshaw-Plath, which I'm sure contributed to both good organization and high attendance level. Buy cheap LEVITRA, We had about 100 attendees, and the presentations were:

  • Persona (Dan Mills)

  • Web Apps (Shane Caraveo)

  • A talk by Telefonica/BlueVia who were sponsoring our tour

  • Responsive Web Design (Nicolas Barrer, local talent)

  • Social Change through the web (Fernando Briano, local talent)

  • JavaScript APIs - The web is the platform (Robert Nyman)

  • Lightning talks

The event went down really well, and from what I understood with the little Spanish I know, LEVITRA dangers, Nicolas Barrer gave a talk that was both entertaining and full of good information, which was really appreciated.

Overall, Generic LEVITRA, a really nice vibe in Uruguay and exciting talks with the developers there.

(pretty picture to ease the reading, if you have made it this far)

Montevideo, <b>LEVITRA cost</b>, Uruguay

MDN Hack Day, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Being Swedish, LEVITRA results, as opposed to my American friends on this tour, I didn't need a visa to go to Brazil. BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Therefore, the next leg of the tour, helpfully organized by local company Caelum, were to be a Mozilla one-man show from me giving two talks in Sao Paulo. But before that, Fábio Magnoni and Clauber Stipkovic met up with me and we had a nice lunch together. After that, LEVITRA dose, Fábio took me all around Sao Paulo and the number of places we crammed into seeing in one day was impressive. One of the highlights was going to the Estádio Municipal Paulo Machado de Carvalho and the football museum where we, amongst other things, LEVITRA canada, mexico, india, got to see the shirt Pelé wore when Brazil won the World Cup in 1970.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

The talks I gave at the event in the evening were:

In addition to that, local developer Gabriel Oliveira spoke about CSS3, and from what I could understand, LEVITRA treatment, he showed some really interesting things.
There were about 40+ attendees this very rainy night in Sao Paulo, and while there weren't many people, I was really happy to see the nods of approval in the audience during my talk, when I expressed Mozilla's values and approach to the web and moving forward, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. After my presentations, we stood around for a long time discussing the web, -webkit prefixes, H.264 support and more, after LEVITRA. People seemed to be understanding and pragmatic, and I believe there were some really talented people there.

It was also the first time I had to hush two people talking during my talk (it was a small room, Canada, mexico, india, so any noise bounced around). That's a hard thing to do for a Swede, but I think they understood where I was coming from and listened attentively during the rest of the talks. BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, :-)

Sao Paulo, Brazil

MDN Hack Day, Santiago, Chile

Meeting up with the team again in Chile, we spent Saturday with my local friends Rodrigo Ayala and his girlfriend Paulina, that I met first time during my last visit in November, speaking at the StarTechConf. Joining us wereHernán Rodríguez Colmeiro and Shane Caraveo, and later on Victor Prasad met up with us, LEVITRA reviews. It was a great day with lots of fun, where we got to eat lunch with lots of interesting local dishes at the El Rincon de Los Lanallas restaurant. We also walked up the small hill in the city named Cerro Santa Lucia, LEVITRA dosage, and had a great view from there.

Santiago, Chile

The evening event was held at a local university and there were maybe 50 people there, LEVITRA australia, uk, us, usa.

The talks were:

Good event, and the time and effort that had gone into preparing the lightning talks was impressive, BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION. I'd also like to say that Hernan gave a really good talk and interacted quite well with the local people. I'd love to see us work more with him, as an Evangelism Rep or employee of any kind. He used to be an intern for Mozilla, and I do hope we will move forward to some kind of future collaboration.

(And, well, Santiago has all kinds of people:)

Santiago, Chile


First of all, I'm so happy to see all team members and speakers I traveled and worked with during trip be so happy, dedicated and engaged all the time. BUY LEVITRA NO PRESCRIPTION, Except for the speakers mentioned above (Shane, Dan, Kevin), Shezmeen Prasad and Havi Hoffman worked so hard on organizing everything and making it happen.

This was the first MDN Tour approach that we tried - something I suggested a few months back to to utilize time and effort for maximum results - and I think it worked out quite well. When you are in a certain region, it makes so much more sense to travel around and do a few local events than spending the majority of our time on airports and planes just for 45-minute presentations and then go home again. It also meant that we didn't have to sit through days of conferences (which can be good at times, don't get me wrong), but instead having our own focused event to build relations and community. And we got better and better at our own presentations, dealing with common questions and getting new input from new places.

All in all, it was a great experience, and my biggest thanks to everyone who made it happen and to all those wonderful persons I met.



BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION, In a week from now, starting next Thursday, I and some Mozilla colleagues will embark on a MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) tour of South America. Online buying ACOMPLIA hcl, To be more specific, it will cover the South Cone, purchase ACOMPLIA online, Buy ACOMPLIA online cod, and within 8 days we will be visiting four countries:

  • Argentina

  • Uruguay

  • Brazil

  • Chile

I was in Chile in November last year, and I'm very happy to go back to a thriving region with lots if interesting things going on, ACOMPLIA brand name. Purchase ACOMPLIA for sale, We will be arranging MDN Hack Days/Evenings, and it will be free to attend, ACOMPLIA natural, Rx free ACOMPLIA, so if you are in the region, sign up now, get ACOMPLIA. ACOMPLIA recreational,

The Schedule

This is an outline of the events we will be organizing in the region, and all but the MozCamp in Buenos Aires (which is for invited contributors) is open for for everyone, ACOMPLIA long term. Doses ACOMPLIA work, Our speakers will vary a bit, but I will personally be in all four locations, ACOMPLIA mg.

April 20th

Time for the Buenos Aires MDN Hack Day, a full day of presentations and hacking away on the web, BUY ACOMPLIA NO PRESCRIPTION. ACOMPLIA blogs,

April 21st-22nd

MozCamp in Buenos Aires, with a lot of Mozillians talking about development and the community, purchase ACOMPLIA. Australia, uk, us, usa,

April 24th

Montevideo MDN Hack Day Developer Evening, talking about HTML5, ACOMPLIA wiki, ACOMPLIA forum, Boot to Gecko, Apps and Mozilla Persona, where can i cheapest ACOMPLIA online. ACOMPLIA no prescription,

April 26th

São Paulo MDN Hack Day Developer Evening, where I will be talking about HTML5 in general and about a number of exciting JavaScript APIs, buy ACOMPLIA no prescription. Effects of ACOMPLIA,

April 28th

Santiago MDN Hack Day Developer Evening, covering HTML5, real brand ACOMPLIA online, ACOMPLIA images, Boot to Gecko, Apps and Mozilla Persona, ACOMPLIA over the counter. Ordering ACOMPLIA online,


I've only been to Chile in South America before, two times (including Easter Island), ACOMPLIA alternatives, Where can i buy ACOMPLIA online, but am really excited to meet lots of great people and seeing interesting places in south South America. Is ACOMPLIA safe. What is ACOMPLIA. Low dose ACOMPLIA. Buy generic ACOMPLIA. ACOMPLIA schedule. ACOMPLIA no rx. ACOMPLIA steet value. Herbal ACOMPLIA.



PETCAM FOR SALE, The end of a year. There's so much to say and look back on, and at the same time I am already certain that I will temporarily forgot some of the amazing things that happened to me this year. For it was indeed a fantastic year.


One thing I do know, though, buy PETCAM without a prescription, is that I will only namedrop sparingly, since I've meet an abundance of fantastic and outstanding persons this year, and there is simply not room nor time to go through all of them. Suffice to say, Online buying PETCAM, this year has without a doubt been the year when I've met the biggest number of terrific individuals, and I hope you know who you are and how happy I am that I met you.

A new job

In March this year it was finally decided and happening - I joined Mozilla as a Technical Evangelist, PETCAM FOR SALE. Lots of new changes with working for something you truly believe in - a non-profit organization dedicated to keep the web open and free. It is naturally also a big change working full time from home (or, well, wherever I am at the moment), buy cheap PETCAM, and quite liberating to work from literally anywhere as long as I have a laptop with me (and honestly, after having the new MacBook Air, I don't think I'll ever go back to a big bulky laptop again).

Someone special

For a good part of this year, PETCAM wiki, I have been together with someone very special and I am really happy to have met a person who means a lot to me. She is smart, beautiful, funny, spontaneous and just an amazing being. PETCAM FOR SALE, She is indeed one of a kind and I look forward to a continued great future together.

(I'm letting her be a bit incognito for now :-))

Travel and speaking

This year was packed with a lot of travel, online buy PETCAM without a prescription, speaking engagements in four continents and a whopping 178,541 km covered during 95 days on the road. I'd like to briefly go through my journeys this year below. And, PETCAM no prescription, if you like pictures, below each destination there is a link to all photos from that trip, so don't miss it.

All the slides and videos from my talks are available on Lanyrd.

Brussels, Belgium [February]

I went to Brussels to give a joint talk with Christian Heilmann about HTML5 at FOSDEM, and we spoke to a completely packed room, PETCAM FOR SALE.

Packed House

Mountain View, PETCAM over the counter, USA [February]

A very intense trip to California, with arriving in the evening, followed by a full day of interviews for trying to get the position at Mozilla, and then travel home again the next day. Buy PETCAM no prescription, It's a long trip, but in hindsight it was definitely worth it. :-)

Montreal, Canada [March]

I was speaking at the ConFoo conference, and the trip included some interesting meals and sightseeing. Plus, PETCAM recreational, of course, a dip in the outside rooftop pool at the hotel, surrounded by snow.

Hotel rooftop pool - Montreal, Canada and the ConFoo conference

I also got to know Jordi Boggiano here, and later on this year we also met in Italy and Switzerland.

[All pictures from Montreal in March]

Las Vegas, PETCAM description, USA [April]

Microsoft invited me to take part of their MIX conference, and it was an extraordinary trip in so many aspects. Given the normal stance I get from web developers and the community, it was interesting, to say the least, to be at an event where the majority liked Microsoft and rooted for Internet Explorer…

It was also my first time in Vegas, PETCAM dosage, and I complemented it with visits both to Hoover Dam (courtesy of Mike Taylor of Opera who drove me there) and visiting Grand Canyon, and also flying in it in a helicopter.

Las Vegas sign - Las Vegas, April 2011

[All pictures from Las Vegas in April]

Vaasa, Finland [April]

Ok, I'll be honest. No offense to Vaasa, but after a week in Vegas, buying PETCAM online over the counter, it's hard to compete. I did have a good time, though (I always do :-)) and the OpenKvarken conference was an interesting place to speak at, PETCAM FOR SALE. Also, having discussions with people like Monty Widenius (of MySQL fame) and Martin Storsjö of Bambuser is always a good thing.

Vaasa, Finland April 2011 - OpenKvarken Conference

[All pictures from Vaasa in April]

Verona, Italy [May]

Ah, Verona. Supposedly the home to Romeo and Juliet, buy PETCAM online cod, something that the town had built upon immensely. A nice Italian town and the jsDay conference was a good place to be speaking at. PETCAM FOR SALE, First time actually meeting Patrick H. Lauke, of Opera, PETCAM forum, in person, which I'm quite glad for.

Verona and jsDay, Italy

[All pictures from Verona in May]

London, PETCAM natural, United Kingdom [May]

Managed to find some time to visit my brother in London, and we squeezed in seeing Eric Clapton play at Royal Albert Hall and some good stand up at Comedy Store. Also happy to meet friends like Jake Archibald and his elusive girlfriend, Stuart Colville, Order PETCAM from United States pharmacy, Frances Berriman and more.

Robert Nyman - London, May 2011

[All pictures from London in May]

Paris, France [June]

Between my old job and starting at Mozilla, PETCAM images, I had a few weeks off and was quite happy to take my daughters to Disneyland Paris. It was a success, for all three of us, and it was an intense and joyous week, PETCAM FOR SALE.

London, United Kingdom [July]

Time to speak at the AJAX User Group and also get to meets tons of friends in, and around, PETCAM pictures, London. Good times.

Dylan Schiemann, <b>online buying PETCAM hcl</b>, Robert Nyman, Christian Heilmann - London Ajax Mobile Event

[All pictures from London in July]

New York City, USA [July]

I was quite happy to land this gig. Speaking for the GothamJS conference on stage on Broadway in New York City. PETCAM FOR SALE, Pretty cool. PETCAM mg, In 2000, I had a stint in New York and I hadn't been back since. So, given September 11 and everything else that have happened during the last eleven years, I was extatic to be back, and it is a city I truly love, PETCAM reviews.

View from Empire State Building - New York City, July 2011

[All pictures from New York City in July]

San Jose, PETCAM blogs, USA [July]

Immediately following the New York City visit we had a Mozilla work week in San Jose. First one for me, having been employed for about two weeks, and we had a very nice off-site meetup and get together.

Robert Nyman - Mozilla Work Week in San Jose and Mountain View

[All pictures from San Jose in July]

Zurich, Switzerland [September]

In the fall of 2010, while at a conference in Poland, I told Markus Leutwyler that he should organize something in Zurich, PETCAM FOR SALE. A little less then a year later he pulled it off, and I was happy to be asked to speak at the FrontEnd conference there, where can i buy cheapest PETCAM online. As I often do, I also managed to get some good sightseeing with some friends, which had us ending up outside the city in a moment that was like a mix of Deliverance and Blair Witch Project…

Zurich trip & Frontend Conference

[All pictures from Zurich in September]

San Jose, PETCAM brand name, USA [September]

Time for my first Mozilla All Hands, where all the employees meet up at the same location and have a week filled with talks, discussion and collaboration. I was impressed to see the professionalism from the leading people in Mozilla, and as a JavaScript developer, of course it's mighty cool to have Brendan Eich as your CTO and David Flanagan aboard, PETCAM no rx. Every evening was also filled with exciting events.

Human Fussball - Mozilla All Hands, San Jose, September 2011

On the way home to Sweden, I had a layover in London for a few hours, so me and my brother managed to squeeze in a visit to Jimi Hendrix apartment since that specific day was Open House Day in London.

[All pictures from San Jose in September]

Los Angeles, USA [October]

After MIX in Las Vegas in April, Adobe MAX was my second massive conference this year. Buy generic PETCAM, And man, I have to say, Adobe sure can put together a conference, and the outdoor party in downtown Los Angeles was amazing. Cirque du Soleil performance, Weezer doing a gig and much more, where can i buy PETCAM online. It was also my first time in LA, so I had a day packed with sightseeing.

Hollywood Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard - Los Angeles

On top of that, I managed to walk right into the shoot of the next Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, PETCAM FOR SALE.

[All pictures from Los Angeles in October]

Amsterdam, Netherlands [October]

Flying in directly overnight from LA, Rx free PETCAM, I got to Amsterdam the first morning of the Fronteers conference. Amsterdam is a place where I have lots of really good friends, and it almost becomes sort of an overload being there - it's so intense.

The bald guys - Amsterdam & Fronteers Conference 2011

[All pictures from Amsterdam in October]

Paris, France [October]

Believe it or not, taking PETCAM, this was the first time I was actually in Paris - I've only been outside the city before. I went there to speak at Paris Web which I quite liked. PETCAM FOR SALE, Giving a presentation that is live translated with both sign language and into French text on a screen is pretty fun. I also got to do all the touristy stuff as well - Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Buy cheap PETCAM no rx, Musée du Louvre and Mona Lisa and more - by staying over the weekend.

Eiffel Tower - Paris

[All pictures from Paris in October]

Johannesburg, South Africa [October]

First time in Africa, and why not start by going all the way down to South Africa. I spoke at the Tech4Africa conference, PETCAM cost, which was a great mix of varying speakers and attendees. The conference organizers also graciously offered all the speakers a three day safari in a game reserve seeing all the amazing animals and surrounds they have, and it was out of this world. Lions, elephants, rhinos, hippos, crocodile, giraffes, ostriches and so much more, PETCAM FOR SALE.

Pilanesberg Game Reserve, South Africa

[All pictures from South Africa in October]

Santiago, Chile [November]

I flew directly from South Africa to Chile, via Brazil, to speak at the StarTechConference, comprar en línea PETCAM, comprar PETCAM baratos. After the high in South Africa I just wanted to stay there, but my visit in Chile turned out to be quite amazing as well. The different thing in Chile was that us international speakers were treated like rock stars, posing for pictures all the time, signing autographs etc. Slightly awkward when you know that you are just a normal person, but, I have to admit, quite entertaining too. PETCAM FOR SALE, :-)

StarTechConference, Santiago, Chile

[All pictures from Santiago in November]

Berlin, Germany [November]

I got three days at home after Chile, and then on to Berlin and MozCamp Europe. My last travel this year, and while it's great fun, I also felt how worn out I was and that I just needed to be home for a while. However, the most excellent company made this into yet another fantastic time.

MozCamp Europe, Berlin

[All pictures from Berlin in November]

Summing up the year

All in all, this year has been tremendous. Overall I've gotten to experience so much, meet so many people, see so many places and also grow as a person. I'm finally finding out who I really am, what I want and what I don't want, and ultimately, what I want my life to be like. And that, my friends, is a genuinely wonderful feeling.

Happy New Year, and may all your paths be fantastic.

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the London Ajax Mobile Event ANTABUSE FOR SALE, in, surprisingly, London.

I really enjoyed being both in London - always liked the city and the UK people - but also speaking at an event with more mobile focus and learning both about mobile developer's needs and thoughts, ANTABUSE pics. Buying ANTABUSE online over the counter, My presentation was about possibilities that HTML5 and CSS3 are giving us, especially with all the devices we have out there, ANTABUSE results, ANTABUSE steet value, and I believe it's about empowering developers in all the tasks they need to day to day.

One thing I also learned is that you never know the knowledge and background of your audience, ANTABUSE reviews, Kjøpe ANTABUSE på nett, köpa ANTABUSE online, so never take anything for granted and skip it. Talking about CSS3 and mobile, what is ANTABUSE, ANTABUSE no rx, naturally I had to cover CSS Media Queries, but was afraid I would bore them with something they already knew, buy ANTABUSE from canada. ANTABUSE description, However, as it turns out, ordering ANTABUSE online, ANTABUSE without prescription, afterwards at the dinner/party the people spoke to me most about happy to be learning was just that and the options they offer.

Here are my slides:

Also available for download at Slideshare, ANTABUSE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Herbal ANTABUSE, Thanks for everyone coming, making it a great event, fast shipping ANTABUSE. Doses ANTABUSE work, Now I'm off to enjoy London and meet as many of my friends here as possible before I go back home tomorrow again. ANTABUSE forum. ANTABUSE brand name. Order ANTABUSE no prescription. ANTABUSE class. Order ANTABUSE from mexican pharmacy. Online buying ANTABUSE. ANTABUSE street price. Where can i buy cheapest ANTABUSE online. Where can i order ANTABUSE without prescription. Buy ANTABUSE from mexico. ANTABUSE price. Buy ANTABUSE without prescription. Order ANTABUSE from United States pharmacy. ANTABUSE dosage. ANTABUSE natural. Buy cheap ANTABUSE. ANTABUSE no prescription. ANTABUSE samples. ANTABUSE dose.

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ERYTHROMYCIN FOR SALE, For the rest of 2011, I have a lot of intriguing countries/places to visit with exciting conferences to speak at, so I wanted to list them here. And who knows, ERYTHROMYCIN over the counter, ERYTHROMYCIN pharmacy, maybe you will be attending any of those and we can get the chance to meet there.

Going to new places

There are a lot of really great places I will be going to, get ERYTHROMYCIN, Online ERYTHROMYCIN without a prescription, but one that stands out just a little more is South Africa, where I'm going at the end of October, taking ERYTHROMYCIN. Buy ERYTHROMYCIN online cod, I've traveled a lot in life, but for some reason I've never made it to the African continent, buy generic ERYTHROMYCIN, Buy ERYTHROMYCIN without a prescription, and is therefore extra happy to speak at TECH4AFRICA.

On top of that there are fantastic new places like Santiagio in Chile and Los Angeles, ERYTHROMYCIN wiki. ERYTHROMYCIN pictures, I will also have the chance to speak on a stage on Broadway in New York City in July for GothamJS, which is pretty cool, ERYTHROMYCIN price, coupon. ERYTHROMYCIN interactions, :-)

My upcoming 2011 conferences

Here's a list of my upcoming conferences in 2011. I believe there will be some more, ERYTHROMYCIN duration, ERYTHROMYCIN online cod, but these ones are confirmed at the time of writing this:

Say hello!

If you are attending any of these conferences, please don't hesitate to come up to me, ERYTHROMYCIN without a prescription, Is ERYTHROMYCIN safe, say hi and have a chat. :-), ERYTHROMYCIN trusted pharmacy reviews. Generic ERYTHROMYCIN. Effects of ERYTHROMYCIN. Order ERYTHROMYCIN online c.o.d. Where can i find ERYTHROMYCIN online. ERYTHROMYCIN reviews. ERYTHROMYCIN coupon.



CELEXA FOR SALE, The year is coming to an end, so what better time to take a nice cup of tea and go into nostalgic mode to write up a summary. CELEXA pharmacy,

Travels and conferences

Robert Nyman introduced JavaScript.

2010 was really a fantastic year in terms of traveling and getting to meet tons of great people. And yeah, CELEXA treatment, Where can i buy cheapest CELEXA online, sure, I know everyone say that, CELEXA recreational, CELEXA long term, but the number of outstanding individuals I have come across in very different places, I really regard as a blessing, CELEXA dosage. CELEXA overnight, To get other peoples' perspective, to see what their life and environment is like, purchase CELEXA online, Order CELEXA online c.o.d, and just to be able to chill with really cool folks is fantastic.

robert nyman

From the awesome heavy metal night in Bulgaria and discussing theories on Lost by an old castle, to a luxury suite and lots of wonderful people at Fronteers (Amsterdam); from a truly great stay by a fiord outside of Oslo to the roughness (in a good way) of the JSConf crowd in Berlin, CELEXA FOR SALE. And what about FOSDEM in Brussels when there were so many people watching my presentation I had to literally step over the ones sitting on the stage next to me, purchase CELEXA. Online CELEXA without a prescription, Robert Nyman at the party

I could go on and on, CELEXA trusted pharmacy reviews, CELEXA pics, but I can honestly say that each place, so different from the other, CELEXA reviews, Is CELEXA safe, has been wonderful, and I feel I really come alive when I travel and go on my adventures, rx free CELEXA. CELEXA brand name, :-)

Robert Nyman

Robert Nyman

For me as a speaker, no prescription CELEXA online, CELEXA street price, I would like to say: practice makes perfect. CELEXA FOR SALE, However, I'm far far from perfect, but at least I'm getting more decent with all the chances I get to talk in front of great crowds. Small rooms with maybe 50 people to larger venues with 400-500 attendants - it's all different, CELEXA duration, CELEXA from canadian pharmacy, and every time something new happens and I learn another thing or two.

Robert Nyman talking to Paul Irish

And on top of that, especially during the fall, CELEXA wiki, CELEXA results, there have been some speakers I have gotten the pleasure to meet over and over again, both to learn from their vast knowledge and superior presentation skills, CELEXA pictures, CELEXA australia, uk, us, usa, but also hanging out with people I really look up to.


All my presentation slides, CELEXA without a prescription, Buy CELEXA online no prescription, and upcoming speaking events for 2011, can be found in my speaking page.

The Many Faces of Robert Nyman

Personal life

Of course, with every year, just as with life overall, there are ups and there are downs, CELEXA FOR SALE. My relationship with Fredrika came to an end and there have been, and still are, some tough things to get through. However, we are both treating it, and each other, very well and in a mature respectful manner, so things are coming along as good as they can and the children seem to accept the new situation the best they can. As their father, I am immensely proud of them, of their wisdom and how they deal with the changes.

My blog

I think I have been pretty decent at still keeping on blogging - sure, this fall saw a break for obvious reasons, but otherwise I keep on producing and it's really what I like the best (together with the travels and meeting people). Currently I have about 11 700 people daily following my RSS (direct link) CELEXA FOR SALE, feed every day, and a little over 2 000 people following me on Twitter.

Do you have a friend in web developing not reading. Make them a Robertee. :-)

And as always, all blog posts can be found in the archives.

Celebrities who died in 2010

This might seem a bit morbid, but looking back at the year I usually also remember famous people that I have come across through their work in some kind, who have passed away during this year.

Robert Nyman, politician

When I started blogging, naturally what I wanted was to have the first hit, and page, on Google when you searched for my name, CELEXA FOR SALE. For a long time I competed with State Representative Robert J. Nyman, and through that, I felt a weird sort of connection. Unfortunately he passed away this year at the age of 50.

Ronnie James Dio

Dio was most likely one of the best heavy metal singers ever, and I wrote about his passing in Farewell, Ronnie James Dio.

Corey Haim

Childhood actor who I saw in lots of movies when I was young and who was in, amongst other movies, The Lost Boys.

Dennis Hopper

A great actor starring in classics such as Easy Rider and Acopalypse.

Gary Coleman

Child actor most known from Diff'rent Strokes.

John Forsythe

People who grew up during the 80s most likely saw Dynasty, and remember his role there.

Tony Curtis

Actor starring in many movies, where Some Like It Hot and Spartacus probably are the ones most people know about.

Leslie Nielsen

Leslie starred in many movies and genres, but without a doubt, his quest for fame came with the The Naked Gun movies.

Blake Edwards

Best known for writing and directing the The Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers.

Peter Steele

Most recognized for his band Type O Negative

Paul Gray

Bass player in Slipknot.

Happy New Year!

Thank you everyone for 2010, and here's for a great 2011. See you in the future.

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to FOSDEM BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, to give a presentation about HTML5 and to experience a very big open-source conference.

First evening

After sharing a flight with my fellow Swede Stefan Hermes, we eventually got to our respective hotel, CIPRO dangers. I was sharing a room with Fabrice Desré, My CIPRO experience, and as it turned out, there was one big bed, and one pull-out sofa, kjøpe CIPRO på nett, köpa CIPRO online. Being true men, Get CIPRO, we decided to decide in a macho way who got the bed and who got the sofa - the decision was made playing Rock, paper, Scissors, CIPRO natural. After four (!) ties, CIPRO interactions, I eventually won in the 5th round. :-)

FOSDEM 2010, Brussels

We then went to the welcome beer at the Delirium café where we met lots of Mozilla friends, and had quite a nice evening, BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION.

FOSDEM 2010, <b>Canada, mexico, india</b>, Brussels

My HTML5 talk

I had put a lot of preparations into my talk, trying give as good an overview as I could, while delving a little deeper into certain parts, CIPRO class. There were quite a number of different areas I wanted to cover, CIPRO mg, and another thing I went for was presenting in a new way: no bullets points whatsoever; bullet points makes me just read the text, and the crowd will have read it before me. Instead I was trying to use fitting images depending on the current subject and then talk about that to instead complement my slides, real brand CIPRO online, making it a more loose and dynamic presentation. CIPRO used for, Having people like Mitchell Baker (Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation) and Christopher Blizzard (Evangelism Director for Mozilla) in the audience while giving this presentation for the first time, I must have been cray to attempt something like that. BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, :-)

On top of that, the room was PACKED. In the Mozilla dev room there were 200 seats, online buying CIPRO. They were filled, CIPRO pictures, both aisles to the brim as well, people sitting on stage so I actually had to watch out not to trample them while walking back and forth during my presentation. And as if that wasn't enough, herbal CIPRO, both big doors were practically blocked by people wanting to get in, CIPRO recreational, and they had to apply the one-in, one-out rule, and outside, CIPRO canada, mexico, india, within two meters of the doors, Ordering CIPRO online, you couldn't get closer.

I met a number of people who just couldn't get in, and I also saw a photo of the packed corridor outside, CIPRO trusted pharmacy reviews. And, not trying to fool myself, I know the big interest was for the topic and not me as a speaker, but still, it's pretty awesome to get on stage when there's such a big draw, BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION.

Luckily, Buy CIPRO without a prescription, though, I'm very happy, and relieved, cheap CIPRO no rx, to say that it seems to have gone down well. CIPRO online cod, :-)

My talk was meant as an introduction to HTML5 and also as the first steps into using it, and then have Paul Rouget of Mozilla follow-up with some outstanding demos of things you can achieve with various parts of HTML5 and its APIs (and man, his demos are amongst the coolest I have ever seen!), effects of CIPRO.

Proud and happy, CIPRO from mexico, it really made my day to read feedback like this on Twitter:

Just seen the most amazing HTML5 presentation ever. (by falkowata)

@robertnyman ... amazing fun filled presentation...(by eSuNnY)

BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, The HTML5 talk is really quite awesome - especially the feature demos. (by welp)

Just saw an html5 presentation @fosdem, CIPRO coupon, VERY nice. No prescription CIPRO online, (by mvdkleijn)

the introduction to #html5 in the #mozilla dev room at #fosdem is really interesting and the demos are amazing (by naderman)

My presentation slides are available at SlideShare
, but without the actual presentation to go with it, the experience is not as good as if it were complemented with my words to go with them, online CIPRO without a prescription.

Meeting Mitchell Baker

Another thing I have to bring up is naturally the chance to meet Mitchell Baker, CIPRO over the counter, who is truly an amazing woman. In 2005, Time magazine listed her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, CIPRO duration, and she is behind a lot of good things in the open-source world. I spoke to her a few times at the conference about various things, but you can just imagine my joy at the Saturday night dinner, after my presentation, when she wanted me to tell her more than myself, BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. Purchase CIPRO for sale, Thinking I had about 30 seconds before she'd lose interest in little boring me, I rambled as much as I could... :-)

I have to say, CIPRO long term, though, About CIPRO, that it is quite comforting to meet someone like her, and to see that she was completely down-to-earth, and just a very good person with great opinions, purchase CIPRO online.

Saturday night events

Tristan, Gandalf, Mike and more - FOSDEM 2010, Brussels

In Saturday evening, there was a huge Mozilla dinner followed by games of bowling and laser tag. I bowled with Lukas Blakk, Alex and Edu, and apparently being on a high after my talk, my first roll was a strike. BUY CIPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, :-) Thing is, I'm not very good at bowling, although I ended up with a good (at least in my eyes) series of a 106.

Lukas and Edu - FOSDEM 2010, Brussels

The sad thing about the evening is that Edu accidentally fell during the laser game, broke his foot and was pretty badly damaged. Really too bad - he's a very nice guy, and this just happened before his upcoming week of vacation.. Get better soon, Edu.

Meeting people

Like at all conferences, there are a lot of great people to meet and always to little time to properly talk to them. Here's a rough list of people I met (I'm certain I'm missing a lot of you here) that aren't mentioned above, and I was very glad to see them in Brussels (listed in no specific order - using an unordered list, ok?):




PETCAM OVER THE COUNTER, Just to let you know, I will be speaking at FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels, Belgium, next Saturday February 6th. I will talk in the Mozilla Developer Room and give an introduction to HTML5, buy cheap PETCAM no rx, PETCAM street price, which will be followed by HTML5 demos by Paul Rouget.

If you are attending, what is PETCAM, PETCAM pharmacy, please come along and say hi. :-), PETCAM australia, uk, us, usa. PETCAM samples. PETCAM forum. Where can i buy cheapest PETCAM online. Buy no prescription PETCAM online. PETCAM for sale. PETCAM without prescription. Fast shipping PETCAM. Rx free PETCAM. PETCAM from canadian pharmacy. PETCAM overnight. Discount PETCAM. Buy PETCAM without prescription. Order PETCAM from United States pharmacy. Australia, uk, us, usa. PETCAM images. After PETCAM. PETCAM steet value. Buying PETCAM online over the counter. Buy PETCAM from mexico. Taking PETCAM. PETCAM cost. Buy PETCAM from canada. PETCAM wiki. PETCAM description. PETCAM brand name. Buy PETCAM online no prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. PETCAM price, coupon. Order PETCAM online c.o.d. Buy PETCAM no prescription.



VALTREX OVER THE COUNTER, I hope you are all having some nice time off; I just wanted to take the time to reflect on 2009 and what it was like for me.

Speaking and travel

I think career- and experience-wise, the biggest thing I did this year was starting to travel around and speak at conferences. And while the idea of it had been brewing in my head for a while, it it is really one person I owe a big thanks of gratitude too, and that is Rey Bango for pushing me over the brink, purchase VALTREX online no prescription.

Mozilla were to organize a large event in March in Berlin, and he contacted me and suggested that I should give a presentation about developing Firefox extensions (like a live version of my How to develop a Firefox extension article). What he also did was encourage me that I could do it and that I should be brave about it, and as a result, Where can i buy VALTREX online, it opened up a year of traveling in Europe giving presentations. Thank you Rey, VALTREX OVER THE COUNTER.

Robert Nyman

Read more about it in The trip to Berlin and the Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop 2009. Berlin was really a starting point for my relationship with Mozilla, and I gave presentations at two more Mozilla conferences this year and was also a part of a panel about HTML5 at the Mozilla Camp Europe.

My next presentation in line was thanks to the trust of Peter Svensson who asked me to speak at the Scandinavian Web Developer Conference, VALTREX street price, where I was the only Swede presenting, and had quite a good time. Same week ended with me speaking at a joint event between Mozilla and Nokia (the Maemo division) in Copenhagen in Denmark, and it was also a great time, VALTREX results, and a chance to meet my friend Morgan Roderick for the first time in person.

Robert Nyman VALTREX OVER THE COUNTER, Week after that, I spoke at the Mozilla Swedish Community Meetup, where Mozilla came to Stockholm and treated us to a nice Mozilla evening. Following that, summer was calm and easy, and it didn't really start again till the beginning of October, now with Mozilla Camp Europe, this year taking place in Prague, where can i buy cheapest VALTREX online. I wasn't scheduled to speak, but due to some openings, at least I partook as a panelist discussing HTML5 with the audience, other panel members and prominent people in the Firefox team - it's all summed up in Travel stories and session recaps from Mozilla Camp Europe Prague, Buy VALTREX without prescription, 3-4 October 2009.

HTML 5 round table

A few weeks rest, and then in November it really started taking off. With four speaking performances at major conferences within a month, I started to remotely imagine what it must feel like to be Chris Heilmann, cheap VALTREX no rx. :-)

Robert Nyman

First out the door was Øredev, where I got to share the stage and then hassle (read: befriend) two of my major inspirations: Douglas Crockford and Steve Souders - The Øredev 2009 Conference adventure, VALTREX OVER THE COUNTER. Just three days later, the first instance of took place in Berlin, and although I felt my own presentation was mediocre at best (I did much better at the other events), it was quite a good place to meet a lot of JavaScript people - The conference and my visit to Berlin. Real brand VALTREX online, hblank-JSConfeu_091108-42

Robert Nyman

Following that was a conference that I had known about for quite some time, and given the setting of UK and the outstanding speakers that had been invited, I really wanted to make it a good one - and I think I did. What I'm talking about is Full Frontal, VALTREX for sale, and I believe it was a personal highlight for me as a speaker this year (at least one of the top three) - My Full Frontal ‘09 escapades – The JavaScript conference.

Love Bears and IE .. a match

Rounding off this conference year was a nice trip to Lisbon in Portugal, and a great time at the Codebits conference - My trip to Lisbon, Herbal VALTREX, Portugal, and the Codebits conference.

And just to make things better, December 23rd I received an invitation from Mozilla to the FOSDEM (Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting) in February. :-)

So, thanks everyone for your trust and letting me speak at your conference, buy no prescription VALTREX online, and thank you to Mozilla for believing in me.

Honorable mentions

The absolutely wonderful thing about conferences is the the fantastic people you get to meet, and the places and cultures you get to experience. I've met so many great people this year, too many to mention here, and without a doubt, my feeble mind is probably forgetting a number of you just right now, VALTREX OVER THE COUNTER. What I wanted to bring up, VALTREX alternatives, though, was a few names that I have met at more than one conference this year and have spent some considerable time together with.

William Quiviger

William Quiviger

William is, amongst other things, an event organizer for Mozilla, about VALTREX, and his out-of-this-world ability to handle pressure and make sure things work out, while at the same time sincerely caring about everyones' wishes and needs, is extremely impressive.

Patrick Finch

Patrick is the European Marketing Manager for Mozilla, Comprar en línea VALTREX, comprar VALTREX baratos, a fantastic and friendly guy, a Brit expat residing in Sweden, and, at least in my world, he sounds and looks like Remington Steele. :-)

Patrick Finch

Brian King

Our first meeting was in Berlin, and then at every other Mozilla event this year. VALTREX OVER THE COUNTER, Brian is doing a lot of work for Mozilla in general, and add-on development in particular, and his friendly way and always being there to help has been highly appreciated by me, and I hope to meet him again many more times (a feeling I hope is mutual :-) ).

Brian King

Remy Sharp

Remy Sharp - Speakers' dinner - Codebits conference

I think Remy and I share some kind of record on being at the same place at the same time this year. We met at SWDC in May, Geek Meet in June, then Øredev,, Full Frontal and Codebits, VALTREX overnight. Needless to say, he's probably mighty sick of me by now, but for me, it has been great to meet him throughout the year, Effects of VALTREX, since he is both friendly and very talented (although his work/web dedication is sometimes a bit frightening, even to me).

Molly Holzschlag

I had the pleasure of meeting Molly first at the Scandinavian Web Developer Conference in May, and then have her over for Geek Meet in October. She's a truly fantastic person, and even though how well-known she is, I really appreciate her taking the time to listen to everyone, VALTREX OVER THE COUNTER.

Molly - Easy Access Point

Morgan Roderick


I've known Morgan for a few years, but this year was the first time we got to meet - first in Copenhagen and then in Berlin. Morgan is extremely caring and I always act like a child around him, VALTREX without a prescription, since he is just the nice guy that takes care of things. He seems to love Berlin, but who knows, one day we might even meet in Sweden. :-)

Søren Skrøder


Søren is a Dane working with localization for Mozilla, and we first met in Copenhagen and then did a Prague city walkabout together in October. He is a very nice guy, and if you ever cared about beards, VALTREX use, Søren has one to kill for.

Mark Wubben

Mark is also someone I have known for a number of years, but met for the first time this year when he spoke at Geek Meet in February. He then came to the Scandinavian Web Developer Conference followed by the Mozilla event in Copenhagen. Online buying VALTREX hcl, For fun, I named him a stalker of mine, and haven't seen him since... :-)

Mozilla Maemo Danish Weekend, Copenhagen, May 2009

Chris Mills

Ah, Chris Mills, VALTREX OVER THE COUNTER. Chris is the crazy heavy metal Brit working with developer relations for Opera, and he spoke at Geek Meet in June and then we meet at Full Frontal in Brighton in November. Extremely nice fellow, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, crazy stories, but I believe I actually made him flush at the Full Frontal after-party. :-)

Opera Rocker

Conference information and presentation slides

Here are all the links to the events mentioned above and also to my presentation slides:

Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop, VALTREX price, coupon, Berlin [Germany] - March 28th

Presentation: How to write your first extension (PDF 1.6 MB)

Event information: Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop Berlin, March 28th

Scandinavian Web Developer Conference 2009, Stockholm [Sweden] - May 25th

Presentation: Modern Web Development (View/Download on SlideShare)

Event information: Scandinavian Web Developer Conference 2009

Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend, Copenhagen [Denmark] - May 30th-31st

Presentation: How to write your first extension (View/Download on SlideShare)

Event information: Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend

Mozilla Swedish Community Meetup, Stockholm [Sweden] - June 2nd

Presentation: How to write your first extension (View/Download on SlideShare)

Event information: Mozilla Swedish Community Meetup

Øredev 2009, Malmö [Sweden] - November 4th

Presentation: JavaScript - From Birth to Closure (View/Download on SlideShare)

Event information: Øredev 2009 2009, rx free VALTREX, Berlin [Germany] - November 7th

Presentation: JavaScript - From Birth to Closure (View/Download on SlideShare)

Event information: 2009

Full Frontal JavaScript Conference 2009, Brighton [United Kingdom] - November 20th

Presentation: JavaScript - From Birth to Closure (View/Download on SlideShare)

Event information: Full Frontal JavaScript Conference 2009

Codebits 2009, Lisbon [Portugal] - December 3rd

Presentation: JavaScript - From Birth to Closure (View/Download on SlideShare)

Event information: Codebits 2009

The year of people dying

It seems like 2009 was a year when a lot of people died, especially on a celebrity level. VALTREX steet value, Reading Famous People Who’ve Died in 2009 (so far) and delving deeper in Celebrities who died in: 2009 (page 1) it makes you wonder what was really going on. VALTREX OVER THE COUNTER, Naturally, of all the people that passed away, Michael Jackson was by far the most famous one.

I just hope everyone will get to rest in peace.

All my posts in 2009

I first thought of picking out a few of my blog posts that I liked this year, but then again, it seems like everyone have their own favorite. Instead, buy VALTREX from canada, I thought I'd list all of my posts in 2009 below for you to skim through them, and re-read the ones you like, or perhaps find one you missed the first time around.

December 2009

November 2009

October 2009

September 2009

August 2009

July 2009

June 2009

May 2009

April 2009

March 2009

February 2009

January 2009

Happy New Year!

With that, I'd like to thank you for 2009, and here's to a great 2010.

Happy New Year.

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ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, I had the pleasure of spending last week in Lisbon, Portugal, for the Codebits conference.

Arriving in Lisbon

It was my first time in Portugal, so I made sure to arrive one day early to have time to do some sightseeing and catch a view of Lisbon. Last Tuesday, December 1st, Order ZITHROMAX online overnight delivery no prescription, I arrived in Lisbon after a four and a half hour flight with TAP Portugal from Stockholm. First time ever, I had a complementary pick-up service by the event organizers, and a nice driver by the name of Gonsalo.

Got to the hotel, Hotel Vila Galé Opera, buy ZITHROMAX from mexico, checked in, and got online to check in with some people and do some minor research before my Lisbon touring. Got out to find a grocery store, but with my luck, it had closed three minutes before I got there.., ZITHROMAX FOR SALE.

Got back to the hotel again, and treated myself to a nice two-meal dinner in their restaurant. ZITHROMAX dosage, And granted, I was famished by then, but I thought the food was extremely good - especially my starter with Chèvre cheese. Got back to my room, checked some things and then got to bed reasonably early.

Lisbon sightseeing

I got up pretty early, taking ZITHROMAX, ate breakfast and started my excursion. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, There was a light drizzle and a gale blowing outside, but I had high hopes when I started my walk from the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge and moved further into the Belém area. After about half an hour, the rain just started pouring down. Luckily, ZITHROMAX blogs, there was a ticket station for ferries where I could take cover and wait it out.

Padrão dos Descobrimentos

After the rain had stopped, I continued my journey and came upon the Padrão dos Descobrimentos, a monument to celebrate the Portuguese explorers. After that I crossed the street and decided to enter the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, where can i find ZITHROMAX online, which is a totally beautiful monastery and a cloister - I've seen many churches and monasteries during my travels, but I have to say I really loved the colors, ambience and overall feel of this place.

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

The next stop was the probably most famous landmark in Lisbon, Torre de Belém, which was built as a gateway and defensive tower, located at the entrance of the Tagus river, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. Quite an impressive building, ZITHROMAX without a prescription, with some very narrow pathways in places. It was also possible to walk the five floors to the top, to get a beautiful view of Lisbon.

Torre de Belém

Kept on wandering around in the area for a while, and then got to the Belém train station to take the train to the downtown area and the Cais do Sodré station, ZITHROMAX street price. Once there, I looked at some places, like Praça do Comércio, before walking through Arco de Rua Augusta and getting some late lunch. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, Strolled around in the city and walked up to, and around, Praça do Rossio. Order ZITHROMAX no prescription, Then it was time for some serious uphill hiking to get to Castelo de São Jorge. However, it was well worth it, with lots of nice places to see, a huge great preserved castle and a fantastic view of Lisbon.

Castelo de São Jorge

After an hour up there, I got down again, across where I had been before and on into the Bairro Alto area, old town of Lisbon. ZITHROMAX natural, Did a little sightseeing there until I, completely tired, sat down in a café where I had an ice-cream and some water. Through the magic of text messaging, I managed to decide a meet-up place with some friends at the Praça Luís de Camões, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE.

Once there, under the neon heart, I met up with the Dutch crew: Mike de Boer, is ZITHROMAX safe, Lieke Arends, Ruben Daniels and Rik Arends. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike and Lieke in Brighton for Full Frontal, and now two more from Javeline, Buying ZITHROMAX online over the counter, the company behind

Praça Luís de Camões

We wandered around a little, and had the luck of coming by the gorgeous Largo do Carmo and Convento do Carmo. Just a little after that, we found a nice restaurant had a good meal with two meals, ZITHROMAX coupon, and my Dutch friends were nice enough to treat me to it. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, Bedankt. :-)

Largo do Carmo

Some more serious texting going on, back to Praça Luís de Camões and to meet Remy Sharp and Glenn Jones, Order ZITHROMAX online c.o.d, who had gotten in to Lisbon a few hours earlier. We did a desperate attempt to find a bar that one person (no names) in our company had vague memories about, but it ended up with us just walking further and further away from anything remotely close to a bar. In the end, we took a couple of taxis back to the hotel, and sat down in the hotel bar instead, purchase ZITHROMAX.

All of my sightseeing pictures of Lisbon.

Codebits conference, day 1

I decided to sleep in a little, then got up so I was at the venue at around 10.30 or so. Once there, I registered and got a lot of nice giveaways, and then met up with Remy, Glenn and Brian Suda, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE.

During all day, What is ZITHROMAX, free pizza, coke (the drink), M&Ms and other assorted candy and drinks was on offer - basically, all the nutrition a geek needs. :-)

Presentations I attended

A picture of me giving my presentation

Picture taken by AmmggMartins


We decided to catch the keynote, but unfortunately, ZITHROMAX from canadian pharmacy, it was held in Portuguese. Or, well, thinking so, Where can i cheapest ZITHROMAX online, we left after about ten minutes. Then we saw on the web site that all presentations would be broadcasted live on the web site, and when I got in there, we got to see that they were speaking English by then...

Think before you develop! - Kai Seidler

Kai, working for Sun and behind XAMPP, amongst other things, ZITHROMAX alternatives, gave a nice introduction to different languages and approaches, and their respective problems and benefits. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, He virtually used a slide for each sentence, and later told me he had over 400 slides. :-)

HTML5 JavaScript APIs (+video of the talk!) - Remy Sharp

I saw Remy do a talk very similar talk to this at in Berlin earlier this year, but I have to say this version/performance was in my opinion better. ZITHROMAX forum, Remy seemed more calm and in harmony with the material and it is a good API walk-through for JavaScripters.

Optional is required (+video of the talk!) - Brian Suda

I envy Brian, and that is because his talks seemed to be just leaps between things that amused him, complemented by beautiful slides. It was quite entertaining, and I was a bit worried to go on after him.

JavaScript: From Birth to Closure (+video of the talk!) - Robert Nyman

My talk. Once I got started, online buying ZITHROMAX hcl, I felt relaxed, and it seemed to go down well with the audience - feels especially good when people seem to get my sense of humor. :-) My slides are available at SlideShare.

Working with Canvas - Diogo Antunes

After a talk, it is a lot about winding down, dealing with feedback etc, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. Nevertheless, I wanted to catch Diogo's presentation, Ordering ZITHROMAX online, both for the content and that it would be his first presentation in English. I'm quite proud for him being brave enough to take that step, and when it comes to the content, I believe it was a good introduction to what you can do with canvas.

Pond - The social network aggregator and publisher - Pedro Couto e Santos and Gustavo Carvalho

Didn't see this entire presentation, and listened with just one ear doing other stuff, but Pond seems to be an interesting aggregator of content from different web sites/services, kjøpe ZITHROMAX på nett, köpa ZITHROMAX online, and also offer it to all kinds of mobile phones.

Codebits conference

Speakers' dinner

At around 20.00 in the evening, all speakers were invited to a joint dinner, and we all went on a chartered bus to an, ZITHROMAX dose, I think, Italian restaurant at the far end of the city. I can't actually remember if there were a starter (at least we had bread with olives on the side), but we got some good Sangria and then a main course with meat and rice, followed by a nice desert. Got some nice chats with Glenn, ZITHROMAX interactions, Ruben, Remy and Brian Suda.

André Luís & Brian Suda - Speakers' dinner - Codebits conference

It was also here that I finally got to talk a little to André Luís ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, . André and I first got in touch back in 2006, so it was really great to finally get the chance to meet in real life. Online buying ZITHROMAX, :-)

After dinner, we spent some short time at the venue (read: free WiFi to check some things), and then got back to the hotel to get some sleep at about midnight. So far, not really any late evening. Good for being rested, ZITHROMAX price, but unusual for a conference.

Codebits conference, day 2

Got up fairly early because I wanted to catch the first presentation of the day: Rik of, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE.

Presentations I attended

Beholding the giant pyramid of application development; why Ajax applications are its natural top layer (+video of the talk!) - Rik Arends

The first half of Rik's talk was more philosophical/theoretical and dealed with the background of development and different layers. Personally, I preferred the second half, Low dose ZITHROMAX, since then he started to show code and demos of some cool things they have been working on with

Re-using social media data - Glenn Jones

Got to Glenn's talk a little late, but it was quite interesting in the sense about reusing already existing data about people on the web. His Ident Engine seems quite cool!

PhoneGap: Mobile App Developer Zero to Hero (+video of the talk!) - Brian LeRoux

Poor Brian was jetlagged out of his mind, so he missed his actual slot. No worries, it got postponed, ZITHROMAX duration, and once he gave it, it was an interesting view into the state of development for mobile phones, and also about what PhoneGap can offer in that area.

Between Glenn's and Brian LeRoux's talk, the extremely friendly Diogo Antunes took me in his car across the Ponte 25 de Abril bridge so I would get the chance to see the Monumento ao Cristo Rei and get a good view of the city from across the river. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, The monument was quite high, and we took an elevator up to the foot of the actual statue, where the vista in all directions was quite nice. Buy cheap ZITHROMAX no rx, View from Monumento ao Cristo Rei

I also took the time to watch the cool 3D printer in action, which were sometimes printing in plastic, sometimes in chocolate. :-)

All of my pictures of the Codebits conference.

Dinner & party

In the evening, ZITHROMAX online cod, a few of us decided to go out and get some dinner before the night's events. It ended up with me, Brian Leroux, Glenn and Remy having a couple of beers and some burgers and fries at a café situated just by the river. It was really a pleasant dinner, with both some interesting and sometimes appalling conversations, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. Discount ZITHROMAX, :-)

Brian Leroux, Remy Sharp & Glenn Jones - Codebits conference

We then got back to the venue to see a few songs of the band playing, Pornophonique, before we headed downtown, is ZITHROMAX safe. First it was us in the dinner-company + Kai Sedler, and we found a great pub in the Bairro Alto area. You'd buy your drink within the pub and then stand in a narrow street drinking it, and the street was totally packed (and yet, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, got even more crowded as the night went along).

Again, some texting, and we were joined by Mike de Boer, Ruben, Lieke and Rik, to form quite a big group of people hanging out and chatting. ZITHROMAX FOR SALE, The interesting part, though, was that cars insisted on driving down this road, and it was almost impossible for them to come past all the people standing there drinking. At first, we thought it was due to some general GPS error/misinformation, but when a number of taxis came down that way too, it seemed like it would have to be the best option for them out of a number must-be poor ones.

Let me just tell you, when a garbage truck decided to drive down that street as well, chaos almost broke out...

At about two in the morning, I felt I really had to get back to the hotel to get a few hours of sleep before going home. Got back to the hotel room, packed, and slept maybe three hours, before I got up at six in the morning to go to the airport.

My driver, Antonio (I think), was really a nice guy and given the time of day, he was quite chatty, ZITHROMAX FOR SALE. :-) We had some interesting conversations and discussed values, before I arrived at the airport.

After such a great time in Lisbon with lots of nice people, it was a bit disheartening to see the Lisbon airport in action. Everything had a long line and seemed to go extremely slow: check-in, baggage drop, security, just buying something in any store... Anyway, since my plane was a bit late, I got enough time to endure the queueing and bought some gifts for my family.

Got some random sleep on the plane, and then finally I was home again.

Till next time Lisbon: thanks for a great conference.



Next stop on my little European tour is Codebits CLONIDINE FOR SALE, in Lisbon, Portugal.

I will be speaking at the conference, CLONIDINE class, CLONIDINE trusted pharmacy reviews, giving my presentation JavaScript - From Birth to Closure. It seems like it's going to be quite an exciting conference, CLONIDINE dosage. CLONIDINE mg, Tomorrow I will get on the plane there, and it is also my first time in Portugal and Lisbon, CLONIDINE blogs, CLONIDINE results, so if anyone have any advice to what to see, it would be appreciated, is CLONIDINE addictive. CLONIDINE photos, :-). CLONIDINE no rx. Taking CLONIDINE. CLONIDINE street price. CLONIDINE samples. Canada, mexico, india. Buy cheap CLONIDINE no rx. Buying CLONIDINE online over the counter. CLONIDINE images. Fast shipping CLONIDINE. Buy CLONIDINE without prescription. CLONIDINE recreational. Purchase CLONIDINE online. Buy CLONIDINE without a prescription. Effects of CLONIDINE. CLONIDINE use. Doses CLONIDINE work. CLONIDINE over the counter. Order CLONIDINE online overnight delivery no prescription. CLONIDINE for sale. CLONIDINE dose. CLONIDINE long term. CLONIDINE without a prescription. Real brand CLONIDINE online. CLONIDINE natural. Order CLONIDINE online c.o.d. About CLONIDINE. Buy CLONIDINE from canada.



I'm (almost) just back from Full Frontal 09 NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER, , and man, did I have a good time. :-)

Conference takes

First of all, I have to say that I genuinely believe that Full Frontal 09 was absolutely fantastic. As I kept on telling people afterwards, Where to buy NEXIUM, all of the other speakers really stepped up and delivered, and everyone made fantastic performances. I feel very privileged to get to share this experience with everyone there, and honored to have been a part of this line-up and first time around for this event.

A picture of me during my presentation

Picture by Danny Hope

What made it so good?

Asides from the speakers really doing a god job, order NEXIUM no prescription, I think factors like an absolutely awesome crowd - laughing, interacting, being on board for every detail - together with being in a cinema with oh-so-comfortable chairs really contributed it. Also, having just one track kept everyone a lot more focused on what was currently being presented, and also resulting in less running in doors etc, NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER. Purchase NEXIUM for sale, For speakers, it's great to get this focus, and for attendees they know what they will be about to see, and won't hesitate about missing out on some other presentation.

Only thing missing, purchase NEXIUM online no prescription, I'd say, was some sort of joint lunch so everyone could mingle and talk about the morning's presentations and network in general.

Speakers' dinner and pre-party

The speakers were invited to a dinner the night before the conference at the restaurant In Vino Veritas in Brighton, NEXIUM used for, and I thought it was a really nice evening with great food. All speakers bar Stuart Langridge were there (because he was flying in Friday morning), plus Remy Sharp, Julie Sharp and Natalie Downe. NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER, After the dinner, we joined the pre-party/pub crawl, and met some quite nice people. For instance, NEXIUM pictures, fellow Swede Peter Svensson, Liz Warner and also Mike de Boer and Lieke Arends of

After the last pub closing, Where can i find NEXIUM online, some of us - Chris Heilmann, Mike de Boer, Lieke and Peter Svensson - decided to go down to the sea-front and, by chance, the Doughnut, NEXIUM without prescription. I got an idea to walk all the way out on the pier and look at the water, when a couple of exceedingly high waves came in and totally sprayed me with water. Dried most of it off, NEXIUM canada, mexico, india, but still felt like the sticky floor of a movie theater on the way back to the hotel, with a salty taste haunting me...

The conference and talks

A picture of me and Chris Heilmann just before the conference started

Picture by Danny Hope

Christian Heilmann - Frontloaded and zipped up - do loose types sink ships, NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER. (slides on SlideShare)

Christian opened the day in a splendid manner, talking about the potential with JavaScript, and made the important move of pointing out that most problems and security issues aren't actually because of JavaScript at all.

Robert Nyman - JavaScript: From Birth to Closure (slides on SlideShare)

I think my presentation about JavaScript history and then more advanced topics went really well, NEXIUM price. I was relaxed and excited about talking, and was in a really good state of mind + the fantastic crowd really helped in making me enjoying it. Sure, NEXIUM reviews, some parts could always be better, but overall I was quite pleased.

Peter-Paul Koch - W3C Widgets (slides on SlideShare)

As most of know, PPK must have some kind of sadistic streak in him with his endless testing of web browsers, and in this case, mobile phones and their web browsing capabilities, get NEXIUM. Great tests, although at the time, it really scares me about doing more focused development for mobile web sites.

Stuart Langridge - New things that HTML5 provides to JavaScript hackers

Due to a late lunch, My NEXIUM experience, I missed the beginning of Stuart's talk, but managed to see the latter half. NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER, He gave a good introduction to the cool things you can know do in most web browsers, and also inspired about working with the open technologies, as opposed to closed-in solutions like Silverlight and Flash (which he compared to the Death Star in Star Wars).

Todd Kloots - More accessible user interfaces with ARIA (slides in a ZIP file)

Todd was talking about using ARIA in ways to improve the accessibility of a web user interface, and also talked about the very important fact that most assistive devices do have JavaScript enabled, and that we need to think more about keyboard navigation options in web pages.

Jake Archibald - Optimising where it hurts (slides on SlideShare)

Jake was absolutely awesome. I love humor in presentations, which he had aplenty, and he also complemented it with very interesting facts about performance, NEXIUM dangers. Something he also brought up was questioning things most people seem to take for granted, but shouldn't - everyone should test themselves to see how things actually work. Amongst all great presentations, Where can i buy NEXIUM online, Jake stole the day in my eyes.

Simon Willison - Surprise presentation (Simon's blog post about his talk)

Simon got really inspired by Node.js, and just three days before the conference, he decided to do a completely other talk. It was an impressive demonstration in using virtually no slides, moving around in virtual desktops, NEXIUM maximum dosage, terminal and web browser windows.

Before my talk, I was very happy to see my friend icaaq being there, and during lunch I also got the chance to meet my old friend Chris Mills, Buy no prescription NEXIUM online, who I was meeting the second time this year.

A picture of me and Chris Mills

Picture by Chris Heilmann

The after-party

At the after-party, I got the pleasure of first having dinner at the same table as Michael Mahemoff (of books and Ajaxian fame), NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER. Then, my friend Jim O’Donnell had come down to Brighton just for the party, which was great. I also spent some considerable time talking to the very nice Sander Aarts and Wilfred Nas, NEXIUM treatment, and at least I got the chance to talk about a minute with Jeremy Keith.

Paul Downey also showed me his completely wonderful notes of the talks, and we spoke very briefly. Herbal NEXIUM, A picture of a page in Paul Downey's note book

Picture by Paul Downey

Just before she left the party, Henny Swahn came by to say hi, and said that she read my blog. NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER, Tired, confused (and any other attribute applicable), I thought she said she "read my book", so I eagerly tried to convince her I haven't written any book with repeating "no book, no book". Sorry Henny, please don't stop reading my blog, buy NEXIUM no prescription. :-)

After saying our good-byes to everyone, which took a long time, Chris Heilmann and I slowly made our way back to the hotel again. NEXIUM price, coupon,

People I never got to see

There were also a number of people I had hoped to meet, but unfortunately missed out on: Patrick H. Lauke, who got ill and missed the after-party, Dave Child, cheap NEXIUM no rx, who had to go back to work after half the day, Andrea Giammarchi, who couldn't make it to the event and Dan Webb, What is NEXIUM, who was there, but I apparently just missed. Next time, guys, NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER.

Going home

Getting up fairly early morning, I was getting ready to take the train up to London, Victoria Station, online buying NEXIUM, and then on to Heathrow to catch my flight. I decided to leave Brighton 4 hours before my flight was due to take off to have good time and no stress.

It started in the ticket line in Brighton, Kjøpe NEXIUM på nett, köpa NEXIUM online, which took some time, so I missed the "fast" train, and had to take the "slow" train instead. And boy, slow really meant SLOW, where can i cheapest NEXIUM online. NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER, It stopped everywhere, and the hordes getting on at the Gatwick station with all their bags didn't make it better; the train was completely packed. Once we finally reached Victoria Station, it took, I kid you not, NEXIUM from canadian pharmacy, 25 minutes just to get a ticket to the tube. Trying to get to the subway trains also proved to be harder than I thought: there were only two ticket entrances, and one of them was out of order, so there was a long line to get through. About three persons before I reached it, order NEXIUM from mexican pharmacy, the other one went out of order too. So, literally no way to get in. Luckily I managed to climb it, and got the help from someone catching my suit case (yes, without stealing it), NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER. Low dose NEXIUM, Getting slightly stressed now, with a slow train and slow ticket sales for the tube, it felt good to at least be on the tube on the way to Heathrow. Or so I thought. Halfway there, online buy NEXIUM without a prescription, there was an announcement that the tube train had broken down and that we had to get off (luckily at a station), and wait for the next train. People swearing, Rx free NEXIUM, and me really starting to get worried. NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER, Called home to Fredrika to make sure what Terminal to go to at least, so I could save time on any potential mistake there.

Once we arrived at Heathrow, the long automatic walking thing (you know, like a horizontal escalator, sort of) was broken, purchase NEXIUM, so we all had to walk/run a pretty long distance. Then I reached an escalator, but it was broken too, Buy NEXIUM online no prescription, so I had to run up the stairs. Totally panicking about missing my flight now, it really took me by surprise when check-in, baggage drop, boarding card check, no prescription NEXIUM online, security and then passport check altogether took 15 minutes. Go Heathrow.

Therefore, I took some time buying gifts for my children, wandering around, and buying a couple of chicken and bacon wraps and a couple of bottles of water, to have a quick lunch, NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER. Saw that I was to take off from gate 9, Buy NEXIUM without prescription, and according to the signs, it seemed to be close. So, I decided to have my lunch, and then 20 minutes before take-off, walk to my gate. Finished eating, just looked up and on the screens it read GATE CLOSING. NOOOO!!!!!. NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER, From panic, to having time, to missing the flight on the gate closing extremely early. This could not be happening.

Started to desperately run towards gate 1-9, according to the signs. Ran uphill, and suddenly only gate 3 and 5-7 were options. What. Managed to stop someone with a badge to ask where the hell gate 9 was, and got pointed back just the way I came, NEXIUM OVER THE COUNTER. Ran down the small slope again, and there it was, no marking whatsoever and looked like a janitor's closet. Being the last one, I managed to just board before they closed the gate...

It seems like this gate-closing business was in relation to the plane staff wanting to get home early, because when we landed in Stockholm it was 35 minutes before the scheduled arrival. Oh well, home sweet home. :-).



BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, About a week and a half ago, I had the pleasure of speaking at


Inspired by JSConf in the US, Jan Lehnardt, Malte Ubl and Holger Blank, decided to organize They gathered a stunning line-up of speakers, and I'm just happy I got to be one too, CIALISPRO no prescription.

My travel there

I got to the Arlanda airport in Stockholm in good time, had already checked in and got through security pretty quickly. Checked the board for my gate, and saw that it was just a couple of hundred meters away. Everything under control (or so I thought), BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. As always when waiting for a flight, Comprar en línea CIALISPRO, comprar CIALISPRO baratos, I wandered around, looking in shops, buying a couple of bottles of water.

About half an hour before my flight was due to take off, I walked to my gate, 10 C. When I got there, CIALISPRO reviews, there was no attendant, but just a door to go through. On the other side of the door, the only sign I could see was "Exit". BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, Ok, that couldn't be right. Looking the other way, Australia, uk, us, usa, there was an elevator, so I got in and rode it to the bottom floor.

I ended up in something that felt like an aquarium, down on ground level looking out a huge window at the airplanes being packed and tanked. There was a door, but needless to say, it was locked, CIALISPRO description. All I could see was one enormous button, with a label saying that I should press it to get a transfer to Terminal 2 (I was in Terminal 5, from where virtually all international flights go). I pushed the button, a circle lit up around it, and nothing happened, BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. It said that the transfer bus would take ten minutes, tops, CIALISPRO used for, to show up - no bus did.

Looking at the time now, with 25 minutes to take-off, I was starting to get worried. I decided to run up the flights of stairs next to me, and find someone to talk to. It basically went like this:

- How do I get to Terminal 2 the fastest way?

- Terminal 2, CIALISPRO duration. Take the transfer bus.
BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, - But no bus is coming, and my plan leaves in 25 minutes!

- Oh.

- Can you you check where the transfer bus is?

She called, on an intercom, no less, the transfer bus department, but, surprisingly enough, they knew nothing about transfer buses...

- There must be another way to get there, right?

- Well, you could go out through customs again, run to Terminal 2, go through their own set of security, and run to the gate. But it's pretty far, so I'm not sure you will make it in time.

- Ok, I'll have to try at least. Can you please call them the gate and let them know I will be late?

- No, sorry, Taking CIALISPRO, there's no way for us to contact the gate.

WTF?. Really. No way. Highly convinced they could contact them, there was no time for an argument.

- Forget it, I'll run then, BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION.

Running with my cabin bag on wheels (most of the time, just one of them touching the ground and the other in mid-air), and my overstuffed backpack with computer and lots of other things, I first got through customs and then onwards on my journey to Terminal 2, CIALISPRO samples. And let me tell you, Terminal 2 is far away from Terminal 5 at Arlanda. I don't know how many doors and long empty corridors I ran through, but I was all drenched in sweat and gasping for air. Every time I felt I wouldn't make it, Buy CIALISPRO from canada, I just pushed a little harder - I just had to. BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, Five minutes before take-off I got to security at Terminal 2, where they forced me to leave my water bottles I had bought at the other waiting area, which in theory is correct of them, but it still bothered me at that time, because they're both behind security checks. Screw the bottles, I was going to make it, no matter what. Through security, I found my gate and got onboard the plane just in time.

And let me tell you, CIALISPRO dosage, in the time of a certain flu going around, it is not a good thing to get on the plane, drenched in sweat with a nervous stare - on top of that, I also started coughing from the panic run. Oh well, Order CIALISPRO online c.o.d, no one was leaning over to my seat, at least, I can tell you that...

Once in Berlin I was sitting waiting around for Remy Sharp to show up with his flight from Copenhagen, BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. Interestingly, I flew with Air Berlin, and was there even before time, I think, CIALISPRO from mexico, while Remy flew with the Scandinavian SAS and was late...

As soon as he had arrived, we got in a cab and went to the hotel. My hotel room looked really nice, although there was this hint of a smell of sewage, After CIALISPRO, and the windows had been left opened. Not a good sign...

A picture of the surroundings close to the hotel I was staying at

Friday night dinner

BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, I was really looking forward to Friday night, because it meant time to meet up with my good Danish friend Morgan Roderick, who is now living and working (contracting) for Nokia in Berlin (ironically, he lives in Sweden otherwise, but only places we have met is abroad). Morgan met up with me and Remy close to the subway station near our hotel, and he took us to a great Asian restaurant, which had all kinds of interesting dishes.

Once there, we met his British colleagues Toby and Andy, CIALISPRO treatment, who were quite nice chaps, and after a while we were joined by one more of Morgan's work friends, Magnus, who is from Sweden (and, of course, Order CIALISPRO online overnight delivery no prescription, is very nice too). I really, thoroughly, enjoyed the evening, and it was the first time in quite some time that I actually felt relaxed. After a few hours of dinner, the Brits dropped of while the rest of us went into a cozy corner pub, CIALISPRO long term, with a funky interior (especially the bathroom!) and some weird music. Kind of gave the feel of being in Jackie Brown, or some other Tarantino movie, BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION.

A picture of the restaurant where we had dinner

After a fantastic evening, we got back to the hotel, and as is my usual fashion, I was doing some panic changes to my slide deck late into the night... Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

The conference, day 1 was split up into two days, with lots of talks each day, and for the most of the time, dual tracks going on. Once I got there, I also managed to meet a number of fellow Swedes attending, CIALISPRO images, where my friend Martin Lissmyr was one of them, and it is always nice to have Swedes around. For comfort and support, you know. BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, :-)

Below are short takes on the sessions I managed to see.

Talks I attended

The Future of Web-Apps - Dion Almaer

Dion was supposed to give this talk with his compadre Ben Galbraith, CIALISPRO natural, but after Øredev, Ben got so sick that he actually had to cancel and go home to the US. I hope you are better now, Ben. Dion's talk consisted of parts of the talk I saw Ben doing at Øredev, but also of other interesting things. I also, CIALISPRO coupon, finally, got to see the wonderful Louis C.K. talk "Everythings Amazing & Nobody's Happy", which I had on my hard drive, but had failed to take the time to see, BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. All in all, Dion did a great and inspiring keynote. I'm just sad that, Buying CIALISPRO online over the counter, both at Øredev and, all I managed to do was say hi to Dion, but never talk.

CommonJS - JavaScript vs. Ruby, Python, Java, etc, my CIALISPRO experience. - Kris Kowal

CommonJS is intended to "...building up the JavaScript ecosystem for web servers, desktop and command line apps and in the browser." I think it's great with such an initiative, but at the same time, it's not a part of what I'm personally interested in, so I didn't listen that intensely. BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, From what I understood, though, the work with CommonJS is appreciated.

Building Desktop-Caliber Web Apps with Capuccino and Atlas - Francisco Tolmasky

This was a very interesting demo, and the things they are creating really seem awesome - some clever minds at work there. Kjøpe CIALISPRO på nett, köpa CIALISPRO online, They also dropped the idea of using MHTML in Internet Explorer to serve everything in one HTTP request - quite cool. Part of me can't help to wonder about all the generated code, though, but I haven't had the time to check it out.

HTML5 JavaScript APIs - Remy Sharp

Remy was giving a talk about different APIs and cool features offered with HTML5 and surrounding technologies, and I think the options for developers were alluring - and if you were just paying attention, there was a lot of things covered in a short amount of time.

JavaScript - From Birth to Closure - Robert Nyman

Well, yes, buy CIALISPRO online cod, naturally I was there - this was my talk. I realized during this talk that I'm not a professional speaker, at least not yet. Especially during the beginning of my talk, I let some details get to me that kind of threw my focus off (insignificant details I over-focused on, CIALISPRO forum, like weird position for me to stand at, it seemed like people weren't getting my first couple of jokes etc). After a while I got a little bit better, but not as good as it felt at Øredev, BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. Oh well, I hope I have learned something, and that people went away from my talk with at least something.

Extreme JavaScript Performance - Thomas Fuchs

Having done some performance testing with JavaScript and how web browsers react myself, I think it was a good talk with things to consider in the future for an optimal result.

ECMAScript - Douglas Crockford

Douglas gave a stunning talk about the history of ECMAScript, different twists and turns on the way, is CIALISPRO addictive, how IBM seem to be filled with just lawyers who focus on patents rather than offering something actually good etc. It was also about the future of ECMAScript, and how everyone will work together in small steps to make it better. Douglas is a fantastic story-teller, and it is mesmerizing sitting there listening to any of his talks - and this was the third talk this week for me seeing him!

A picture of the Twitter fail whale at the conference

Saturday night dinner

After the talks on Saturday, CIALISPRO canada, mexico, india, me and the jQuery crew, meaning, John Resig, Brandon Aaron, Jörn Zaefferer and Remy Sharp went out for dinner, and ended up at, of all places, CIALISPRO street price, an Australian restaurant at Potsdam Plaza in Berlin. Having never been there before, Potsdam Plaza seemed to be a spectacular place, and in the middle of it, there was this huge thing built up for the movie 2012 with waterfalls and all. I tried to get the team to cave in and acknowledge DOMAssistant BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, 's superiority, but it didn't really happen... CIALISPRO mg, :-)

A picture of Potsdam Plaza

Party time

The event party was maybe a 10 minutes cold walk from Potsdam Plaza, and in there Nokia were sponsoring all alcohol - it seemed to be appreciated. :-)
Also there, I got to meet David Zschille who I had met my first time in Berlin back in March this year, at a Mozilla event. Unfortunately, the music was a bit loud, CIALISPRO maximum dosage, so not many conversations were, well, fluent in there.

I shared a cab back to the hotel with my friend Tom Hughes-Croucher and Nicole Sullivan, and got back, CIALISPRO pictures, well, not too late, I think.

The conference, day 2

A bit tired, I got up later, and luckily enough, I got to share a cab to the conference venue with Steve Souders and Douglas Crockford, BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION. As I have mentioned before, both these gentlemen have been highly influential to my work and evolvement as a web developer, and having first met them at Øredev and now in Berlin, it was almost half a week of me stalking them, CIALISPRO dose, constantly asking questions, desperately hoping that some genius would rub off on me. So, thanks for putting up with me, guys. CIALISPRO pharmacy, :-)

Talks I attended

Loading JS - even caveman can do it - Kyle Simpson

Kyle has being doing some really great work with LABjs, to tend to the problem of JavaScript loading blocking a web page, parallel loading and similar things. Quite nice!

End to End JavaScript - From Server to Client - Tom Hughes-Croucher

Tom was giving a talk of JavaScript on the server, how to improve the results of calls done with YQL with JavaScript and other things. BUY CIALISPRO NO PRESCRIPTION, Interesting, although not really something I personally work with on a day-to-day basis.

OOCSS - Nicole Sullivan

Nicole has some really interesting ideas with improving CSS, and she has a lot of experience to back her claims. Overall, I think she has great thoughts, CIALISPRO blogs, although I'm not really on board with all her takes. I plan to cover OOCSS - Object-Oriented CSS - in a future blog post.

Unittesting JavaScript with Evidence - Tobie Langel

Poor Tobie got off to a bad start with a presentation file/program that gave him some grief, and as a fellow presenter, I really felt with him. Once that was sorted out, though, he have an introduction to unit testing with the Evidence framework.

JavaScript in Browser Performance - Steve Souders

Steve gave a talk very similar to the one he gave at Øredev, but my impression is that he was more on fire here, and that the crowd seemed to be more onboard with what he was talking about. Always inspiring!

A picture of me and Morgan at the conference

Going home

Unfortunately I had to leave before the last talk by John Resig about testing JavaScript to catch my plane home. Proudly, I can say, I managed to have a casual talk in German with the cab driver for a full thirty minutes to the airport. :-) was great, I applaud the initiative, and I sure hope it will happen again next year.

Please also take a look at My pictures of 2009 and Berlin.



BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION, Week before last, I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at two conferences. With even more conferences in the pipe, last week was pretty intense, Buy cheap HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE, work-wise, to cover up for that, but now I thought I'd take the time to talk about them, starting in this post with the Øredev 2009 conference, buy HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE from mexico.

Getting there

Since the Øredev 2009 conference takes place in Malmö, in Sweden, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE overnight, I decided to take the X 2000 train there instead of flying. I could try and say that it was for environmental reasons, which is a good thing, but to be honest, order HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE no prescription, my decision was just based on travel time and making it easier with arriving directly at the station next to my hotel.

In retrospect, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE online cod, though - and I know how weak this sounds - the train goes really fast and takes the curves leaning, so instead of me working or reading, I just needed to basically just sit still to avoid starting feeling sick. So even though I like the idea, not sure I will take the train next time - at least not the high-speed one, BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION.

I work out a lot regularly, fast shipping HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE, and I drink protein shakes. So, Cheap HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE no rx, as a snack/afternoon meal at the train, I wanted to drink one, but didn't really feel like preparing it in the toilet sink. Therefore, purchase HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE, after some serious smooth-talking, I managed to convince the train conductor to allow me to use his little kitchen which had a sink and faucet. About HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE, Last thing he said to me before I went in there was: "Be careful, the train can be a bit jerky in some turns - just so you know". BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION, I though "Yeah, whatever, I'm a grown-up now, I can manage", filled my shaker with protein powder and water, and started shaking it. After just a few seconds the lid got off the shaker, and I spilled the containing goo all over me and the entire kitchen.., low dose HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE. I got some paper and started to clean up as good as I could; the kitchen looked fairly decent at least, but the protein drink stains on my shirt looked like sperm or something... Online buying HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE hcl, No bother, only four more shirt-stained hours to go on the train.

So, in my stain misery, no prescription HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE online, all I could do was tweet about it and share the "joy" with people. I think the best reply ever was from Jim O'Donnell, who wondered about me being in a room with the conductor, and a stained shirt, and ultimately asked me if "Protein shake" was our safe word, BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION. :-D

Hotel room

Eventually I arrived in Malmö, Order HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE from mexican pharmacy, and walked across the bridge from the train station over to the hotel, Elite Hotel Savoy. I checked in and got put in room 626. All well so far, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE without a prescription, but I got some interesting instructions on how to get to my room.

Take the lift to the second floor, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE no rx, get off, walk down half a stair, take the corridor to another elevator, take that one to your room.

Ok.., buy HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE without a prescription. BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION, I always thought room numbers starting with 600 would be on the 6th floor, but apparently my floor seemed to be wedged somewhere between the first and second floor, and elevator number two surely must have been going exclusively horizontal.

Nevertheless, I got a beautiful room with lots of space for all my stuff, Purchase HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE online, and a little envelope with welcoming instructions as well (and even some Swedish car candy!). I unpacked what I had to, and then directly went off to the speakers' dinner.

A picture of my hotel room

Speakers' dinner

The speakers' dinner took place at the absolutely gorgeous City Hall in Malmö, rx free HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE, which is, especially on the interior, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE trusted pharmacy reviews, very very nice - let me tell you, it was the first time as a speaker walking on a red carpet to the welcome room. :-) Feeling a bit lost and not really knowing any other speaker, I browsed around amongst the other speakers in the mingling room just before the dinner, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE without prescription, and luckily I ran into the lovely Theresa Neil. Theresa and I both were speakers at the Scandinavian Web developer Conference 2009 so we got to know each other there, and it was good to see that she once again this year was visiting Sweden, BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION.

We were then ushered into another, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE from canada, highly ornamented, room with lots of round tables put up for dinner and enormous chandeliers hanging over our heads. Theresa and I sat down at one table, and we were joined by some people from the conference organizing committee as well as performance guru Steve Souders, is HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE safe, Vice President of Development at Oracle Cameron Purdy, interaction designer Dan Saffer and Alex Loddengaard. HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE recreational, A picture from the speakers' dinner

It was a nice dinner with some very, eh, interesting dishes, and at the end of it I dared to approach Steve Souders - he has influenced a lot of my work and it was really good to meet him in person, canada, mexico, india.
After the dinner a few of us went to the official pub of the conference, just next to my hotel, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE class, and drank beer, spoke and generally had a good time. BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION, Like before any of my speaking engagements, I was staying up way too late, making last-minute changes and generally panicking...

The conference

I got up pretty early in the morning, and went for a morning walk, buy generic HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE. Had breakfast, packed all my stuff and then I decided to walk to the venue instead of taking the offered shuttle service - just to get some fresh air and properly wake up, Online buy HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE without a prescription, I thought. And man, did I wake up. It was very brisk outside so I guess the walk served its purpose at least, generic HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE. :-)

I got my badge, which interestingly read "Independent" (probably since I was invited as me, and not just as an employee) - I liked the notion, though, of being strong and independent, BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION. :-)

A picture of my badge

I managed to see some of Marc Lesser's keynote "Accomplishing more by doing less" (he sure has a name that fits his presentation...), before I went to where my presentation would be and got ready. HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE for sale,

My presentation

I gave my presentation JavaScript - From Birth to Closure (View/download on SlideShare) and overall I think it went pretty good. I was worked up, in a good mood and I felt I got good some good feedback/reactions from the audience as well. Only regret I have is that I had a dirty joke in the middle of my presentation, HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE cost, just to desperately shock/wake people up. BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION, Sure, some people liked it and tweeted about it, but the general feedback after was that it was a bit low and uncalled for, and I believe some even got offended. Please accept my apologies - the joke is now gone. Effects of HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE, Let me also say that it is quite a mental challenge to give a talk on JavaScript with Douglas Crockford, JavaScript Godfather, in the audience. The feedback I got afterwards, ordering HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE online, though, was that I seemed to have done well. HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE pics, :-)


With nine (!) separate tracks going at the same time, there were quite a number of talks to choose from. The other presentations I attended were:

JavaScript: The Good Parts - Douglas Crockford

I have seen this talk before by Douglas, except for some minor changes, and it is a great presentation, and especially the introduction to have if you are coming to JavaScript from other programming languages like Java, C++ or similar.

Even Faster Web Sites - Steve Souders

Steve was talking about how much performance matters, not just for end user experience, but also in conversions, loyalty and revenue, and showed both some interesting techniques as well as numbers to back his claims, BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION. First time seeing Steve talk, and it was very inspiring!

The JSON Saga

Douglas gave his talk about how JSON came to be, doses HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE work, and it truly is a saga that has led to where we are today. Besides everything JSON, Order HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE from United States pharmacy, I also learned that Douglas apparently, at times, likes to design logos. :-)

Design to Development - Collaborating and Communicating on Interaction Design - Theresa Neil

Needing a break from code, I decided to see Theresa give her talk about user experience and different approaches to common problems. As a fellow presenter, I also liked her new slide deck design!

How Exactly Can Developers Create a Compelling User Experience. - Ben Galbraith

BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION, Getting inspired by Theresa's talk, I decided to stay for another user experience talk. Ben, (previously with Google, then Mozilla, now Palm), gave a nice presentation about how design and user experience matters, and presented a lot of feedback and quotes from people researching it.


After the conference, the organizers were offering dinner at the venue together with some beer - I think this is a great idea, to keep everyone around and still mingling even though you are several hundred people. During dinner, Remy showed up, since he was due to talk the day after. We had some dinner together, and then later some beers at the pub, but both he and I were quite tired, both from escapades before the conference, as well as upcoming adventures.

Morning after, I left to go home and meet the family, before embarking on my next conference adventure (which I will cover in my next blog post).

The Øredev Conference review

It was my first time at Øredev, and I have to say I was extremely satisfied, BUY HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE NO PRESCRIPTION. Everything, down to the last detail, was very well organized, and everything just worked.
Especially as a speaker, it's so good when you don't need to waste time and effort into administrative details, but instead just focus on your talk, and the web track leader Olof Adell set a great example there.

If I ever get the chance to go again, I would say yes without hesitating. Thanks for everyone making it such a great event, and especially to Michael Tiberg for making this happen.

My pictures from the event are available in the Øredev 2009 conference photo set.



PREDNISOLONE OVER THE COUNTER, I'm very happy to say that I will speak at at, and participate in, in Berlin this upcoming weekend. PREDNISOLONE gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I heard/read about the conference when it was in its planning stage, but since I was already scheduled to speak at Øredev this week and had some other things to attend to, canada, mexico, india, Buy generic PREDNISOLONE, I early on discarded the idea of attending

However, PREDNISOLONE price, PREDNISOLONE photos, as things got closer, I realized I could actually be a part of it, PREDNISOLONE without a prescription, My PREDNISOLONE experience, and given the impact of the event and all the interesting talks, I felt I would really like to talk there as well, cheap PREDNISOLONE. PREDNISOLONE dose, In May this year at the Scandinavian Web Developer Conference 2009, I as well as Jan Lehnardt and Malte Ubl gave presentations, what is PREDNISOLONE, PREDNISOLONE over the counter, and interestingly enough, together with Holger Blank, PREDNISOLONE blogs, Buy PREDNISOLONE from mexico, they are organizing :-)

So, ordering PREDNISOLONE online, Buying PREDNISOLONE online over the counter, I got on touch with them over the weekend and spoke with Malte, and basically got to hear that they would love to have me do a talk, PREDNISOLONE pictures, Rx free PREDNISOLONE, but that the budget wouldn't cover my expenses - which is fair enough, my proposal was "drastically late", generic PREDNISOLONE, PREDNISOLONE mg, as Malte called it :-), and the 2009 conference schedule had already been organized, PREDNISOLONE interactions. So, I spoke to my employer, Valtech In Swedish, who graciously immediately offered to sponsor me, PREDNISOLONE OVER THE COUNTER. Online buying PREDNISOLONE hcl, :-)

Therefore, I can happily announce that I will, purchase PREDNISOLONE online no prescription, PREDNISOLONE treatment, alongside the fantastic list of speakers, do a talk at, doses PREDNISOLONE work. Online PREDNISOLONE without a prescription, I'll be covering some brief JavaScript history, common best practices and then more advanced things like scope and closures, order PREDNISOLONE no prescription. PREDNISOLONE online cod, Slightly worried that my talk might be too basic, but at the same time, PREDNISOLONE trusted pharmacy reviews, Effects of PREDNISOLONE, I hope to fill in some blanks and repeat important information that everyone should know, and hopefully inspire people to delve into the fantastic workings of JavaScript, PREDNISOLONE wiki. Comprar en línea PREDNISOLONE, comprar PREDNISOLONE baratos, :-)

Will you be there. PREDNISOLONE street price. PREDNISOLONE overnight. PREDNISOLONE recreational. Where can i find PREDNISOLONE online.



ZITHROMAX OVER THE COUNTER, Soon time for me to go on the road, and I've gotten the honor to speak at the Full Frontal - JavaScript Conference, 20th November 2009.

A picture of Robert Nyman

It is especially interesting, australia, uk, us, usa, ZITHROMAX from mexico, and scary, for me since all the other names on the bill are true JavaScript heroes, ZITHROMAX dose. Order ZITHROMAX from United States pharmacy, Just take a glance at this list of the speakers:

  • Jake Archibald

  • Christian Heilmann

  • Todd Kloots

  • Peter-Paul Koch

  • Stuart Langridge

  • Robert Nyman (that's me. :-) )

  • Simon Willison

As the name implies, purchase ZITHROMAX online, Is ZITHROMAX safe, it is naturally about JavaScript, but also with a complete focus on front end-development - as opposed to many other conferences, ZITHROMAX images. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, With this impressive list of speakers, I am sure anyone interested in JavaScript will be wildly pleased, cheap ZITHROMAX no rx. ZITHROMAX long term, Besides, the name is awesome, ZITHROMAX use, Buy ZITHROMAX from mexico, isn't it. I am so happy I came up with it, where can i buy cheapest ZITHROMAX online, ZITHROMAX pics, and that Remy, the event organizer, my ZITHROMAX experience, Where to buy ZITHROMAX, liked my suggestion. :-)

Make sure to buy a ticket now while there are still some left, buy cheap ZITHROMAX no rx. Discount ZITHROMAX. Ordering ZITHROMAX online. Online buy ZITHROMAX without a prescription. Herbal ZITHROMAX. ZITHROMAX price, coupon. Purchase ZITHROMAX for sale. Canada, mexico, india. ZITHROMAX street price. ZITHROMAX dangers. About ZITHROMAX. ZITHROMAX duration. Buy ZITHROMAX no prescription. Purchase ZITHROMAX online no prescription. Online buying ZITHROMAX hcl. ZITHROMAX steet value. ZITHROMAX australia, uk, us, usa. Kjøpe ZITHROMAX på nett, köpa ZITHROMAX online. Buy ZITHROMAX online cod.



Late last night I came home from the fantastic event that was BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Mozilla Camp Europe Prague, 3-4 October 2009, and I thought I'd tell you how my Prague visit was, what I thought of the event and my thinking about the sessions.

Getting there

Thursday October 1st I met up with fellow Swedes Patrick Finch and David Tenser (ok, Patrick is actually British, but he lives in Sweden, so it counts as one of us :-) ) to get on our flight with Czech Airlines. They were about to participate on Friday on an event for the local Mozilla community in Prague, and I had made sure to have one extra day of touristing in the city before the actual conference, SEROQUEL recreational.

Once we got to the Andel's hotel where we were staying (a very nice hotel, by the way), we got settled in our rooms and then planned to meet up to have dinner. In the lobby, I also met Søren Skrøder, Effects of SEROQUEL, who I got to know at the Mozilla/Maemo event in Copenhagen back in May. As it turned out, though, the main organizer William Quiviger (who now sports some kind of Jef Goldblum-look with his glasses...) was just a tad stressed in getting things in order and be on top of everything, so we went to the preparation area, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION.

A picture of the preparations

Once there, we met Barbara Hueppe, Paul Roguet, Irina Sandu, Svetlana and other people making their best to get everything in order. Being the kind spirits that we are, SEROQUEL brand name, we added our small efforts to get everything done, so we could go out and eat something: by this time, I was famished.

A picture of Mozillians looking for a good place to get dinner

Once we got everyone together and went out to eat, let's just say that there were mixed ideas about where to go, Buy generic SEROQUEL, and where the actual place was located. We walked around in Prague for almost an hour, till we finally settled on a restaurant. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, I ordered in Carpaccio, which was awesome. After dinner, I was exhausted, so I got back to the hotel, said hi to Axel Hecht and then went to my room to get some sleep and be prepared for a full day of Prague touristing, where can i buy SEROQUEL online.

Tourism in Prague

The next morning, I met a lot of Mozilla people at the breakfast, and I and Søren had decided to make an attempt to tourist together, since he had also dedicated his Friday time for the same purpose. We started by packing our bags, SEROQUEL over the counter, buying some water and then initiate our Prague excursion.

A picture of the park

We took a glance on the map, had a brief discussion about what we wanted to see and then embarked on our walkabout. One of our first destinations was the the huge main park in Prague, Pet?ín hill, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Neither I or Søren expected it to be so hilly, though, and there were serpentine walkways taking us up the steep hill.

A picture of the Prague Castle and St, <b>SEROQUEL cost</b>. Vitus Cathedral

After quite some time walking, we eventually reached the Pet?ín Lookout Tower, which gives an amazing view over Prague. There sure are a number of stairs to walk up, but it was definitely worth it. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, After having spent quite some time in the park by then, Søren expressed that he really wanted to move on and see other sights (these opinions were expressed in tweets like "Søren says we have had enough of pretty park pictures now. Taking SEROQUEL, :-)" and "Søren says: "Fuck the scenic route".").

A picture of the Pet?ín Lookout Tower

Understanding the hints, we started walking downhill again, and got to the Strahovsky monastery - unfortunately, it was closed when we got there. However, outside we met two people from the Mozilla community in Barcelona, where can i find SEROQUEL online, and decided to make company.

A picture of the view of Prague from the Pet?ín Lookout Tower

That was then followed by a visit to Loreta Holy Shrine and then lunch at a local restaurant. Baffled by the constantly low prices: about €1.50 for a large beer and no lunch or dinner costed more than €20 (unless you wanted something really special), BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Post-lunch, it was finally time to reach the Prague Castle.

A picture of the Prague Castle

Within the castle area is also the gargantuan St. Where to buy SEROQUEL, Vitus Cathedral, which we spent a fair amount of time in. After that visit, we went into the urinal, and I got the idea to take a picture of a toilet that was sealed off in an interesting way. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Suffice to say, the reaction of the other people in the urinal, when they heard the camera flash, was not comforting. I learned something that day about taking pictures in urinals...

A picture of the St Vitus Cathedral

By this time, SEROQUEL interactions, it started to get chilly outside and the wind started blowing, so we briskly moved forward out of the castle area, by wine growing on the hill side, and down towards the Vltava/Moldau river and across to the Old Town area of Prague (still a little bit scared of the guy who came walking on the sidewalk with a chainsaw - apparently Czech people defend their own hood in a different way...).

A picture of the St Vitus Cathedral from behind

A picture of Charles Bridge

Once in the Old Town we had a look at the extraordinary Astronomical Clock and had the luck to see it at the full hour with all of its display. Order SEROQUEL no prescription, On our way, there's was an offer to see a non-verbal performance of Beatles' Yellow Submarine - Great, I've been looking for that all my life...

A picture of the Astronomical Clock

A picture of the the billboard for the non-verbal performance of Beatles' Yellow Submarine

Next stop was the Museum of Communism, depicting the history of communism in the world, and in Prague in particular, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. It is terrible, but also needed, to be reminded how evil man can be, and that we really need to be more respectful and understanding to each other, purchase SEROQUEL online.

A picture of the poster for the Museum of Communism

When the museum visit had come to an end, our Barcelonian friends needed to go back to the hotel again. Søren and I, however, just knew he had more to see in the city. Online buying SEROQUEL, We walked to the Charles Bridge, where the Swedes fought the Czechs during the Thirty Years' War, and also got the opportunity to climb up in the tower on the Old Town side.

A picture of the Charles Bridge Tower BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Last task of the day was crossing the bridge, admiring its gorgeous statues and then finding a tram station to get back to the hotel again. At the hotel, some Danish countrymen of Søren had arrived, so I, Søren and Finn Sørensen went out and had a nice dinner together (Carpaccio again for me, purchase SEROQUEL online no prescription, two nights in a row - oh, how I love it!). That was later followed by a welcome beer at the hotel with all the newly arrived conference attendants.

By this time, my room mate from Sweden, SEROQUEL steet value, Stefan H, had also arrived, and in a Swedish humble manner we almost constantly apologized to each other for how much room we took in our hotel room, what a mess we had created etc.

My tourist day in Prague was fantastic, and I'm truly happy I took the time to do it.

The conference

The Mozilla conference had two full day of presentations, and I will list the ones I attended, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. The talks were divided into four tracks:

  • Development

  • Internationalisation

  • Advocacy

  • QA

(entire schedule)

Saturday presentations

Welcome address by Tristan Nitot

Tristan is the President of Mozilla Europe, SEROQUEL online cod, and he welcomed us all to the conference and went a little into what it would contain.

Keynote: Glyn Moody

Glyn Moody is a technical writer who spoke about the importance of open software, how Mozilla of today is derived of the old Netscape roots, and how amazing it is that it actually happened. I wonder what the web would have looked like without Mozilla. Also, No prescription SEROQUEL online, Moody is a great name, and I sure know it would fit me. :-)

Keynote: Mark Surman

Mark is the Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation, and his talk was about spreading the word, building community, and, in essence, ordering SEROQUEL online, making sure we continue to work for an open web. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, He also raised the extremely important question: "Will we have an open web 100 years?", and how we can make sure that happens. Mozilla Drumbeat is a way to help people spreading the word.

Panel discussion with Tristan, Glyn and Mark

After the keynotes, it was time for a discussing about the open web, integrity and how can protect people on the Internet. Rx free SEROQUEL, I think a very important question was raised by someone in the audience about what information and data we can claim that we own; is a great blog comment of mine, in someone else's blog something I can claim ownership to, what about pictures others take of me etc. Unfortunately, this was just dismissed with jokes about being seen drunk on Facebook, which really missed the big question. Sad.

Firefox Next - Mike Beltzner

Mike is the Director of Firefox, SEROQUEL overnight, and he gave a very interesting talk about the future of Firefox, what they see as the true competitors (not other web browsers, but rather proprietary technologies such as Flash, Silverlight and Gears), how it needs to have shorter release cycles and what they need to focus on in the future. Later during the conference, I got to have a chat with him, and was happy to hear about the work on improved start-up time, how performance is perceived and other things.

Firefox in Europe

Mike Beltzner led an open discussion about the future of Firefox in conjunction with help, support and input from the European community, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. Comprar en línea SEROQUEL, comprar SEROQUEL baratos, Good suggestions and I hope they got something to think about for future plans.


Jan Odvarko of the Firebug team walked us through new features in the upcoming Firebug 1.5. Being a Firebug extension developer with Firefinder and Inline Code Finder, I would had hoped for more information about extending Firebug, but I think the right thing was to talk about general features. After his talk, it was great to finally meet Jan in person, talk a little and share the challengin experience of, SEROQUEL use, as an extension developer, trying to understand Firebug... :-)

Having developed a few Adobe AIR applications, for some time now, I have been hoping that Prism would take off and offer a good open alternative. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, As I see it, Prism is decent, but at the same time I get the feeling that the development pace of it isn't that fast, and that they would have to put more effort into it if they want to compete with Adobe AIR.


Anant Narayanan did a very interesting and inspiring talk about Weave, where they are today and possible future plans. SEROQUEL alternatives, We spoke a little after the presentation about Opera Unite, possible interest in offering similar things to users and such.


Aza Raskin was supposed to give this talk, but his plane was late (or something), so Anant and someone else (missed the name) had to step up and hold an open discussion. What is clear is that Jetpack is most likely the future extension model for Firefox, phasing the old one out (at least for most use cases), but it will take some time and there are a number of things to work out before we reach that point.

My friend Remy Sharp was also to hold a presentation about HTML5 as well, SEROQUEL no prescription, but unfortunately couldn't make it to Prague.

Saturday evening boat ride on the Vltava/Moldau river

Mozilla had arranged for all of the conference attendants to first ride specially booked historical trams down to the river, and then board a boat to get a dinner on board accompanied by a guide. However, with about 180 attendants, SEROQUEL wiki, Czech beer and people spread out, the guiding didn't really take off.

A picture of Finn and Søren on the river boat

It was also possible to get up on the top of the boat to get a beautiful view of Prague at night, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. There I first got to have a good talk with Steve Lau of Songbird and then Martin Kliehm, who fights a lot for accessibility.

A picture of the view from the river boat

I also found it amusing to to see Patrick Finch, a.k.a. Remington Steele (or James Bond if you will), SEROQUEL dosage, giving his special agent stance on the boat, and telling a story about an amazing feat of his.

A picture of Patrick Finch on the river boat

After a few hours on the river, we got back to the pier again, and got on a bus back to the hotel, SEROQUEL description, and I got to have an interesting talk with David McNamara about many varying things. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, Once back at the hotel, a few of us decided we needed just one more beer, and went out on the town - we were me, Brian King, David McNamara and Matjaz Horvat. Once at the bar, we also met Kamil Lach, who I got to know in Copenhagen in May, and someone else, who I just can't remember (I was jus tired; do not blame the beer intake, ok?, SEROQUEL blogs. :-) ).

Brian gave me a good talk which really inspired me on the way back to the hotel - thanks, Bri. :-)

Sunday presentations

Keynote: Seth Bindernagel

Sunday morning started with a talk by Seth about the importance of localization, and how it has been, SEROQUEL natural, and is, such an important part of helping to bring Firefox to everyone in a lot of countries.

HTML5 Roundtable

Both stepping up for an absent Remy, and out of my own interest, I took one of the places on the HTML5 roundtable, amongst a total of 9 developers, which was during two hours before lunch. The idea was to discuss about HTML5, feedback and concerns and also let the audience ask their questions about it, BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION. I think I did ok on it, SEROQUEL pharmacy, but overall, my feeling is that we could have been a bit more structured with the set-up and topics, and nine people on the panel were probably a few too many.

Interestingly enough, one of the other people on the panel was Anthony Ricaud, who is a WebKit Developer and works on the Web Inspector. Buy SEROQUEL online cod, Kudos to him for taking part of a Mozilla event, and it was good talking about Web Inspector as well.

Above-mentioned Martin Kliehm was part of the panel, and did a good job emphasizing the need for accessibility in HTML5, and I was also joined by Ilmari Heikkinen, who showed a nice canvas animation demo and is also behind CAKE (take a lot at the amazing Missile Fleet, for instance).

Stratified JavaScript

Showed some interesting examples with concurrency in JavaScript.


Steve Lau presented Songbird, which is an open source music player based on XULRunner, SEROQUEL price. Quite interesting, and I liked Steve's cool, calm presentation approach. He demoed the extension capapbilities, skinning etc and I for one sure hope it becomes popular.

Mozilla Labs: The Future of You-centric Browsing

Aza Raskin, SEROQUEL mg, who had arrived Saturday evening, gave a talk about user experience and setting the end user, i.e. BUY SEROQUEL NO PRESCRIPTION, you, in focus and control. Interesting presentation, but personally I felt i would have wanted some more hands-on examples. We had a talk after, and I asked a number of questions about user interface, herbal SEROQUEL, what he was working with compared to the current work being done on Firefox, his opinions on certain things etc. Aza is a busy man, so if you get the chance to corner him, make sure to ask everything that's on your mind. :-)

That was all I saw during the Sunday, and it was followed by trying to make sure to get the time to say good-bye to everyone before it was time to go to the airport.

Going home

Two small buses were chartered to get us to the airport, work courtesy of FuzzyFox who probably had enough stress for a year organizing it all. Once at the airport, I sat down and had a talk with Anthony Ricaud, before it was due time to bug (even more) gifts to my loved ones and then board the flight home.

Thank you Mozilla and everyone attending for a great event, and I hope to see you all again soon.

All my pictures are available on Flickr and on SmugMug.



BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, Last weekend, me and my brother embarked on a journey to Gothenburg to see AC/DC play at the Ullevi arena.

I had the pleasure of seeing AC/DC a few months ago in Stockholm, February 20th 2009, Taking NEXIUM, and now, June 21st, it was time again.

Driving to Gothenburg and accommodation

Sunday morning, NEXIUM price, coupon, we embarked on our journey down to Gothenburg by car. Both of us love the freedom of driving instead of taking the train or similar, NEXIUM used for, and hey, who could say no to a road trip. :-)

It was a good 5 hours in the car, with the necessary pit stop for food and candy, NEXIUM wiki, drinks etc. And by the way, isn't it amazing that, no matter how healthy you eat at home, when you're on the road, no rules apply; basically, you can eat whatever you like, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION.

We arrived down in Gothenburg at around 5 in the afternoon, NEXIUM pictures, and luckily we were to stay at the place of my brother's wife's cousin. She was living in the outskirts of central Gothenburg, and she rented a section of a house there. Very cute house, NEXIUM without prescription, by the way: it looked, more or less, After NEXIUM, like Villa Villekulla In Swedish.

We got settled in our quarters there, and then went by tram to the Ullevi stadium. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, It took about half an hour to get there, and Gothenburg was packed with AC/DC fans getting ready for the concert. Just before we reached the venue, NEXIUM steet value, rain started pouring down. Everyone was trying to squeeze themselves in under the roof at Ullevi, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, to stay dry for a while longer.

It rained quote a lot, for about half an hour or so, but after that it was just clear-blue skies and sunny weather the rest of the evening, buy NEXIUM without prescription. We got into the arena, bought something to eat and then moved closer to the stage.

The concert

The stadium was, naturally, sold out with 57 205 people attending, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. Where can i find NEXIUM online, First, there were two opening acts: Swedish band Bullet, and Irish band The Answer. I didn't hear that much of Bullet, NEXIUM results, but what I heard sounded very good, and I definitely need to check them out. NEXIUM description, With a concert of this magnitude, it's probably even worse being the second opening act; everyone is waiting for the main attraction, many people don't know there are two support bands etc.

So, about NEXIUM, no matter what you think of The Answer, there were a lot of disappointed faces when they got on stage. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, They played pretty well, but still, everyone just wanted AC/DC by then. Where can i cheapest NEXIUM online, A picture of AC/DC at the Ullevi arena

Picture taken by Peter Wixtröm, Aftonbladet

At about 9.30 in the evening, the opening video began and AC/DC finally entered the stage. Since they're on the same tour as when I saw them in February, NEXIUM duration, not many things (read: hardly anything) have changed since then. But, Comprar en línea NEXIUM, comprar NEXIUM baratos, I'm so immensely grateful every time I get the chance to see AC/DC, because they are, without a doubt, one of the best live acts you can ever see, purchase NEXIUM for sale. They're so totally dedicated to delivering and make the night as memorable as possible for the crowd.

What especially gets to me is the energy they all have, with Angus being pretty much all over the place, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. It also makes me truly happy to see vocalist Brian Johnson. Low dose NEXIUM, He's so there, all the time, and when he's not singing, he's standing next to the other guys, order NEXIUM from United States pharmacy, moving to the music or interacting with the crowd. Definitely a lesson for other vocalists who tend to get off the stage as fast as they can, Buy NEXIUM from canada, as soon as there an instrumental part/passage...

But sure, one could argue that a number of years ago, they were even more physical, NEXIUM long term, but it's not really that much noticeable. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, First time I saw them was back in 1991, and then Angus was completely crazy, throwing himself everywhere, lying on the floor playing constantly, kicking around etc. But what he's doing now is not far from that. Canada, mexico, india, A picture of Angus Young of AC/DC at the Ullevi arena

Like my brother mentioned, though, the only downside of seeing several AC/DC concerts in a short amount of time is that what feels unique for that night and special just for you, is the same thing they would do the other nights as well, buy NEXIUM online no prescription. It's all carefully crafted, but, NEXIUM without a prescription, you could lose some of that special once-in-a-lifetime feeling. By the way, I should also mention that the sound was very very good, at least from where I was standing, NEXIUM over the counter, and every note came through crystal clear.

Only thing that gave me some distaste was that, during the song The Jack (which is about a woman with venereal disease), the camera men like to film women in the audience to imply that they are "dirty women", BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. All fine and well, NEXIUM pharmacy, and for a laugh, but it loses all its joy when they start filming twelve year-old girls... What's wrong with you, camera men, real brand NEXIUM online.

Picture taken by Peter Wixtröm, Aftonbladet

The set list

With the treasure chest of songs AC/DC have, NEXIUM canada, mexico, india, they could hardly go wrong. The songs they played were exactly the same as a few months ago, and in the same order, except for adding Dog Eat Dog to the set as well (it's an ok song, order NEXIUM online c.o.d, but personally I know a lot of other songs that I feel would have suited better; e.g. BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION, Jailbreak, High Voltage, It's a Long Way to the Top etc).

In my opinion, Purchase NEXIUM online no prescription, though, the middle of the set list is the weaker part, with too many new songs. They actually grow on me, purchase NEXIUM, though, except for Anything Goes, Buy generic NEXIUM, which I think is just a waste of time. If they made the middle a little stronger, I feel that no other band or concert would be able to top it.

The ending is, australia, uk, us, usa, however, completely amazing, NEXIUM from canadian pharmacy, and could not be done better. :-D

  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Train

  2. Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be

  3. Back in Black

  4. Big Jack

  5. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  6. Shot Down in Flames

  7. Thunderstruck

  8. Black Ice

  9. The Jack

  10. Hells Bells

  11. Shoot to Thrill

  12. War Machine

  13. Dog Eat Dog

  14. Anything Goes

  15. You Shook Me All Night Long

  16. T.N.T.

  17. Whole Lotta Rosie

  18. Let There Be Rock

  19. Highway to Hell

  20. For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

My thoughts and the future

This was the fifth time I saw AC /DC Live, BUY NEXIUM NO PRESCRIPTION. First time was back in 1991, then 1996, two times in 2000 (New York and Stockholm) and now two times this year (Stockholm and Gothenburg). I believe an AC/DC concert experience is about as good as it can get, but I can't help start wondering about the future.

Brian Johnson will turn 62 this year, and Angus Young is the youngest member at 54. AC/DC started out back in 1973 and have been around for an astonishing 36 years. Very impressive, but also makes me think that this were perhaps their last great tour. There might be one more, if we're lucky, but then they will probably retire.

So, if you have the chance, go see AC/DC live, because it's a truly unforgettable experience.



ZYPREXA FOR SALE, End of May/beginning of June will be very busy for me indeed. No prescription ZYPREXA online, There will be a number of speaking engagements for me, and I'd like you to know about another one: Mozilla/Maemo Danish Weekend, ZYPREXA overnight. Herbal ZYPREXA, It is a joint event between Maemo and Mozilla, and it will take place May 30th - 31st in Copenhagen, buy generic ZYPREXA, Is ZYPREXA addictive, Denmark. If you're interested or already involved of some sorts, ZYPREXA treatment, Australia, uk, us, usa, there will be a number of interesting talks and information about Fennec (Firefox on mobile platforms) and Maemo 5.

There will be a number of Mozilla talks, ZYPREXA maximum dosage, ZYPREXA samples, where the latest information is available in the schedule. I will do a talk about developing Firefox extensions, and hope to give a good introduction and vital basic information to succeed with that, ZYPREXA FOR SALE.

If you are in or near Copenhagen that weekend, buy cheap ZYPREXA no rx, Order ZYPREXA online overnight delivery no prescription, and this sounds interesting, make sure to register now, ZYPREXA over the counter. ZYPREXA without a prescription,

Other spring speaking

Together with this lovely event, I will have a total of four speaking performances in 10 days, ZYPREXA reviews. ZYPREXA duration, Quite a mental challenge to get prepared. :-)

. Real brand ZYPREXA online. Online buy ZYPREXA without a prescription. Effects of ZYPREXA. Rx free ZYPREXA. What is ZYPREXA. ZYPREXA pics. ZYPREXA canada, mexico, india. Buy cheap ZYPREXA. ZYPREXA trusted pharmacy reviews. Where can i cheapest ZYPREXA online. After ZYPREXA. ZYPREXA brand name. ZYPREXA wiki. Online ZYPREXA without a prescription. Ordering ZYPREXA online. ZYPREXA schedule. Where can i find ZYPREXA online. Purchase ZYPREXA for sale.

Trackbacks from: ZYPREXA FOR SALE. ZYPREXA FOR SALE. ZYPREXA FOR SALE. ZYPREXA FOR SALE. ZYPREXA FOR SALE. ZYPREXA FOR SALE. ZYPREXA FOR SALE. Where can i buy ZYPREXA online. Kjøpe ZYPREXA på nett, köpa ZYPREXA online. Buy no prescription ZYPREXA online. Where to buy ZYPREXA. ZYPREXA australia, uk, us, usa. Effects of ZYPREXA. Where can i order ZYPREXA without prescription.


SYNTHROID FOR SALE, As most of you know, I was in Berlin last weekend, giving a talk at Mozilla Add-Ons Workshop :: Berlin (MAOW Berlin 2009). It was great fun, and I thought I'd tell you more about the event and the trip.

Getting to Berlin

I flew down on Friday March 27th with SAS from Stockholm to Berlin. It was a bit windy, especially when we were about to land, but overall a nice and gentle trip. I took a cab to my hotel, get SYNTHROID, Park Inn at Alexanderplatz. Earlier, I had talked to Rey Bango about having dinner together on Friday night, but I didn't know when he was about to arrive, SYNTHROID FOR SALE.

So, I checked in at the hotel about 8 pm, I got my room at the 29th floor with a beautiful view of Alexanderplatz and the TV tower. As soon as I had settled in, I sent a text message to Rey to see where he were. Buy SYNTHROID from mexico, The surprise reply was that we would not be there until 11 pm. I thought he maybe was preparing stuff at the venue before the conference, but it turned out that we was in Paris, waiting for a connecting flight.

A picture of the view from my hotel room SYNTHROID FOR SALE, Then, apparently, it is super-expensive to send text messages with a US subscription when you're abroad (my theory: Rey is a bit cheap, don't earn enough or is just plainly misinformed :-) ), so our communication abruptly ended with Rey sending a text message to me, begging me to stop texting (he also used lots of abbreviations, like the number of characters in a message influenced the price...).

Ok, I was on my own. I texted with some loved ones and friends (since I could take the total cost of about €1), and then I called a friend I knew would be in Berlin over the weekend to see if we could meet up, SYNTHROID photos. Unfortunately, they were in another part of the city, just about to have the dinner, and I didn't have the strength to take a cab and try to find them.

Very tired after the work week, I decided I had to activate myself to stay awake. I went out for a walk in the Alexanderplatz proximity for about an hour, getting some cold nice air and pretty scenery, and ended the walk with eating a bratwurst from a stand in the square, SYNTHROID FOR SALE. Ordering SYNTHROID online, After that, I went up to my room again, with about an hour and a half to wait till Rey would arrive.

Unfortunately, all the TV channels were dubbed to German (stop doing that!) and my German skills aren't that good, so watching TV was out of the question. Also, Internet in the room was extremely expensive (how about €6 per hour?), buying SYNTHROID online over the counter, so I decided to alternate between reading some magazines and playing Texas Hold'em on the iPhone. At around 11 pm I was so far slumped down in the bed, I just had to get up to stay awake. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, I went down into the lobby, sitting in a couch there reading some magazine I found in English, and probably pretty close to 12 pm, Rey and his entourage walked into the door. Tired, moving very slowly, I got up and greeted him. SYNTHROID street price, Since I had been lonely for some time, I was a bit clingy ("see me, love me!"), and acted a bit like a dog when its owners get home from work. I would not be left behind on my own, not again.

I went with Rey to his room (only fifth floor, ha ha, after SYNTHROID. - do that laugh like Nelson in Simpsons :-) ) and had a look at it, SYNTHROID FOR SALE. I did, however, get the tingling feeling that he would probably like to be left alone for a moment, so I offered to go down to the lobby to wait for them. The offer was graciously accepted my Mr. Bango. Order SYNTHROID online c.o.d,

Friday night

When everyone had got settled, we met up in the lobby for a late night dinner. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, It was Rey, Chris Beard, Pascal Finette and me, and we went to a place with both Spanish and German food. I was still full from the bratwurst earlier, but joined them in eating some garlic bread. Chris was kind enough to treat us to dinner (thank you!) and after a nice chat, we went back to the hotel to get some sleep.

Back in my room, I realized that iPhones don't work as regular cell phones when it comes to setting the alarm: the iPhone has to be left on to sound at the right time, where can i buy cheapest SYNTHROID online. Scared to turn off the sound as well, I left it on, and tried to get a few hours of sleep before the big day Saturday. Lying in the bed, tossing and turning, many thoughts went through my bed about being in a new city, if I was prepared enough for my presentation etc, SYNTHROID FOR SALE.

I had probably just fallen asleep when I, at 02.48 am, got a text message from my friend, SYNTHROID dosage, containing just one word. That word was, I later found out, a name of a bar, but at that time I figured he was only drunk or I was completely missing something, and tried to fall asleep again.



When the alarm went off, I was completely exhausted, order SYNTHROID no prescription, but at the same time, grateful to just get up and get ready; no more time wasted on trying to sleep, but not really being able to. Rey and I were supposed to meet at 8 am to have breakfast, but he called me, being completely jet-lagged, Buy SYNTHROID without a prescription, and said he had to sleep one hour longer. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, Alone, once again, I went down to have breakfast, and was hoping that I'd get some company. Alas, I never got it, so I got a bit needy with a very old English lady, but she was nice and spoke to me for a while. Eventually I called Rey's room, he was up, and we were to meet just a little later in the restaurant, SYNTHROID gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

After Rey's breakfast, he was a bit stressed to get there in time to get ready to give his keynote, and to make sure we got there right and in time, he persuaded me to take a cab with him. The eventuality we didn't consider was that the cab driver's GPS didn't count with road work, and that he didn't know where we were going, SYNTHROID interactions, so eventually we had to give him our map for him to find the way.

Once there we saw it was so close we actually still had a visual of our hotel, so walking had probably been at least as fast (except walking makes Rey start panting :-P ).., SYNTHROID FOR SALE.

Getting into c-base

A picture of c-base

We got into the venue, c-base (in German), which is the most, eh, different place I've ever talked/attended a conference at. I'll give you a little quote from Wikipedia about c-base to give you a hint:

The location for c-base is accompanied by a myth. This myth says that there are remnants of a space station called c-base underneath the city centre of Berlin, online buying SYNTHROID hcl. The space station's antenna is the Fernsehturm Berlin, a large spire with a mirrored ball near the top and a distinctive landmark nearby.

According to the stories of the members of the c-base, the space station crashed due to unstable conditions in its orbit after exiting a time warp. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, At that time there was a number of highly technological advances and heretofore undiscovered lifeforms aboard the station. Much evidence of its existence is said to be in and around Berlin, including the aforementioned antenna, which was (according to stories) unmasked by East German and Soviet scientists. What is SYNTHROID, Other evidence, such as the multifunctional space station module, which ejected during the crash, is now under intense research and makes up the current premises of the c-base association.

A picture of a c-base walkthrough

When in, we were greeted by some nice Mozilla people, organizing the event: Paul Rouget, William Quiviger, Jane Finette and Barbara Hueppe, where can i find SYNTHROID online. I had, in turn, some nice talks with each of them, finding out who they are and what they do for Mozilla.

I then had the pleasure of meeting Patrick Finch, who's originally from the UK, SYNTHROID cost, but lives in Sweden now with his Swedish wife. We shared some nice anecdotes, cultural views and some general talk about events, possibilities and the future, SYNTHROID FOR SALE. In our talks during the day, Patrick came off as being very smart, so I felt I had to be somewhat cautious with that I said. :-)

The event starts

At 11 am we the event kicked off, Paul Roguet and William Quiviger gave us an introduction, and then Rey delivered his keynote speech. It was good to see Rey and I especially got smitten by his amount of enthusiasm and his true conviction of what great things he's talking about, buy generic SYNTHROID. Also, kudos for bringing up current bottle necks and shortcomings in the Mozilla add-ons web site, and constructively and openly talking about what they plan to do to make it even better. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, After Rey, Chris Beard beard did a talk about Mozilla Labs, the truly exciting things brewing there, and, for instance, revealed the plans/ideas about integrating some of the Ubiquity functionality right into the awesome bar (URL field) in Firefox. Sounds exciting and very powerful.

Time for lunch. I only got a little to eat, Where can i cheapest SYNTHROID online, just to avoid barfing all over the audience during my talk out of being nervous, and got my things in order. I briefly met Richard Sternagel, who said he reads my blog and was excited to see me talking there. :-) Blushing, I thanked him and had to run off to be completely prepared for my talk (hope your talk went well!), SYNTHROID FOR SALE.

My presentation

My talk was entitled How to Develop Your First Extension (PDF download), and it covered from your first stumbling steps with Firefox extension development to having created a complete working extension. I went through setting up the development environment, recommended folder structure and what parts an extension consists of, SYNTHROID without prescription. I then delved deeper into the different parts and what technologies they were using, and think/hope that I managed to give a pretty good overview of how to do it. My example extension, source code and different presentations formats are available at Bitbucket.

A picture of me holding my presentation

Picture taken by Patrick Finch

SYNTHROID FOR SALE, From the first minute on, I tried to win people over with my different sense of humor, since I believe a presentation should be about entertainment as well as core facts, and it seemed to go down well. I'm particularly pleased with my completely spontaneous references to the g-spot and about Swedes being happy on the inside. :-)

After the talk I was in heaven. SYNTHROID brand name, So many days of preparation and being nervous, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. A number of persons asked questions about it, thanked me and some even complimented me (Patrick Finch said the nicest things I ever heard about my talks :-) ).

I just wanted to run around and mingle with people and have fun, and you know what, SYNTHROID FOR SALE. Now I could. :-)

Saturday afternoon

Following my talk was Daniel Glazman, who interestingly enough is French, but speaks Swedish, buy cheap SYNTHROID, since he lived shortly in Sweden and his former wife comes from here. It was great hearing someone speak Swedish, and I could just cross my arms, lean back and enjoy when Daniel and Patrick Finch were having an exchange completely in Swedish. :-)

A picture of Daniel Glazman

During the afternoon, I also got to meet Carsten Book (aka Tomcat), SYNTHROID dangers, who's a Mozilla Q&A legendary, and we had the opportunity to talk for a little while. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, Then I specifically remember Jane Finette being very nice and interested in what I had to say, but I had to blow her off and run with the others to get something to eat: sorry, Jane, I owe you one.

Me, Rey, Barbara, Tomcat and Patrick went by the small river just outside c-base, and walked to a small place to get some döner kebab. Very good, SYNTHROID coupon, and Rey seemed to thoroughly love it. When we got back, I managed to catch the latter half of Brian King talking about JavaScript, and I'm sure he and I could have some nice long talks about different JavaScript approaches. :-)

When all presentations were over, there was a nice buffet and beer to drink, Buy SYNTHROID without prescription, so I mingled around and spoke to some really nice and interesting people. We were around for an hour or two, but then unfortunately, a majority of the speakers were leaving to get dinner, SYNTHROID FOR SALE. I would have loved to stick around, but hey, it's impossible to be at two different places at the same time.

Saturday dinner

For dinner, Rey, Tomcat, Brian, real brand SYNTHROID online, Daniel and I, together with Axel Hecht and Zbigniew Braniecki (aka gandalf), walked to our hotel to leave our computers (and for some people to freshen up), and then in search of a good dinner place.

The place we went to had an usher/owner who constantly walked around with a thick jacket and a hat on, inside, Online SYNTHROID without a prescription, and he was French... With that in mind, I still think we got a good German food experience. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, There were lots of great conversations during dinner, and we had a lot of fun. :-)

A picture of dinner Saturday night

Afterwards, everyone was fairly tired after an intense day, so we went back to the hotel to get some sleep. It was fairly late, and also having in mind the daylight saving time change that upcoming night, cheap SYNTHROID, which would make us lose an hour of sleep, it was probably a good call. Back at the hotel room, I connected to the Internet to check my flight home, and if I could possibly check in online. I couldn't, SYNTHROID class, so I checked some other things as well.

The next day, Sunday, there was to be a hack day at c-base and Paul, William and Rey would be there.Mme, on the other hand, first time visit in Berlin, wanted some time to see the city and Daniel Glazman had the same situation and opinion, SYNTHROID FOR SALE. We decided to met in the hotel lobby at 10 am to do a walk of the city.


With the time change and all, I was afraid I would oversleep, so I turned of any possible automatic time updating I could find on my iPhone, and manually set the new time. Had a good night's sleep, got up in the morning, low dose SYNTHROID, ate breakfast and checked out. This was a few minutes to ten, so I was right on time. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, Perfect planning.

When leaving my suit case in the luggage storage, I got the idea to just double-check the time with the hotel staff. Turned out it was only 9 am and the iPhone had set itself one hour forward, SYNTHROID reviews, in addition to the extra hour I had added (one would think it might be smart enough to compare actual times instead, but no...).

This meant that I had to wait an extra hour for Daniel to get ready and meet me, and I didn't want to call him and possibly wake him just to cover up for my mistake. So, I sat down in a chair in the lobby, contemplating whether I should be doing an hour's looking around close to the hotel, and then meet Daniel at 10 am, rx free SYNTHROID, or if I should just sit down and hang out.

Against all odds, while still considering what to do, 9.20 am Daniel comes walking by, SYNTHROID FOR SALE. He was all ready, and just got his things from his room and checked out. Talk about luck. We then embarked on a haphazardly walk across Berlin, with a vague goal of reaching Brandenburger Tor some time during the day. SYNTHROID price, coupon, A picture of Brandenburger Tor

We passed a number of nice street markets, churches, the Berliner Dome and other nice places. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, I bought a Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks, naturally burned myself and spilled some, all while Daniel was waiting outside with his already finished espresso. Eventually, we reached Brandenburger Tor, looked around there and at where the Berlin Wall used to be, and then followed Strasse des 17 Juni to the Berliner Siegessäule.

A picture of the Berliner Siegessäule

When we got tired of walking, SYNTHROID overnight, we visited a public restroom which seemed to be built to teleport people, and then had sit-down break at a restaurant (Daniel wasn't entirely pleased with the waitress mood; I asked him to be nice to avoid spit in my food). Following that, I managed to get some gifts for Fredrika and the children, and Daniel presented me to a nice Italian toy store where everything was made of wood. The excursion ended in Alexanderplatz, where Daniel bought some weird nuts or something, and I had a lovely crêpe with sugar, butter and banana.

A picture of a Berlin Wall plaque

Incidentally enough, Daniel and Paul Rouget had a flight to Paris at the same time as my flight home to Stockholm, so we shared a cab back to the Berlin Tegel airport, SYNTHROID FOR SALE. The flight home went very fast, although I had an enormously big guy sitting next to me. Airline seats are small, right, and whether he wanted it or not, his arms just had to hang over to my seat. I was sitting next to the aisle, though, so I could lean out and make enough room for me (word of advice: watch the hard and fast food carts passing by!).

Fredrika was to pick me up at Arlanda, the Stockholm airport, and being a pilot's daughter she sounded very confident about what time to get there to meet me when I was through from the gate and possible customs. SYNTHROID FOR SALE, Turned out that when I was all ready to go home, she hadn't even left home yet to go to the airport, so I had a half hour to spend at the airport, before the final leg of my Berlin journey...


I had a great time in Berlin, lots of fun meeting the Mozilla people and the developers at the event, eager to learn more about add-on development. I sure hope to get to do something like this again, because it was fun. :-)

Also, If anyone's interested, you can take a look at my pictures from Berlin (only taken with iPhone, next time I'll bring a real camera).


Please also take a look at Daniel Glazman's great pictures from Berlin!


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Going sailing

From September last year till this summer, I was working on a project which demanded some extra time and efforts, especially at the end before launch (which doesn't), and the customer was nice enough to treat us to a reward trip for our success; basically, for doing what we're paid to do in the first place. :-)

The plan

Anyway, I really appreciate grateful customers, so naturally I agreed to go on the trip. We were about 20 persons going on this trip (I think), and the plan was to have two sailing boats and do some match racing in the Swedish archipelago, to our destination Sandhamn. With me on my boat was two colleagues who I like very much: Visar Ulaj and Clark Kent (aka Jonatan Larsson), who joined the projects for the last couple of months. A picture of two sailing boats Unfortunately, though, there was no wind. No wind at all. And then it started raining. We made a lunch stop and watched the Olympics in our sailing boat, drinking beer and generally having a good time. After lunch, the clouds actually started to disperse, but still, no wind.

Good sports

With us being good sports, this naturally meant mocking the people in the other boat, their instructor and each other. While drinking more beer, of course. :-) Jonatan constantly bugged the instructor to get to steer the boat, and was indeed very proud when he could do it with a certain "technique". His words and the sight of it still echoes in my head:

Look, no hands!

Luckily, Visar (arm on the left) quickly showed him that that's not an acceptable behavior: A picture of Jonatan with a knife to his throat

The storm

After some hours getting literally nowhere, the sky once again darkened. And this time, it blew up to a storm, in the exact direction we were going! Soon the rain was pouring down and lightning started to strike down closer and closer to the boat. Throughout the thunder and increasing wind we could hear the skipper cry out:

Whatever you do, don't hold on to any metal!

He told Jonatan to steer with just one hand now, in case the lightning actually did hit us, and trust me, Jonatan didn't seem at all interested in the no-hands method now... We counted seconds between the visual of the lightning and the roar of thunder, and it got so much closer in such a short time that we eventually had to cancel the race, and sail of in another direction, and consequently run by engine instead.

Reaching Sandhamn

When we reached Sandhamn we were all drenched, even through our rain clothes, and for some reason the crotch area seemed to be the weak part in our set of rain protection pants. A big group of men walking of a sailing boat in the harbor with wet crotches isn't really the kind of entrance one wants to do... After that, though, we had a great evening with jacuzzi baths, a great dinner and lots of fun events. During dinner, at one time I laughed so hard I thought I'd stop breathing, so if a good laugh prolongs life, I'm sure to become a lot older than those yogurt fetishists in the Kazakhstani mountains. One of my other favorite happenings during the evening was when one of the guys in the team got rather, eh, ingenious, and was going on like crazy: disliking the DJ's songs, the apparently lame crowd and other assorted things. He wasn't violent at all, just upset that he didn't get to do all the proper dancing he wanted to.

Parent instincts

Me and a guy named Peter shared room, and he had this idea to drink about a gallon of water before going to bed, to avoid feeling ill the next day. I went to bed and feel asleep, very tired and fairly drunk. After having been asleep for just a short amount of time, I heard someone running into the bathroom. My father instincts kicked in right away, and I got under the impression that it was my oldest daughter Emilia, 4 years old, in the bathroom. To make sure everything was ok with her, I jumped out of bed, yelled "Emilia", and ran to the bathroom door and pulled the handle. As soon the door started to opening, it was jerked closed again rather curtly, and I heard a groan from a very deep voice in there.

Man, Emilia has gotten a very dark voice

I thought, and slowly it dawned on me. It wasn't Emilia at all, it was Peter in there... I withdrew very quickly and quietly to my bad, and didn't say a word when Peter got out again. After that, Peter went to the bathroom at least once every half hour, since his body had decided he needed to pie out that gallon of water before sunlight.

The morning after

We were awaken in a nice harmonic way: garbage trucks backing up and emptying dumpsters with glass bottles. Hallelujah! Apparently some of the people living on the other side of the hotel were instead awakened by cannon shots, so I guess we can call it a draw. I had decided to get up in time to get some hotel breakfast before the trip back home again, and, lo and behold, I was actually the last person to get to the restaurant. Either all the other people have great stamina or they just don't live as hard as I do. :-) A picture of Peter, my room mate

The day after: A picture of Peter, my room mate. He was a bit quiet all day... :-)

The end

At 11.30 we started our journey home, and that was the end of the trip. If anyone's interested, I've published pictures from the Sandhamn sailing trip (unfortunately none from the storm, for obvious reasons).

@media Ajax – the presentations

As promised in my @media Ajax - Journeys and stories post (now updated with pictures!), this one will focus on the presentations during the conference.

A picture of my @media Ajax badgeI will write a short round up on each presentation, and my takes and impressions of it, and a summary of the complete event. Just imagine having the best JavaScript people in the world in the same room, sharing their vast knowledge, and literally shaping the future.

Thinking briefly about the speakers and who I were missing, the only person who came immediately to mind was Dean Edwards. Aside from that, it was truly a perfect line-up. Note: The links will go the presentations themselves, and this post will be updated with the missing ones as soon as I get a hold of them.

Day one

The first day was about AJAX and JavaScript in general, and different views on it with few actual code samples.

The State of Ajax - Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith of Ajaxian

This presentation kicked off the whole conference, and I thought that Dion and Ben had an impressive presentational style. They complemented each other perfectly, spoke clearly and had good slides. It was generally a talk about the state of JavaScript in the world right now, our wants and needs, and mentioning different exciting projects which we will definitely see more of in the future. Basically, laying a good ground for what was to come. Unfortunately, they made a reference to Google images and needing JavaScript to make it work with a resizable web browser window; something that would get back and bite them later during Christian's presentation.

But I'm a Bloody Designer! - Mike Stenhouse

Mike did a talk from a designer's perspective, seeing new technologies emerge and trying to adapt to them. He then got into designers writing test cases, test-driven development and agile methods. I spoke to Mike after and told him that I was a bit disappointed. Not because of his presentation, but rather of my own expectations I had set up. I've worked with so many different designers throughout my career, and I had hoped it would be solely out of an Art Director's view, not understanding technology, and how we could help them get better. Problem was, Mike's too good at his job and to open about trying to understand new technologies, so his general knowledge is, I think, far above the general designer's.

Real World Accessibility for Ajax-enhanced Web Apps - Derek Featherstone

Derek completely dominated the stage with a strong presence, great presentation and a wonderful sense of humor. With this crowd, I thought it was especially important to talk about accessibility and not just get carried away with JavaScripting-till-you-bleed, and Derek completely meet those needs. He talked about general accessibility, and the vital importance of how you take on a task and make sure you have a proper structure before going JavaScript crazy. What struck me most was that he talked a fair bit how a web site would work with JavaScript, but still be completely accessible only through the keyboard etc. I think I, and many others, live under the false pretense that making it accessible is only to make it work without JavaScript as well, not with JavaScript but more user-friendly and extra scripting considerations. He also made a reference to the great approach of forcing an update to the virtual buffer in JAWS, invented and described in Improving Ajax applications for JAWS users. All-in-all, great talk and impressive work getting the crowd completely focused.

How To Destroy The Web - Stuart Langridge

Stuart went off on a complete rant of how to misuse technology, sometimes only in the slightest, and the enormous repercussions it can lead to. He sometimes seemed like a Winnie the Pooh on crack up there on stage, and I'm afraid that some of the people in audience were a bit taken by this, and perhaps missed some of the excellent points he made. One of them was that unless we completely use up the end user's broadband (everyone's got broadband connections, right?), evil horse porn will do it instead. There were continuous references to horse porn throughout his presentation, but he really took it up a notch when he came to a slide showing horses, arguing that unless we use up the bandwidth those poor creatures on the pictures would get hurt. Hilarious!

Planning JavaScript and Ajax for Larger Teams - Christian Heilmann

Christian works for Yahoo! and has great insights into working with lots of different people and skill levels. Some of the great points he made was that it doesn't matter which JavaScript library is the best and how to write your code; the essential factor is that the team agrees on whatever approach is chosen. Another thing he argued against was people letting their inner hacker loose within iterations in a project, innovating new things, and that that was the time to only deliver what had been decided previously. I questioned this, but completely agreed with his explanation that what he mainly meant was people changing code in the last minute or inventing new complex features, without talking about it in the team, and having an overall agreement about it. He also made a wonderful reference to the first presentation of the day, showing that with very simple CSS, you could achieve what they instead proposed having JavaScript for; resizing web browser windows aren't that tricky. :-)

Ajax at Work: A Case Study - Peter-Paul Koch

PPK has long been a JavaScript hero and influence to me, and I really like his pragmatic stance to web developing. His presentation consisted of a case presentation where he was using AJAX, and explaining how he went on to develop it, choosing what format to return data in (XML, JSON, HTML or CSV) etc. I would argue, though, that his application could have been built page by page as well, with AJAX added on top, not being dependent on it. He has had a long and strong interest in history and genealogy, and he went wild with enthusiasm and inside jokes within the topic. To me, it was very entertaining, because a presentation gets so much better when the speaker is talking about something he truly loves talking about, as opposed to just doing a talk he's obliged to do.

Day two

The second day we delved into hardcore JavaScript, with lots of code samples and discussions of advanced JavaScript.

JavaScript 2 and The Open Web - Brendan Eich

Brendan invented JavaScript, ok? He's the father of the technology we all use so extensively to create rich interactions on the web, and it was something he came up within a very short time back in 1995. He is the CTO of Mozilla, and his presentation and work is focused on JavaScript 2.0, and evangelizing the potential new version and what it will bring. He also talked about ScreamingMonkey, which is basically a way to add new and better JavaScript support to other web browsers. Just imagine better JavaScripting in IE, for example, but Mozilla delivering the base for how to do it. :-) The topic, and being of JavaScript 2.0 or not, is a very interesting topic, so I will write about it in a future post to give it a better and more concise focus.

Building Interactive Prototypes with jQuery - John Resig

John is the creator and lead developer of the extremely popular jQuery library, and he presented the basics of it and how to improve the interaction in a web page. I think he had great examples, and he was completely willing to change the slides and the code during the presentation, to illustrate a point or better answer a question from the audience. It's an impressive library, and John definitely came off as really knowing what he's doing.

Metaprogramming JavaScript - Dan Webb

In my mind, one of the best presentations at the conference. In a furious tempo, Dan went through all kinds of advanced JavaScript. The best part was that he didn't just explain programmatical options, he showed great examples of how to use them to really write better, more efficient and self-learning code. The implications of some of his examples were fantastic, and my opinion is that this presentation should be mandatory for anyone writing advanced JavaScripts. You know when you go to a conference and you're afraid that the presentations will a bit too basic and lukewarm? This was the exact opposite, and completely delivered!

Dojo 1.0: Great Experiences For Everyone - Alex Russell

A picture of the @media Ajax conference room Alex was supposed to make a talk about Dojo, but decided to first make a very philosophical approach to the web, how it's evolving and what we do to meet those demands, possibilities and challenges. He took the Maslow's hierarchy of needs and applied it to web developing and products, and how it would change over time. At the end of the presentation he came to Dojo and explained how all that he had talked about before had formed the decisions they had made with Dojo, and that it was his genuine hope that libraries wouldn't need to exist one day, and was completely open to scrap his project in that case. Some very good points were the responsibility that library authors should per default take, and also that he regarded HTTP as one of the best inventions ever in the history of mankind.

JavaScript: The Good Parts - Douglas Crockford

Not sure that Douglas needs any introduction, but in case you've missed it, he's the man behind such things as JSON, JSlint and JSMin, and for being one of the Godfather JavaScript developers. He talked about the pros and cons of JavaScript, and coming to the conclusion that is indeed a great language where its good parts can lead to outstanding results. I can put my finger on why, but his examples were so crystal-clear, and as soon as he showed them, everything became ridiculously obvious. Remy shows off one of Doug's great explanations on why the starting { has to be on the same line as the statement.

Discussion Panel - Jeremy Keith

Jeremy was the moderator for a discussion panel consisting of Brendan Eich, Douglas Crockford, Alex Russel and Stuart Langridge. It was an ok talk, although there were no real surprises or revelations. Jeremy did his best to involve the panelists, but at first they seemed pretty reluctant. Things suddenly glimmered, though, when Alex openly stated his dislike with Yahoo!'s lack of will to go completely open source. He made great arguments about the fact that JavaScript library developers should cooperate to deliver a better and more consistent experience, and that everyone will gain from this. It could have gotten more interesting when Brendan's and Doug's apparent different takes on JavaScript 2 came up, but unfortunately Brendan didn't want to say anything more than that he disagreed. Douglas also commented on how much he thinks CSS sucks.


Having been to SXSW before, and consequently questioning the role of web developer conferences, I must say that I was very impressed with @media Ajax. Great organization, fantastic speakers and wonderful participants all-in-all!

Lessons learned

It was truly uplifting to see the messages expressed from the speakers, which everyone agreed on, were:
  • Use the right tool for the job. It might be JavaScript, but it can just as well be CSS or something else.
  • We all need to collaborate, about JavaScript libraries and general conventions.
  • Accessibility is indeed important to serious web developers.
  • JavaScript is great!

Not that much AJAX

Thinking back to the conference and reading through what I've written here, not that much of the presentations actually featured AJAX. It more like a solid JavaScript conference, where some parts were AJAX and others wouldn't discuss it at all. Luckily, though, I think that everyone attending would have done so no matter what. Something I would have liked to see, though, is a discussion about AJAX and usability. How do people cater to back button behavior, history handling and so on? How do we use AJAX and at the same time avoid breaking web browser basic usability?

What's in a name?

My guess is that the name of the conference, @media Ajax, would partly ride on the hype of the name, but mostly just trying to (somewhat falsely) use the word AJAX to convey modern web development with JavaScript in general. My hope is that they rather use the name JavaScript next time around, since it gives a better picture of the contents of the conference.

No Microsoft people

What was truly strange is that at this conference, lots of the people attending were hired by Yahoo!, and then only one of the speakers were from Google. Are Yahoo! the only company amongst the web giants caring about web standards, and cutting edge development? Where are all the Google and Microsoft web developers, and when do they get in touch with reality and other web developers?

Next time

If there will be a conference as strong and giving as this one next year, I sure hope I can go. Single speakers beat panels any day of the year, and specialist conferences is extremely rewarding. Any conference keeping this high standard is bound to succeed. I'm so glad I went!

Related reading

@media Ajax – Journeys and stories

I'm just back from @media Ajax, which was a great experience! I thought I'd split up my stories in two posts: this one about the journey and social aspects, and the next one about the presentations. This post will be long enough anyway, so get a drink, lean back, and enjoy the ride. :-)


Flight and airport

Sunday night I was flying alone to London with SAS, with the destination London City Airport. Emil had already gone to London on Friday, with a special friend, so we had scheduled to met up at our hotel. The flight went very well, except for the landing part, which took forever, and was a bit, eh, wobbly. Apparently, previous to my arrival, there had been a sort of gale blowing for some days so I can imagine flying a plane wasn't great fun. We landed and naturally there was some problem with the getting out of the plane and having somewhere to dock. Luckily, I was sitting pretty close towards the back of the plane and since they opened the back door instead I got out pretty fast. That is, down the stairs straight out into the rain on the tarmac, with basically no clue where to go but following the other drenched people. Security didn't seem to matter that much, since I literally had to run across to the closest building before I got hit by a gargantuan tank truck. Well inside, I walked through seemingly endless corridors before I walked past something that vaguely looked like a conveyor belt where, I guess, baggage could supposedly be put. Instead, I went to take a leak and then kept on walking, 'cause surely that couldn't have been where I was supposed to collect my bag, right? Wrong. Before I knew it, a dazed and confused Robert was standing in the arrival hall, without his bag. I told some staff that I missed my bag and had to get back in to collect it. The reply:

No sir, you can't go in there.

Dammit! So, they had to make a call in for someone to bring out my bag once they had identified it etc. It didn't take that long, though, and then I walked out into the rain to get a cab.

Taxi ride

I think all my life I've seen documentaries that London taxi drivers are the best in the world, basically finding their way anywhere. They have to pass this test called The Knowledge to verify their superhuman skills. With this in mind, I walked up to the taxi stand and to the first cab in line. Seeing it was a female driver made me happy, since I haven't met many women driving a cab. The conversation went like this:

-Hi, I want to go to Comfort Inn Victoria
- I have no idea where that is.
Thinking that the name isn't that explanatory, my stance is "Fair enough" and I say:
- Yeah, ok. The address is 18-24 Belgrave Road.
- I have no idea where that is.
Ok... Getting a bit worried now. She goes:
- But get in and I will find it.

So, I got in, told her the postal code as well, and she entered into her hidden GPS navigator. I also asked if she accepted credit cards. I only got a mumbling back, but assumed that it was an affirmative answer and that of course they take credit cards, this is 2007, right? Yeah, sure... At every red light, I saw her closing her eyes just a tad too long, not making me feel any better. Also, she never really told me about the GPS navigator, so I never got any feedback that she actually had any clue to where we were going. Anyway, I know my way a little in central London and I could tell that she was going in the correct general direction at least. Finally on Belgrave road, she seemed to completely ignore that I had told her the street number of the hotel, so she instead persisted stopping at every house on Belgrave Road before we got to the correct one. Needless to say, naturally we had started in the wrong end of the street, just to make it even more challenging and "adventurous"... We found the hotel, at last, and I gave her my credit card to pay. She looks at me, and sneers that she doesn't accept credit cards, that she told me that before. Therefore, a lot of my £ cash was lost very soon. Left no tip whatsoever, and I soon got out of the cab just to get into the hotel and calm down.


I checked into the hotel, met up with Emil and then got settled into my room. My friend Stuart unfortunately couldn't attend the conference, but at least we made plans to meet up and have dinner. He came by the hotel close to 20.30 and we went to this local pizza parlor, who served one funky (as in weird) garlic bread. It was great seeing Stuart again, and after dinner we went on to have ourselves a well-deserved pint of Guinness. Stuart insisted on paying for everything, so I definitely owe him. Luckily, he'll probably never come to Stockholm, so I should be home free. :-)


Once back at the hotel, I got to bed and tried to make it comfortable. Almost asleep, the fire alarm just above the bed goes off with a terrible noise, basically throwing me out of bed. Being a guy, I hope it will all go away if I go and take a piss. That only seemed to make things worse, though, hearing the fire alarm going off in every room in the entire hotel. Went back to bed, sure that it was just a malfunction, and hoped it would all stop soon. A picture of my hotel room Lying there for a while, leering towards the door of my room, I start to wonder if the light coming in under the door is a somewhat stronger shade of orange than what is healthy or normal. I decide to call the front desk to check whether there's actually a real fire, or if it's just a technical mishap. A man answers, and sounds a bit stressed, to say the least. He informs me that indeed there's a technical problem with the fire alarm and that they're working on it. Feeling a bit better hearing that, I turn out the lights again, and soon enough the fire alarm is gone. Next morning, I go down to have breakfast, and the fire alarm goes off once again...


A picture of my @media Ajax badgeAfter going through the pouring rain to the conference (Emil: my shoes are water proof. Perky bastard.), we got there in good time to register and get our goodie bag. Well, rather just a bag. A note pad and a pen isn't really goodies for me... :-)

We got some good seats and watched the conference start. A small personal note here is that it was a problem with the wireless connection, as it always is at conferences. Wireless is great in theory, but it sucks in practice. Ethernet cables to the people! There was great catering so between every second presentation or so, we had the chance to get tea/coffee and something to eat to keep us happy. I'm fairly sure I overdosed on tea during the two conference days... First break the first day, I met up with my good friend Chris Mills and Bruce Lawson, and that fundamentally sick sense of humor really threw me off that early in the morning. Great blokes, though, really.

Meeting people

Being a conference with such a focused main subject, it was bound to draw the best within the field, and to me it was great to finally meet a number of persons in real life, for the first time. To finally talk face to face with Chris Heilmann and Peter-Paul Koch, someone who has thoroughly impressed and influenced me for such a long time (and no doubt every other serious JavaScript developer) with his great work. On the other hand, it was good to meet Marco again after he left Sweden and his Yahoo! colleague Tom Hughes-Croucher (who interviewed everyone but me for Yahoo! TV... :-( ); say hi to Derek and Jeremy Keith once again and also seeing Frances Berriman who, for some unexplainable reason, is nice enough to read my blog now and then (really, Frances, despite your stern "Let's-get-everyone-out-of-the-catering-room-NOW" attitude, I'm sure you can do better than me ;-) ).

The pub

After the first day of presentations, pretty much everyone gathered at a nearby pub with an @media tab to make us even happier, and it was good to have casual talks with a lot of people. I had a chat with John Resig, trying to convince him to take jQuery off the market so I could get some more wind in the sails for DOMAssistant, but he seemed reluctant. Damn those genius CSS selectors... A guy from Finland, Harri (spelling reservation here) also came up to me, telling me that he reads my ramblings and expressed interest in putting together a Geek Meet in Finland. Great idea, and if anyone is interested, let me know and I'll try to get you in touch with each other.


Something that really made me happy as a child was the amount of recognition I got during the first day. I mean. sure, I know a few people read my blog, but to know that all the people and their work which I tremendously look up to, actually also know who I am is wonderful! I've worked hard to get decent at what I do, but I still get touched if in any way have helped someone out or just slightly influenced them whatsoever. And really, I'm not a famous name in the web development community. I can't handle people who I don't know who they are coming up to me and saying that they like what I write. So, I usually apologize for having wasted their time, but also humbly thank them for reading.

Japanese dinner

After the pub, me, Bruce Lawson, Jim O'Donnell, Chris Mills and PPK (Peter-Paul Koch) went and had a nice dinner at this hidden-away Japanese place that Bruce knew about. What was truly amazing during the dinner was that at times there were the ugliest word in man's vocabulary flying around, dirty jokes so far below the belt and just general nastiness, and then suddenly the conversation would go into what an impact you will have on children as a teacher, and the situation in Burma and the history which has lead to the current circumstances. A picture of Jim O-Donnell, Bruce Lawson, Chris Mills and PPK outside the Japanese restaurant I truly love people who are so versatile, and don't just act as expected, but instead as real human beings with very different interests. After the dinner, we got back to the first pub where PPK was kind enough to treat us to beers, and then some of us went on to yet another pub. Chris and I were telling each other horrid stories from our past, and really, I'm happy to say that no one other heard the things we were talking about. When we meet, we turn into giggly little school girls, and the secrets we reveal to each other are really meant to be hidden forever from the public eyes and ears. Anyway, Chris was crashing at Jim's place, so being a good friend, I advised them to have a safe word for their upcoming deviant night activities, to make sure no one got harmed... ;-) Also, Bruce's father instincts kicked in when he got a cab for us back to our respective hotels and made sure young little innocent Robert didn't get lost in the streets of dangerous London. Thanks, Bruce!


No rain! I truly think that Tuesday morning was the first (and only) time when it wasn't raining. The everyday weather in London just about matches the worst thinkable fall weather in Sweden. Then we get snow and have a beautiful white landscape. They don't. After another great day of presentations, where I got the chance to personally thank Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript, for coming up with something which I love to work with, and has paid for my extensive travels, a house and two cars, it was time to say good-bye to everyone and go home.

Dinner and taxi ride

Me, Emil and his company on this trip had a dinner at a pub next to our hotel before the taxi ride to the airport. I think I probably had one of the dishes with the most cholesterol in the world. It was a meat platter with fried chicken, onion rings, sausages and, to top it off, garlic bread with slices of bacon on it, and then dipped in melted cheese. We got into the pre-booked taxi to the airport, when I suddenly couldn't find my camera. I convinced the taxi driver to go back to the pub, completely sure that I had dropped it out of my coat pocket there. Emil kept on nagging that I should check my pockets again, and I just wanted to tell him to shut up, when I found the camera in a pocket I (thought I) had already checked. I told the cab driver to never mind, and please take us to Heathrow instead.

Airport security again

Once at the airport, I went through the security check, got my coat and cell phone, went through the passport control and on to the shoe checker machine. When I sat down to untie my shoes, I realized: where's my backpack?! Sure that I must've missed it at the security check, I walked up to the passport officer and told him that I forgot my bag. His reply:

No sir, you can't go in there.

With a distinct feeling of Déjà vu, I waited while he told the long line of people to wait, because he had to go and try to find my backpack. He couldn't find it, though, and eventually I was called over. We then together went to a desk to see if it had been dropped off there and, lo and behold, there it was! Apparently it had gotten stuck in a security screening, so it never got through the X-ray machine at the security check. Seeing no bag there, I obviously completely forgot that I had ever even owned a backpack, and had just kept on walking. Anyway, then a third guy did a manual security check on it, and he somewhat scolded me for forgetting my bag with a precious iPod in it. I could only ashamedly concur. Got the bag, finally, went through passport control again ("Never do that again, sir"), got my shoes checked, and then it was about time for tax-free shopping. I made sure to buy toys for my kids with an English theme, so they will know, one day, where dad actually was.

Meeting the principal

On the airplane, I got to sit alone, since it was so crowded that there weren't three seats available next to each other. Instead I, interestingly, ended up sitting next to the principal of the Swedish School in London In Swedish and we had a good conversation. I asked him about statistics of Swedes living in London, and found out that officially there are over 50 000 Swedes resident in London. I'm pretty sure you can almost double that figure to get a correct number. Airplane trivia: an air plane is always slightly slanting, in case you haven't noticed, so if you drop your water bottle in the aisle (completely hypothetical, of course), it will roll all the way back to the back of the entire plane. Just so you know.

Taxi ride in Sweden

Once at Arlanda airport in Sweden, I got a taxi to go home. Me and the driver, who was originally from Iran, got into such an interesting conversation about his country of origin, that when we got to my house, we sat in the car and kept on talking probably as long as the cab ride was. Eventually we got out of the car, got my bags, and we actually shook hands and hoped we would run into each other some day in the future. How often has that happened to you? And, oh, this taxi accepted credit card payments...


The last days have been truly fantastic, and coming home late last night, I had a hard time falling asleep. First, I was so happy about all the interesting people I have run into in such a short amount of time, and then extremely happy to see my my beloved family again. The moral to all this is: talk to everyone you met! You never know when it will be the conversation that changes your life.

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Going to @media Ajax in London 19-20 November

November 18th-20th, I will be in London to attend the @media Ajax conference. If you're going too, or is just in the area at that time, please let me know! I'm very rarely in the UK, so besides hopefully learning something new and fantastic about JavaScript, I also intend to meet and hang out with as many people I know as possible! Are you going?

Apple, grow up and act professionally

Recently a minor number of Apple Video iPods were shipped with a virus, namely RavMonE.exe. What do Apple do? Well, blame Microsoft, of course. Taken from the Apple web support site:

As you might imagine, we are upset at Windows for not being more hardy against such viruses

Seriously, are you fucking kidding me?! Apple, here's how it is:
  • You shipped the product
  • You were responsible for testing it
Just because some of your employees has used a Windows machine (oh, the irony) and didn't how to protect it from viruses, and consequently gave this virus to some small poor iPods, you can never ever blame Microsoft. Microsoft aren't responsible (as far as I know) for starvation in the world nor for when you do a piss-poor job. This is exactly the reason why Apple have such a hard time being accepted by large companies all over the world: total lack of professionalism. If a kid is playing in the sand together with another kid, and he then suddenly hits the other kid with the shovel in the face, it sure isn't the the poor flat-nose-and-sand-all-over-the-face kid's fault for just sitting there. Grow up, Apple.

I’m on Flickr – pros and cons

When I first heard about Flickr I liked the idea, but being the rebel I am, I was a bit reluctant to use it since everyone was hyping it so much. However, for those of you that haven't noticed the little Flickr icon and link I've added to this web site: I now have a Flickr Pro account. During this summer I decided to finally take the plunge, and this post is about what I think is good respectively not-so-good with Flickr.

My pictures

First, let me just tell you a little about my pictures: I've done a pretty good amount of traveling in my life and I have lots and lots of pictures from various places I want to share. When I started uploading my pictures a couple of people immediately started to add pictures of Fredrika to their favorites. This is cool, I suppose, but when I say their other favorite pictures (we're talking "yeah-let's-spank-my-monkey" type of photos), it felt kind of weird and queasy that they were looking at her like that. I mean, it goes with the service, but for me she's the mother of my daughter; not a sex object just because some pimpled teenager finds her in a bikini in one of our travel pictures when she's on a beach. Oh well... Anyway, this lead to me desperately protecting any picture of Emilia, so none of them are publicly available. Fredrika's a grown up, she can take care of herself, but I definitely don't want any closet Flickr pedophile to get off by watching Emilia: hell no! Only family contacts can now see the photos of Emilia. A picture of my Flickr start page But don't fret: at the time I have 2,575 photos publicly available, so there should be enough for you to look at (especially if you're a travel fan). I recommend that you start with looking at my photo sets to find them chronologically ordered by the place they're taken at. My main photo page is also a good way to start browsing around.


First I thought I'd just list what's good with Flickr and why I chose to buy a Pro account: A picture of my Flickr photo sets page
  • No storage limit: Basically, you can upload as many pictures as you want; all you have to do is abide the monthly 2 GB bandwidth limit.
  • You can edit photo titles, tags and create photo sets.
  • Interaction: visitors can comment on your photos, make notes within the pictures and watch photo sets as a slideshow.
  • Visitors can subscribe to a RSS feed with your 20 latest pictures.
  • Your images will be resized for viewing on the web site, but you always have a safe and permanent backup of your original images.
  • It's cheap: $24.95 per year is practically no money at all for all the functionality and storage you get.
  • The Organizer is overall a very competent tool for working with your images.
  • It's a very well used photo service if you want to get your pictures noticed by others.
  • There are countless of third-party tools and software to work with your pictures.
A picture of the Flickr photo Organizer


I will go into a little more detail here what is missing or isn't so good; not to whine, but instead it's meant as constructive criticism to make Flickr a better service (the customer is always right, right? :-)).
  • There are many many ways to upload images to Flickr, but no official tool to batch download them. Naturally, it's a given that this has to be offered to at the very least Pro account holders.
  • If I do a lot of work with my images in the Flickr web site (e.g. giving them good titles, tags etc), I want to be able to download them with all this info, so countless hours of editing wasn't spent in (almost) vain.
  • When watching a set page (take the Bora Bora set as an example), a couple of things are missing:
    • You have to hover every image to see its title/caption. There should be a link for the end user alternatively a setting for the account owner to automatically display them as text adjacent to the thumbnails.
    • You can only see the images in a certain size. It would be nice to be able to choose between, say, small, medium and large, to faster get an overview of the images or, granted that you have the necessary broadband, crank it up to large and watch all the images in a set in just one page.
  • When watching a specific picture, you have the the set/-s it belongs to in the right-hand column. However, the image you're watching is mysteriously removed from that set (instead of selected) and you have to click the previous/next image to go to that one. Of course there should be very clear and visible previous/next links; so many users are altogether missing this photo browsing functionality.
  • Also, when watching a specific picture, I miss not being easily able to see the rest of the thumbnails in the set/-s it belongs to.
  • How about keyboard navigation support? It would be nice to, when watching a picture, just press down the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate amongst them.
  • The default title for an uploaded image is its file name. I think that it should be optional to have a title at all, and the default title should be empty or the name of the set it belongs to.
  • No way to give multiple images the same name: I have thousands and yet thousands of images to share, and there's no way I'm going to give each and everyone of them a descriptive name. And, of course, I don't want my images to have titles like "IMG_4465.jpg"...
  • The thumbnails in the slideshow are too small and it's not that intuitive that you have to hover the current displayed image to see the slideshow controls and thumbnails.
  • I really miss not seeing the current image's title/caption in the slideshow, and it was one of the reasons I created JaS and its functionality (yes, Flickr, you're allowed to use it; just give me some credit for it :-)).
  • Sorry for being blunt here, but the Flickr Uploadr sucks (on Mac, at least). There's still not any Universal Binary-version ready (to me, it's not that big an application to port), it crashes every second time I use it and there's no way to turn off the preview of images that can at times be slow. The batch editing features are very limited; for instance, you can't batch edit image names.
  • No export functionality from iPhoto is offered (Flickr should really offer this in some way), but instead everyone have to resort to the, in my opinion, overpriced FlickrExport (it costs almost as much as the Flickr account itself).
  • Within my start page, it would be nice to be able to control what images are visible there, and not just the default behavior with showing the pictures that were last uploaded (a setting to have only your sets instead the pictures would also be nice).
  • To add a contact, you have to hover that person's image to get a menu with actions; no visible link anywhere else. Not very intuitive.
  • It would be nice to get e-mail notifications when someone has commented on one of your pictures. As of now, I have to visit the site or subscribe to a RSS feed for comments.

Tools I use

After a lot of usage trying to make the presentation of my pictures as good as possible, I've come across a number of helpful tools to make your Flickr life easier: A picture of the 1001 program
1001 (Mac OS X)
A very good tool for, amongst other things, batch edit your pictures and upload them.
Flock (Mac OS X, PC, Linux)
The web browser that has a built-in Photo Uploader tool for uploading images. Also allows batch editing.
FlickrBackup (Mac OS X, PC, Linux)
Great for batch downloading your original images from Flickr.
FlickrFinder (Mac OS X)
An application that mimics the Finder functionality in Mac OS X, but is instead used to browse your images and photo sets.
FlickrDown (PC)
A .NET-based program to batch download your images.
Title + Description Batch Tools
If you have the Greasemonkey extension installed in Firefox, this wonderful script adds a lot of very useful batch editing support in the Organizer.
A picture of the Flock Photo Uploader A good summary of a lot of available tools can be found in The Great Flickr Tools Collection.


Closing words

Despite what impression this post might give you, I do like Flickr. I just think there are some fundamental things that they should address, and others that are very easily to attend to. Please write a comment if there's something missing in my lists, or if you are of a differing opinion. This is actually the first time I've bought any web service online, but given my overall positive experience, I'm definitely open for doing it again. Within the next week or so I will also review another web photo service that I really think has potential. Stay tuned... Please give my pictures a chance now, add me as a Flickr contact, and write comments, Comments, COMMENTS on them! :-)


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Back from SXSW – A first recap

Ok, this post is kind of overdue, but I ought to write it since I want to tell you that I'm back from the SXSW Interactive Conference. I have had a great time, but at the same time I'm glad to be back home. The web is already riddled with people dissecting every panel so I won't put to much effort into that. Instead, in the next five posts or so, I will describe day by day what went on, to which panels I went to and what I thought of them, people I met etc. My hope is that it will be interesting to you even if you weren't there and not just all about the panels. My first gut feeling when I got home was that I didn't want to touch a computer. I was sick of them, although I was one of the few that didn't use one while in Austin, as opposed to all the other people live-blogging, taking notes and so on. I think the conference was just like an overdose to me, too much computer geeks in one place. There were also things like meeting people with too little self-distance or people not being as humble as they should be that kind of got me down. I really have to say, though, that most people were a delight to meet! Also, I think I realized that while it would be great to work with any of the persons attending SXSW, where everyone knows about web standards, accessibility, are also already sick of the term Web 2.0, I would have to go home and meet a lot of customers and web developers that are nothing of the sort. People not interested in doing a proper job, just in getting paid and then scurry on home. For some reason, certain people in life seem to think that being good at something automatically means working 80 hours a week. That's not the case, just learn to do things right and feel the rush of actually being proud over what you do. All in all, the people and events I will tell you about stood out and made it a wonderful experience, so I'm genuinely happy I went. My only hope is that people reading my blog and then meet me in person at SXSW don't feel like they found out that I'm nothing like they expected and that I disappointed them; that while they like my writing I bored them in person. I would also direct thanks to Daniel Hansson, my friend and travel colleague, who always seems to end up in the most peculiar and entertaining situations. There are some people I really want to mention for being such outstanding individuals, for making my visit the great time it was and for being as good persons as I want to be. If you ever get the chance, make sure to meet then and talk to them, or alternatively, read what they write (the ones that blog, that is). Trust me; they will most likely enrich your lives. This is not meant as name-dropping, but rather just a guide to great people. They are:
Carl Camera
It's hard to find a more friendly, nice and caring human being. Always happy, constantly eager to please, and doesn't seem to hold a grudge for anyone in the world. Texas inhabitant together with his lovely family.
Stuart Colville
Stuart is a very funny and happy English bloke that certainly has got a tough skin and a good distance to things. We had many long nightly talks about things and seem to agree almost a little too much.
Chris Mills
A totally crazy guy from England. About twice my height, long hair and a long beard, he looks like some crazed-out ent, and he's got a sense of humor to go with that.
Dave Schroeder
Very laid-back, but always on top of things and a wicked sense of what's fun. With an appearance like a Neil Young look-alike, this Minnesota-guy is always up to something.
Shane Shepherd
One of the caring persons, always feeling empathy for others and just being there when needed. And another Texas inhabitant, no less!
Honorary mentions should also go to some other truly nice people I meet and spent some time with, and they are also most recommended to meet in real life:

I’m off to SXSW

Tomorrow morning I will embark on a journey that contains of 12 hours on a plane (actually, two planes) that will eventually take me to Austin and the SXSW Interactive Conference. I'm not traveling alone, but with my colleague Daniel H, so at least I will have some company. There will be days of meeting old and new friends, a chance to finally meet people I've known for a while in person; of learning, networking, partying and chilling. There will also be bowling. Also, one thing I definitely have to do is to meet up with Carl Camera and have a burrito with him, still blushing from the nice words he once said about me. But Carl, please, let me pay! :-) Whatever happens, telling by the weather forecast at least it seems like I won't be freezing. :-) Naturally, I will miss Fredrika and Emilia so much it will hurt, but I think this is an opportunity that I can't miss out on, and I hope they can manage for a week (question is: can I?). Please don't expect live blogging or any of that crap. I'm there to have a good time and relax so don't expect any post here within 1½ - 2 weeks. Till then: enjoy!

The only Swede at SXSW

In March, the biggest web event of the year (at least in my eyes) is taking place in Austin, Texas, USA; its name is SXSW Interactive. There will be speaking performances from virtually every interesting person in the business, and the networking possibilities are infinite. And now I'm lucky enough to announce that I'm going! :-) A picture of the SXSW masthead I spoke to Roger the other day, and he informed me that he had decided not to go. I guess that means I'm the only Swede, no, correction, the only blogging Swede that I know who is going; I'm traveling there together with a Swedish colleague, Daniel. He is a hilarious guy, so I'm fairly sure that we will have a lot of fun trying endure all the hours on different flights (yes, it's a pretty long journey from Stockholm to Austin). Anyway, I do hope I can be a good representative for Swedish web development, and I look forward to learning a lot and to meeting very inspiring people as well a number of friends I've made in the web development community, almost too numerous to mention. And if I did, you would just regard me as a namedropping freak, so I won't do that. :-) So, what the hell do I look like then? How do I find Robert Nyman? Well, I look something like this: A picture of Robert Nyman I'm staying at the Hilton, where a number of cool people are also staying. Are you going? Write a comment and let me know!

Google Earth

Google Earth must be one of the coolest applications I've ever seen! With me loving to travel and a vast interest in seeing the world, this was a real eye-opener. And just think about the implications! I really wonder where all this will end!


A tip: hold down the left mouse button to drag the map around, and the right mouse button while dragging up or down to zoom in and out.


PS. Thanks to Faruk for bringing this to my attention. DS.

Back from Rome – travel stories!

I'm back! Feels good to be home again. Actually, I've been home a little bit over a week, but that week has been spent going to a party with my new employer, attending a wedding and also starting at my new job. During that week, I have also been building and setting up our Rome trip web site, optimized for IE 4 and later (just kidding, ok?). We had a great time and you can find travel stories, pictures and video clips in the web site! Since people found out that I had come home again, they started asking me when I was going to start blogging and write my next post. This makes me really happy, to see that people appreciate my writings! A friend of mine, Per at Gamepepper , pointed out to me that I have at least reached #3 in the Lifecycle of Bloggers. :-)
However, I must confess that I've flirted with a lot of the other points as well... I have come to the conclusion that I won't be writing a new post every day, Monday - Friday, but maybe somewhere around 2-4 posts per week. This is not due to not having enough topics to cover or lack of motivation, rather just that I have to spend more time with my family and doing other things than just sitting in front of the computer (no, this is not a faux "retire").
Also, writing every day has lead to some people missing a few of my posts, since they just don't have the time to visit my web site/read the RSS feed every day (however, what would be more important than that, I have no idea... ;-)). So, with this move I hope my posts will become better and I aim to write really interesting pieces in the future!


I would be very happy if you were to write a comment what you think about the Rome trip web site, or my move to writing fewer (and hopefully better) posts!


Update! For you web developers out there: Resize your web browser window in the Rome trip web site and look at the dynamically sized masthead image. Also, take notice of the fixed navigation bar that even works in IE 5!

All paths lead to Rome

The old saying is true! I'm going to Rome with my family tomorrow and we will stay there for eight glorious days! I really need to spend more time with them and less with computers, so it feels good with a break. No blogging, only carrying (extremely heavy) luggage around (and seeing and doing amazing things, of course :-)). I'll be writing my next post in the beginning of June, don't know any exact date. I recommend that you subscribe to my RSS feed to find out when I'm back in the saddle. While I'm away, I recommend browsing through my categories to find something that interests you. Some of my more popular posts, and the ones I feel most content with, are:


And if you're not in the mood for reading about web developing, take a look in the Travel/Fun category.


Since I'm very interested in languages, please write a comment with how to say "All paths lead to Rome" in your language!

Easter Island adventurer

This is one of those Fridays where I'll write about something else than developing, so if that's what you were hoping for, stop reading now. However, if you feel that there's more to life than web development and the internet, please keep on reading. Like off-topic posts? Love 'em, hate 'em? Let me know! As I've written before, my girlfriend and I went on a long trip in 2002. One of the places we went to were Easter Island, which is really an amazing place! I had wanted to go there since I was a kid, when I read a "Kalle Ankas pocket" (Donald Duck comics in a paperback format) that took place there. Seeing all those gargantuan ominous-looking stone heads made a shiver ran up my back, and with that tingling feeling I knew I would travel there one day! Easter Island, also known as Isla Pascua or Rapa Nui, is one of the most isolated places on Earth, located 3700 km from the Chilean mainland. You can go 1900 km in any direction from the island without coming across inhabited land (that's about 1178 miles for you US readers). The earliest settlers called it "Te Pito O Te Henua", meaning "Navel of The World". It's a tiny island with a population of only around 2000 people. There are also two giant volcanoes on the island, where I really love the immensely beautiful Rano Kau!
Rano Kau
We flew there from Santiago, Chile, but unfortunately we didn't have seats by the window. Of course, everyone wanted to see the statues from the air plane but as I remember it, no one saw them from the plane. Before we left Sweden, we had booked a guide and a three-day programme for seeing and learning as much as possible about the island. When we landed in the afternoon, our guide, Hermann (I don't think he was originally from Germany, but he spoke German, Spanish and English), met us at the airport, and a driver of his with a mini-van drove us to our hotel.
View image
Once at the hotel, we asked if there were going to be any activities that afternoon, but we got no as a answer. After we had settled at the hotel, I decided to go look for a statue. I mean, I had been longing to see them since I was a child, there was no way I could wait one more day! Fredrika, my girlfriend, wasn't as eager as me, so she decided to chill by the hotel pool instead. I looked at the hand-drawn map I got earlier (which didn't have any statues marked on it) and took off in the direction that felt right, with a bottle of water to keep me going. I started walking along the coast, up an enormous hill. After about fifteen minutes of walking I encountered a small run-down fence. There was no way I was turning back now, so I climbed the fence and continued. I walked further and further up the hill, and every time I reached a ridge that I believed to be the top, another higher part of the hill revealed itself to me. After about two hours of walking, and no water left, I finally fought my way through some bushes and came upon a gravel road. I followed it to the right and came to a stone fence after five minutes of walking. There was a sign that said it was a national park and that I had to pay an entrance fee to the guard in the small stone house. Since I a) didn't know what was on the other side of the fence, and b) already had paid for a tour, I didn't think it was a good idea. Instead I managed to get my way through some shrubbery and got my first, half-obscured, look of Rano Kau (see first picture in this post). After the long walk I was exhausted, and walking the same two hours back the way I came didn't feel like an option. I could try and walk the gravel road, but I wasn't sure how far that would be, nor where it would lead me. Standing hesitantly by the end of the road, by the stone fence, pondering my options, I spotted a guy with a cap and a moustache. Seeing the raggedy state I was in, he asked me if I wanted a ride back. Man, did I! I hadn't seen any statues after all my efforts, but by then I just wanted to get back to the hotel. He got into his jeep, and on the way back I learned that he was a photographer, traveling around the world to places like Easter Island, taking pictures and then selling them. That's a job I'd love to have! He dropped me off at my hotel and I stumbled towards the hotel pool. No Fredrika. I went to our hotel room. No Fredrika. I went around to the back, looking in from the patio door. No Fredrika. I managed to push the patio door open using my nails, since it wasn't locked, and got into the room. On the bed lay a note:
Gone on a tour. Don't know when I'll be back.
WTF!!! My best bet was to walk to the central part of the small town on the island, which was a 25 minute walk for a dehydrated Swedish tourist. Then, of course, in the city center (where I at that point hadn't been yet) there was a statue (they're actually named moais).Not the most impressive one (rather one of the most beaten, worn-down ones), but still, a statue! Mission accomplished! Now I just had to find Fredrika... I didn't find her in the city center, so after some moseying around, I walked back to the hotel again. After sitting apathetically on the bed for a while, Fredrika walked in through the door. It turned out that there was indeed a tour that afternoon, and just after I had started on my strenuous walk they had come to the hotel and driven her and some others around to see some moais (statues) and the museum on the island (where I still, to this day, haven't been...).
So much for being the adventurous and ambitious one... Eventually, though, we got to see a lot of moais and it's a visit I'll never forget! It even exceeded my expectations I'd had for twenty years or so!


(More pictures can be seen in the Easter Island page in the travel web site )

“More money”

Today I officially dub Friday the off-topic day, i.e. the day when my post won't be about web developing. Fridays will contain different anecdotes, maybe some general opinion about something or so, but no web techniques discussed. Let me know if you think off-topic Fridays are a good idea! Three years ago, my girlfriend and I went on a long trip around the world. We were away for almost five months, and pictures can be seen in our travel web site documenting it. Unfortunately for you non-Swedish speakers, the accompanying diary extracts are in Swedish, but if we meet one day I'll be happy to tell you all about it! Just the other day, I told a short story from that trip to a couple of my colleauges at work, and since I like the story, I thought this would be a good place to re-tell it. We were in Santiago, Chile, for a couple of days, mostly just waiting for our flight to Easter Island. Since we had some non-scheduled time and being that close to the Andes, the vast mountain range that is stretching across the majority of South America's west coast, we thought: "Why don't we go see them". Trying to get around on my extremely simple knowledge of Spanish, we started to ask people how to get to the Andes. Surprisingly enough, no one understood us. At all. But finally, someone we spoke to nodded and said: "Ah, los Andes!". And I thought: "Well, los is plural and Andes sounds fine, so yes, we must talk about the same place here". We got directions to the bus terminal from where we were supposed to take a bus. Once at the bus terminal, we eventually found out what bus to get on, and boarded it. The system they have there for tickets is a conductor on the bus that asks you where you're going and charges you accordingly. So when the conductor came up to us and told us the price, naturally, we didn't understand him at all. The Spanish got a bit too complicated and their currency isn't worth too much, so the number he gave us was too high to understand (once you're past "cinco", which means five in Spanish, you've lost me). We tried to ask him in English, but his knowledge in the English language was, shall we say, somewhat limited. He just kept on saying: "More money, more money" in a thick accent. But then I came up with a brilliant idea: "Let's give him some paper and a pencil, and then he can write the figure down for us". So I handed it to him, thinking the problem was solved. He accepted it, jotted something down on the paper, and gave it back to me. I turned the paper over, and it literally read: "More money"... Anyway, after (probably) paying the correct fare, we eventually got going with the bus. After a two hour bus ride we were finally at our destination. Or were we? I looked out of the bus' window, and saw a village sign that read: "Los Andes". It was the name of a small pueblo (village in Spanish), not the actual mountain range. But the village was located at the foot of the actual mountains, so it was close enough. Unfortunately, though, it wasn't actually up in the mountains, where we wanted to go. So after talking to the (not one, but the) woman in a small tourist information office, she advised us to take a local bus to something called Rio Blanco. After one hour on the local bus, which was so overheated the bus driver's son had to fill water into the engine all the time, he announced to us that we had reached our destination. We got off the bus and realized that Rio Blanco basically just consisted of a gas station and a river (guess the river's name...). We took a short stroll up in the mountains, looked around and got back down to take the local bus back half an hour later. Three hours later, we were back in Santiago, after having spent a total of 6 hours on buses that day.


Interestingly enough (maybe some subconcious connection), I'm going to have a salary negotiation today with my boss, and what the heading reads comes to mind...


PS. Have a nice weekend, next post will be on Monday! DS.